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Scream New Roster
Guatemala IceyKL 
On paper this team is good HS - Was one of the best young upcoming talents ScreaM- being outed and having no real top team Draken- decent AWPer in the game Ex6- A Mastermind but in French Hampus- Good ol Swede I expect disband in 2 months once they get nothing done
2019-02-22 04:35
Other VladimirLucas 
draken is a big choker hs is ok
2019-02-22 04:36
tier3 team tier2 at best.
2019-02-22 04:38
World doh 
unfortunately true
2019-02-22 07:24
REZ | 
Germany Brazzen 
tier 2? omega
2019-02-22 11:12
hallzerk | 
African Union FLEMCS 
I mean i hope they do great i like hampus draken and hs idk what to think about ex6 hope he can adapt to the meta he do some great think with them but if he dont i expected him to get kick first
2019-02-22 04:38
need to replace ex6
2019-02-22 04:39
Italy steven513 
Just another shit tier 3 team
2019-02-22 04:46
China lxxl2 
Probably the same level as nochance in an ideal world
2019-02-22 04:47
HS - worst work ethic ever ScreaM- braindead Draken- inconsistent af Ex6- beyond washed up Hampus- who?
2019-02-22 04:53
India pm_oldmonk 
Agreed. But braindead is a strong word brother. He's washed up too.. Good for fpl and streaming is ol fella scream..
2019-02-22 04:56
no, its accurate
2019-02-22 07:13
India pm_oldmonk 
2019-02-22 07:18
Hampuq is probably the best player of this team but ok
2019-02-22 05:17
2019-02-22 05:48
who is he tho
2019-02-22 07:13
He was playing for red reserve with draken disco etc
2019-02-22 07:15
so highest hes been is tier 3-4? how can anyone know if hes any good then
2019-02-22 07:16
Say that to ropz sunny zywoo even s1mple and niko
2019-02-22 07:18
all of them have proven themselves against highest tier opposition wheres the comparison here?
2019-02-22 07:36
whats that, a single online match?
2019-02-22 07:45
a best of three and a match against Na'Vi. Not calling Gambit or TyLoo "godlike" teams, but he's proved himself way more than for example Ropz, ZywOo & NiKo did prior to joining mousesports & vitality.
2019-02-22 07:52
Also - "Inconsistent af" 0/8
2019-02-22 07:53
Before they join mouz niko sunny and ropz didnt prove shit same for zywoo xheb he join vitality
2019-02-22 07:44
Same for simple
2019-02-22 07:45
so did the hundreds of players who were hyped as hot shit and then never accomplished anything
2019-02-22 07:46
For exemple ? Who was hyped and never did anything great ?
2019-02-22 07:47
fox waylander hs juho desi roca koosta pyth pauf devil mistou amanek yay android jugi espiranto ...
2019-02-22 08:02
Mistou, waylander, pauf, android, desi werent hype. I can agree with jugi he didnt do shit. Pyth won some.tournament with nip koosta is doing great in ghost ??? Yay and android were major legend ??? Fox was hyped only by portuguese cuz they only have one decent player Hs wasnt even playing the role he was suppose to so we cant really say Juho i agree Devil i agree even if he wasnt hype that much Amanek was the best player of every team he played for ?? Espiranto didnt get pick up by a a good team yet and he is playing grzat in valiance. You exemples were really only guy i can really a gree is jugi
2019-02-22 08:09
"HS - Was one of the best young upcoming talents " So what does that bring for the present? Because he turned to be a mediocre/bad player, even on his Optic days everyone would realize that.
2019-02-22 05:15
OpTic was the mark of his downfall but that entire team, bar mixwell, was garbage. Allu was supposed to primary AWP yet mixwell had it most of the time cuz Allu played like shit and lost it since then its been just bad project after bad project. Tempo had potential if they didn't keep shuffling players, and the 2019 project at one point looked to be a top 30 contender when they had cromen, RUBINO and ayken but that's around when HS left and then they disbanded and reformed as a polish team. It isnt that hes average but more just shitty teams and circumstances. Hes overrated still imo but not by a lot
2019-02-22 05:27
Finland Faust_fSt 
Mixwell carried by allu friberg and magisk whenever that OpTic managed to do something btw
2019-02-22 07:31
Magisk and Allu were supposed to be the stars and Mixwell was supposed to be like how Flamie is for NaVi of just being that middle player. He carried them majority of the time and the only time they did anything was when that roster was actually playing good but even then they all weren't amazing. Such a wasted roster imo
2019-02-22 14:06
tbh if BTRG signed ScreaM, HS and Draken to go along with Fejtz and truth that couldve been a pretty solid roster
2019-02-22 05:22
Time will tell... but i believe in them.
2019-02-22 05:41
trash team that will go nowhere
2019-02-22 05:45
United States n0rdie 
I bet scream could becoms a top lvl player again if he tried. ScreaM Ex6 ZywOo Lucky Idk shox i guess New french team?
2019-02-22 07:21
Finland Faust_fSt 
I enjoy people saying this is a tier 2-3 team. ENCE, Vitality, NiP, these teams are at t2/3 atm and fighting for a spot as Legends. Any Scream mix team would do well to get tier 5. It's gonna be the same as all these fpl-mixes, get fuckall done, first roster move within 1 month, 3 months lifespan would be an optimistic estimate.
2019-02-22 07:21
Slovakia jurrte 
ScreaM draken pronax znajder HS ez pz closed.
2019-02-22 07:33
ex6 maybe was a mastermind, now is outdated and cant frag he is a dead weight
2019-02-22 07:41
His last stint on G2 proves otherwise though. He put up decent numbers, despite being the IGL. Too bad he didn't have any firepower to work with having SmithZz and bodyy, and probably being constantly overruled by shox, who for some reason still thinks he knows better.
2019-02-22 11:11
France 0racle 
same stats as bodyy in last g2 lineup, while igling
2019-02-22 11:12
*on paper this team is crappy
2019-02-22 07:45
I think they can get get top15 maybe top10. At least I want to think so because I like this team.
2019-02-22 07:55
France 0racle 
Might get top 20
2019-02-22 11:12
> team with HS > lasting more than 3 months pick one
2019-02-22 11:14
k0nfig | 
Sweden aztecs 
2019-02-22 11:18
No faith in this roster. Drakes is ok. Ex6 overrated. Who tf is Hampus. I don’t get why ScreaM left an international team to join another international team of the same or worse caliber. Hopefully G2 or something pick up ScreaM before this team gets contracted.
2019-02-22 12:07
Austria iVulkaN 
Hampus might be the best player in this team
2019-02-22 14:07
lol retards who think it will be tier2 i will gift garfield kart to everyone in this thread if the team doesnt do a roster change or stop playing within a month
2019-02-22 14:09
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