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Understanding brazilians in 3 minuts
Brazil Sputy 
If you can watch this compilation and not get mad, not feel unconfortable and dont feel the cringe on it you understood us. this is us
2019-02-23 01:51
Brazil Perpetual_Void 
Why post this? Are u stupid or what
2019-02-23 01:52
Brazil Sputy 
are u ashamed of what we are, playboy? this is us, we rule our own world and its enough
2019-02-23 01:59
Brazil Perpetual_Void 
Talk for yourself, i would kill myself if i was like that and most of brazilians haha
2019-02-23 02:00
2019-02-23 01:55
Im not interested
2019-02-23 01:56
Portugal NabasKi 
the very first flashy image scared me, I lost it alredy
2019-02-23 01:58
chrisJ | 
Brazil Kattulel 
cringe, 0/8
2019-02-23 01:58
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