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f0rest fanboys come here
Germany kick_friberg_ffs rekt by the IGL of the best CS:GO lineup of all time pronax speaking out what 120+ IQ people already knew
2019-02-22 17:35
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
I don't see gla1ve's comment on that thread?
2019-02-22 17:37
why would you? I said pronax rekt him not gla1ve
2019-02-22 17:39
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
"IGL of the best CS:GO lineup of all time"
2019-02-22 17:40
yeah whats the point?
2019-02-22 17:57
NEO | 
Ukraine s1v9mple 
+1 F0rest overrated cocky grandpa Neo is GOAT
2019-02-22 17:43
fan of simple. checks out. Neo can't be GOAT if he's shit at csgo. Can still be considered best 1.6, but not of all time.
2019-02-22 17:46
Brazil SUVACO 
GOATS cs 1.6 = neo csgo = unkown (need more time) cs(1.6+csgo) = f0rest
2019-02-22 18:22
i think forest was the better player 1.6. yes neo won more but forest was fucking better.
2019-02-22 18:33 who do you consider to be the greatest of all time? "across all versions: f0rest because of hes longevity and he is still holding a very high individual skill level." - pronax
2019-02-22 17:45
pronax has shown that his igl skills don't get him anywhere if he doesn't have decent players. Make it to minor atleast.
2019-02-22 17:45
Brazil CaioOlive 
I'm not f0rest fanboy only cause of csgo dude
2019-02-22 17:45
I see a lot of BR fans who are die-hard fans of F0rest. What's that all about? Just curious
2019-02-22 17:46
He is the GOAT?
2019-02-22 18:18
Brazil CaioOlive 
I don't. Now it's probably cause gaules, the brazilian cs streamer was licking his balls in this major. But I like him ever since he defeated SK in IEM Oakland 2016. I was new to CS at the time, only knowing cogu and mibr's legendary run in ESWC 2006. Then I searched him up and became a fan. I love the video of him reacting to his own 1.6 highlights, so sick!
2019-02-22 19:45
United States FlagMaster 
Pronax is an extremely overrated IgL and might be worse than Xizt. He got extremely lucky because he got the right players at the right time. Look at what happened in Godsent. Pronax’s opinion is irrelevant
2019-02-22 17:48
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
2019-02-22 18:10
Brazil ztxizhan 
this is pure yoy
2019-02-22 17:49
Latvia hahalmaoxd 
0.6 rating speaking OUT LMAO
2019-02-22 17:49
Turkey osmanabi 
old fnatic fanboy dead igl and silver aim pronax strikes again. how can flusha and twist be better than rez and lekro? Also when he's listing IGL's he's not even including lekro.
2019-02-22 17:54
is this a troll
2019-02-22 18:04
.5 rating while playing with all cheaters kek
2019-02-22 18:06
since I dont want to get banned I will just kindly ask you to not reply to any of my threads again
2019-02-22 18:18
i fuck your mom since i dont care about bans
2019-02-22 18:22
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
LUL and why should anyone give two cents about the opinion of tier99 igl? Swedish superteam cant be made without rez and f0rest. Cry more delusional fnatic fanboy. 1-3 never forget xDDD
2019-02-22 18:09
I dont like fnatic? I am happy that they got rekt embarrassingly?
2019-02-22 18:22
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
Fnatic fan or not but still pronax's opinion is irrelevant. No GOAT no super team.
2019-02-22 18:31
Sweden fxzo 
2019-02-22 18:11
Markus "igotkickedandthenfnaticwon6tournamentsinarow" Wallsten.
2019-02-22 18:12
still mad about big went 0-3?
2019-02-23 00:50
What do you mean with "still"? They desesrve it for having 4 germans/1 turk instead of a full german speaking roster/an international lineup.
2019-02-23 01:58
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