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NAVI fix
DaZeD | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
- s1mple - electronic
2019-02-20 06:33
Na'Vi fix is to disband and start anew while begging both s1mple and elec to stay.
2019-02-20 06:37
DaZeD | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
s1mple will stay because he likes playing with bot edward and zeusx47
2019-02-20 06:39
Then I'm afraid he's turned into shox who likes to play with weak players, shox plays with friends and s1mple plays with respectful veterans who can't wipe the ass on their own. Kick them all and give elec a crown then.
2019-02-20 06:40
DaZeD | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
or old mouse sports niko
2019-02-20 06:41
Yeah, that one too. I respect their decision, they may not be professional enough but they choose soul over wicked mind. Still, if the organisation wants success and prosperity, BOTs all should be kicked forever.
2019-02-20 06:42
Zeus already said he'll retire, as soon as he leaves Edward will do the same probably. -Zeus -Edward +boombla4 +jame/mou
2019-02-20 06:43
woxic | 
Turkey cemc_ 
2019-02-20 06:53
If zeus and Edward will retire after major than, +Adren + Mou that will be insane.
2019-02-20 06:54
United States Apfund 
-s1mple -electronic > road to tier3
2019-02-20 06:43
Poland ALYEE 
NaVi should have picked Adren in place of Edward long ago, when zeus left Gambit right after Major, Adren was in top form at that time, after that he didn't perfrom upto the mark.
2019-02-20 06:46
Fix is cool player , but I think that S1mpel and elec are still better
2019-02-20 06:54
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