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Croatia feelsbadmane 
Why do people use this? Idk about other countries but when i watch to watch a series i just type in google watch "name of series" with subtittles for free and there you go.U cant do that in other countries??
2019-02-21 09:01
Croatia feelsbadmane 
want to watch*
2019-02-21 09:02
s1mple | 
Ukraine ZGendeR 
In my country this is the only way/// xD
2019-02-21 09:04
gl doing it in germany
2019-02-21 09:04
Croatia feelsbadmane 
2019-02-21 09:05
That's fucked
2019-02-21 10:13
Romania themightyflea 
Yeah if youre spreading. Nobody gives a shit if you just watch it
2019-02-21 10:22
better servers so Good quality stream even with bad internet Also illegal sites full of shitty ads and shitty servers, low quality stream.
2019-02-21 09:08
Japan papa_smurf 
quality, ads, easier to navigate all comes down to how much you value your 10 bucks though...
2019-02-21 09:11
8 pound, for standard definition is even less
2019-02-21 12:20
We are not criminals in other countries.
2019-02-21 09:11
its got better quality and more comfortable to use
2019-02-21 09:13
1. Some countries have the piracy highly forbidden. in the eastern part of europe piracy is almost not even a thing. 2. Higher quality, gl watching ultra hd on a random internet site. 3. No ads, no viruses. 4. It's cheap af. Even in a somehow poor country like Romania, the Netflix subscription does not affect my budget at all.
2019-02-21 09:13
Croatia feelsbadmane 
what if u want to watch some series thats not on netfllix?
2019-02-21 09:14
Well, I don't :)) For new movies I go to the cinema and i actually have no time to watch all the series I want that are already on Netflix
2019-02-21 09:15
World ascet 
pay more (for another platform) ez logic
2019-02-21 09:16
I use netflix for what I can watch, If its not there just pirate it, but not streaming thats shit
2019-02-21 12:22
f0rest | 
Bulgaria squezzi 
We've got probably the biggest website in Eastern Europe for torrents You can find kinda everything there
2019-02-21 09:16
Slovenia cahinho 
bratee its illegal in some countries to do that. I do the same in Slovenia tho :D
2019-02-21 09:17
All you need it a debrid service like real debrid or premiumize. Download torrent on their server, either watch it directly or download
2019-02-21 09:18
quality, its cheap
2019-02-21 09:22
Why watch 4k Netflix when you can google and watch ad filled 480p instead?
2019-02-21 09:26
Germany Bier 
2019-02-21 09:40
Ah yes, I forgot Netflix costs $100/day. I'll stick to my SD online streams EZ
2019-02-21 10:03
Is it so hard to download torrents? Lol.
2019-02-21 10:25
Brazil alcoholics 
you're all tattare and it's disgusting
2019-02-21 10:27
HQ torrents are never seeded and take fucking ages. It's really not worth the amount you wait. I watch all things I can on Netflix but torrent everything that's not on Netflix. Torrents for old & unpopular shows are impossible to come by but a lot of them are on Netflix in HQ and subs ready to play in seconds. I have set up sonarr, check it out. It's so fucking helpful. I use it to track all of my Netflix shows and torrent all the non-Netflix shows. Sometimes when there are like three episodes airing on the same day I can just leave my PC on before I got to school and they get auto-downloaded and are ready to watch when I get home.
2019-02-21 10:40
African Union nm1 
brother we from balkan have a different mentallity from any other country i u understand why you dont watch but netflix is easier and better quality
2019-02-21 09:28
2019-02-21 09:38
Germany Bier 
Ye i don't like getting arsefkd by medialawyers. Also i'm not a big fan of viruses aswell
2019-02-21 09:39
Malta xwinsus 
if you do this this is illegal like playing pirated games,software or something. if you buy a subscription this is legal like buying games,softwares etc. and its cheap in turkey, i pay 5 dollars for full hd content monthly.
2019-02-21 09:41
+cheap +no ads + you can use it with bad net
2019-02-21 10:06
undead | 
Brazil retardd 
cuz we are no thieves
2019-02-21 10:08
Netflix is a God of the Krills.
2019-02-21 10:14
coldzera | 
Estonia odAA 
I had 1 month free premium and my account got hijacked :D got back it easily through live support tho
2019-02-21 10:17
Denmark God_of_Wisdom 
I only use it because it sounds better than "torrent and chill"
2019-02-21 10:19
Romania themightyflea 
2019-02-21 10:25
I only pay for Spotify because It's really good, has the clearest sound, It's very convenient and easy to use, has all my favorite artists (except Tool) and I can download songs (have like 2.5k songs on my phone). Can't live without my music. I get the 1 month free trial on Netflix from different emails. This is my 3rd month of having it free and I've only watched about 5 movies.
2019-02-21 10:19
do you also have 3 different credit cards?
2019-02-21 11:05
i have like 6-7 xd
2019-02-21 12:23
Netflix for brainwashed people
2019-02-21 10:21
Brazil alcoholics 
because if ur smashing you cant start going on random ass gypsy sites, youll seem like a bum but i guess you dont have experience in being with girls whatsoever do you trash kid
2019-02-21 10:26
United States darth_mac 
netflix cost 1 hour for a minimum wage worker in cali so if u dont have it your most likey a bum.
2019-02-21 10:30
Finland Jardeet 
because im not 3th worlder
2019-02-21 10:36
netflix in 2k19 lul
2019-02-21 10:37
because if you are not a total loser, you got a real bro who is paying for 5 other ppl but you probably dont have friends
2019-02-21 10:38
Sure but shit quality. Openload and other broadcasting servers are shit so it will be slow af. Your pc gets spammed with ads or you must farm bitcoins for the website using your cpu. You cant download series/movies and if you can it will take ages. On Netflix I legit download a whole movie in 1min and then I can watch it anywhere I want. For real, Netflix is making my life better. I was like you before. Best recent decision I have done for sure.
2019-02-21 10:45
France Urzqor 
2019-02-21 10:46
2019-02-21 10:48
then dont pay and go watch some pirate shit, why would we care? I use netflix because ads-free, auto play, plenty of contents, really good quality, extremely fast buffering, AND THIS MIGHT NOT CONCERN YOU but its cheap... I play 40 turkish lira (a bit lesser than 10$) and 3 friend of mine use with me.. I really dont get why would I pirate a show that is in netflix.
2019-02-21 10:58
I`m subscribed to netflix but I only am allowed to view shit old movies due to country restrictions :/
2019-02-21 11:02
It's all about the feeling I dont enjoy watching series on shady site which looks ugly + has ads all over the place
2019-02-21 11:05
Gotta support them if you don’t pay it how they can make new content?
2019-02-21 12:25
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