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hltv is so funny haha
Cyprus positivox 
everytime a player has bad game 100 threads about how bad he is and then the same player has a good map and then everyone calls him a god and praises him. this shit is funnier than any comedy show.
2019-02-20 13:39
Xantares fan?
2019-02-20 13:40
same was with zywoo during qualifiers first 2 games he sucked, but then he went ham and ppl loved him again. betting ruined the experience of any sport.
2019-02-20 13:41
xantares has too much freedom bro. he is unnecessarily bold and pushes when it isn't even required, takes wide swings and stuff. has great aim but bot play.
2019-02-20 13:42
im not talkin about xantares, i am talkin about hltv in general.
2019-02-20 13:43
Finland hotdog^ 
2019-02-20 13:43
Everybody bullies xantares because of his annoying fucking fans.
2019-02-20 13:43
rain | 
2019-02-20 13:44
yep, ppl dont care about xantares they just wanna trigger the turks for whatever reason.
2019-02-20 14:26
its all about attention the same reason why ppl create r.i.p threads. they dont get attention in real life, they dont do any sport but sitting infront of their computer all day so they are fully energized and therfor are bored in life and want attention at all cost. and the best attention they get is by triggering another person.
2019-02-20 13:46
u forgot to mention gym guy
2019-02-20 13:46
i have never seen a single thread where people praise xizt :()
2019-02-20 13:46
>everyone on HLTV is the same person
2019-02-20 13:47
United States BLNDSPT 
no no, when i make threads about ropz it's only to praise him as the god gamer he is ROPZGOD TOP1 BTW
2019-02-20 15:57
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
I think you watch bad comedy shows
2019-02-20 16:00
haha that's called bait haha.
2019-02-20 16:01
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