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HellRaisers (and coL)
Japan tyLOVE 
Why everyone underestimating HellRaisers? They are a good side and will probably make it through. HellRaisers > G2 HellRaisers > AVANGAR HellRaisers > BIG And coL won't go 0-3, C9 will... :)
2019-02-20 03:12
Europe pencilvester 
NiP to go 0-3 Sorry my swedish brothers...its tough for you this time
2019-02-20 03:14
United States n0rdie 
i bet they will go 2-3. i bet dennis f0rest and GeT_RiGhT will grind their way to some wins.
2019-02-20 03:26
India Noobdian1 
Forest on 🔥
2019-02-20 10:29
Russia Sur10n 
NiP will go 3-2, mark my words.
2019-02-20 11:33
actual retard COL 99.99% 0-3
2019-02-20 03:14
Japan tyLOVE 
coL 3-0 London
2019-02-20 03:14
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
coL from London =/= coL from katowice
2019-02-20 03:20
United States n0rdie 
all bo1 and they couldnt get any results after. they had to bring in a retired player and a guy with a 0.86 rating, and they still got crusted at eleague invitational.
2019-02-20 03:21
Canada ReaperSoul 
You do realize they have to play one BO3, right? And they're playing Astralis first, which pretty much puts them in the 0-1 bracket almost by default.
2019-02-20 03:25
astralis will beat them 16 - (-1) and cause col to start off 0-2 off of that game alone stan and shahzam will tie top frag with 3 kills old news n0thing will get 1 Dephh 2 kills rickeh -1 kill
2019-02-20 05:04
Russia zbogus 
dude they're fucked by this system though, they play astralis first round, then some favourite that lost like faze or navi in second round and then they play bo3 so they are fucked anyway
2019-02-20 10:36
"favourite" FaZe or NaVi, lul theyre both shit rn, even if FaZe won eleague, they were carried by guardian
2019-02-20 11:04
Russia zbogus 
it would better for them to play renegades which would happen in a system with a fixed bracket
2019-02-20 11:11
with renegades form, theyd beat both faze and navi
2019-02-20 11:26
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
We will see, however every single team vote complexity last place in seedings, pretty clear every team at least feels they are actually trash, not very positive starting point for them xd...
2019-02-20 03:17
well underdogs sometimes growl
2019-02-20 10:28
Vs astralis tho?
2019-02-20 11:04
United States n0rdie 
HR > AVANGAR HR < BIG HR < G2 they prob wont go 0-3, but they wont make it
2019-02-20 03:18
Japan tyLOVE 
G2 are a pile of hot trash right now.
2019-02-20 04:57
Slovakia veeellys 
HR can't beat g2 on LAN
2019-02-20 11:28
Iceland coolest_user 
2 teams can go 0-3 no? c9 and col 0-3
2019-02-20 03:19
United States n0rdie 
imo c9 has a change to go through (not a big one, like 10%-20%). they did pratically tied with faze and big at the eleague invitational, and they only lost to teams asian teams that only play against other asian teams.
2019-02-20 03:24
tyloo is more international though, thats not really an excuse when theyve been in enough majors to justify scouting
2019-02-20 11:28
Canada ReaperSoul 
C9, for all their woes and lackluster performances in the Challengers stage, won't go 0-3. They'll likely grab a win, and that would be it. HR have really good BO1 upset potential, so they also won't go 0-3. compLexity will definitely go 0-3 because their map pool is horrendous and they lack so much firepower compared to the rest of the field (mostly because of Rickeh and ShahZaM's inconsistencies as an AWPer). They have to rely so much on dephh and n0thing to do most of the heavy work.
2019-02-20 03:20
2019-02-20 03:22
Finland dev2ce 
mibr is going 0-3
2019-02-20 03:23
Germany polycarp 
hr> big??? also if coL looking super bad recently wasnt saving strats, aim and whatnot they are not only the easiest 0-3 of this stage but would have gone 0-3 in the challenger stage.
2019-02-20 03:24
coL has to play the highest seed loser every match, it won't be easy for them at all.
2019-02-20 05:00
Croatia feelsbadmane 
rly? thats so bad for underdogs lol
2019-02-20 10:30
It has it's benefits though, sometimes we'd get ridiculous majors where top teams would have to play 3 other top teams to qualify than you have teams that shouldn't even be at the major playing other low tier teams.
2019-02-20 20:02
United States Trump2020KAG 
Col is 100% worst team. They had a insane run last major but after that they fell off so hard. Android>nothing>Rickeh
2019-02-20 05:08
United States MrFornino 
Hellraisers will for sure get at least one map, but I dont think they'll qualify. Also, coL is literal garbage atm, they are the safest 0-3 pick by a landslide. Another thing, hellraisers are worse than g2 and big, and they are even with avangar if not worse imo.
2019-02-20 06:36
NBK- | 
France Azowel 
HR < G2 HR lost against G2 at the last major with the noob roster
2019-02-20 10:29
2019-02-20 10:58
Canada ast1k 
avangar > hellraisers hellraisers > c9, col, g2, big and maybe renegades
2019-02-20 10:30
MSL | 
Europe lgbtzera 
HR recent online results awful, they lost against G2, Vitality so maybe they could win 2 matches at max
2019-02-20 10:32
Turkish and Jordania ping
2019-02-20 10:57
France Aresys 
Lul, G2 always beat HR. Nice try ANGE1.
2019-02-20 10:33
Poland Astoner55 
I think HR goes through. I wouldnt be suprised if they beat faze today.
2019-02-20 11:01
Turkey FlannelxAtrix 
I would! :P
2019-02-20 11:08
France iNolake 
"Hellraisers > G2" lmao
2019-02-20 11:12
Romania jDT 
no one underestimates...especially at lan
2019-02-20 11:28
CoL and HellRaisers go 0-3, see you tomorrow and we will laugh together about how wrong you were, Good times ahead with this major
2019-02-20 11:32
Big won 2-0 against hr last time nt
2019-02-20 20:04
Peru AgentLF 
C9 0-3 LUL
2019-02-20 20:05
jinxed c9 0-3 fuck u
2019-02-20 20:07
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