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Rainbow Six
France CutTheRope Prize pool: $2 000 000 PogChamp
2019-02-22 02:11
Finland dev2ce 
2019-02-22 02:13
valve = cheap
2019-02-22 02:13
Who says that bigger is better with prize pool? (Unless you're LoL and BR games)
2019-02-22 02:15
Nobody, but how can Ubisoft afford to invest as much in a prize pool 'by themselves' whereas Valve only sponsors majors with like 300k or 500k?
2019-02-22 02:25
Are you saying about total prize pool of 1M, or "separate" prize pool? (ex. 1st: 500k, 2nd: 150k)
2019-02-22 02:30
$2mil > $1mil?
2019-02-22 14:16
Other Renegades_Fan 
That's crazy
2019-02-22 02:17
United States PsychoLogical 
Volvo cheapskates DD:
2019-02-22 02:23
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
Good, now volvo willincrease the prize pool
2019-02-22 02:27
Frankie | 
North America r3ece 
is csgo dying:(
2019-02-22 02:28
kennyS | 
United Kingdom Thijo 
Wish CS would have a higher prize pool for all events but especially the major, when absolute joke of an esport Fortnite has many millions of dollars for just first place. Even just like making the prize pool $2M instead of $1M, so that first place gets a million dollars, would be a huge difference in players’ overall interest in the major. A one million difference is nothing compared to the money valve currently generates .
2019-02-22 02:31
Greece anwteros 
how exactly can u watch this shit game like a viewer? i guess u not. a chaos game .
2019-02-22 02:32
Not actually, it's quite easy to watch if you know how to play.
2019-02-22 02:34
I watched a "theScore esports" video recently about CS:GO which reminded me about what dev1ce once said about changing CS:GO's in-game team names. Instead of CT and T, they really should change it to Offense and Defense or Attackers and Defenders to give a better impression to sponsors and people in general. This might make CSGO the best game in the world. Changing the name will attract more "big" sponsors and increase the price pool to maybe even bigger than DOTA or close to it. What is everyone's thoughts? Just like R6 Siege, it can just be a training simulator and not actual CT's and T's fighting each other. Remember, CS:GO is free to play now and ready to be the biggest Esport Game ever, the only obstacle is just this perception of the team names CT and T.
2019-02-22 04:39
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