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Other coldzebra 
Do you believe it could be anywhere near as professional as male CSGO teams? In the next few days the IEM Katowice for Fe will start. I've been checking the brazilian fe team members' instagram stories and all they play is GTA V and Apex Legends... at least apparently most of the time. Is there a single Fe team out there that we should pay some attention to? Like really good and dedicated players?
2019-02-23 03:38
Serbia Suckleus 
not even a single player, let alone a whole team just some lem casuals getting paid cuz they have boobs /close
2019-02-23 03:39
Canada Bucket0 
Girls aren't good at video games so it will never be as big ever.
2019-02-23 03:40
Panama Cyain10 
How do you make iron csgo?
2019-02-23 03:40
damn u always have the best comments
2019-02-23 03:41
Csgo ironman
2019-02-23 04:37
Cant buy guns from GE. Only pistol/guns you get as drops
2019-02-23 04:40
It sounds fun tbh, every time you die you have to start with glock or usp and work your way up. Can never have armour though
2019-02-23 04:57
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
maybe one day, remember we live in a world where zeus is considered a top pro
2019-02-23 03:43
Brazil hugoooo 
No. Males are always superior to females in any kind of competition/game/sport/e-sport, even on the ones that women started first, even on the ones that there are more females playing. Don't ask me why.
2019-02-23 03:44
what u think about cross country skiing? there are some really good women, at least that i know of in norway😎
2019-02-23 03:46
Brazil hugoooo 
Sorry but I have literally zero knowledge about cross country skiing, so I can't talk about that.
2019-02-23 03:47
makes sense considering you're from brazil:D😎
2019-02-23 03:57
surf me big nibba
2019-02-23 04:15
i surf u men😎
2019-02-23 04:16
United States Jkhes 
I assume that the fact that way more men play cs than women results in the pro scene being dominated by men. Also the women's pro scene is much weaker so that probably doesn't help growth. Even if men are just better at cs inherently if more women played I assume some freak of nature would be good enough eventually. But at this rate the female scene will never be as strong, However Di^ already demonstrated that the best female pros can compete in the regular circuit.
2019-02-23 03:49
Yeah, but I feel disappointed when I see a team next to a competition (that would boost their scene) not training at all and wasting their time in other games. I feel like they are losing a good opportunity and might not even deserve it at all.
2019-02-23 03:54
+1 i agree getting the same opportunities as male pros (sponsors, team, org etc.) and just squandering the chance seems a bit shameful to do. wish the scene had really good female players. would be very cool to see teams with both men and women😎
2019-02-23 03:58
United States Jkhes 
Well they're not squandering anything really. Why leave a team where you're able to play in a comfortable enviroment with other women against a lesser opposition and still get paid? I don't really blame any of them, even if they're good enough to play with men, it's just a massive risk, and they would no longer be able to hardly practice and still be at the top. (I'm referring specifically to the very best female players who can afford to coast by.) tldr don't hate the player, hate the game.
2019-02-23 04:06
yeah it definitely makes sense, but it sucks that cs is sort of separated😎
2019-02-23 04:07
Brazil KriMb3R 
of course there are more men good in cs...there are more men playing cs overall.....or other games.....women started playing more games in recent years, yes, but it's not enough yet.....IF 50% were men and 50% women, then we would have women in competitive scene
2019-02-23 03:59
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
Lul nice logic
2019-02-23 04:05
Sri Lanka NewDayNewFlag 
or not
2019-02-23 04:27
2019-02-23 04:22
Europe m9_ 
anything bad said about Fe competition will sound sexist/just plain ignorant. but to be honest i dont think theres that many females born with a competitive gene when it comes to sports
2019-02-23 04:30
I'm just here because I miread and tought it was about fer. Female CS will always be irrelevant.
2019-02-23 04:37
United States BigFnaticFan 
What is a girl? I only know dudes. (also im not gay wtf!!)
2019-02-23 04:39
Canada top_zozzle 
female scene buys p90s unironically in pro games. no hope
2019-02-23 04:43
there are not many names in female scene. it's impossible if it goes on like this. but mimi, Candy, vilga and Petra seems ok. maybe they can change the future of the fe scene.
2019-02-23 04:46
United States litdabber21 
female scene fucking retarded theres a reason they have their own leagues
2019-02-23 04:54
Not even close 😎😎😎
2019-02-23 04:56
I mean we see them in open qualifiers sometimes, they always suck and lose to randoms so maybe that tells something :)...
2019-02-23 05:00
United States subzera 
only fe team i can name is clg red. and theyre in esea advanced. not even mdl. i dont see any all fe teams breaking into actual competitive any time soon. thats why they make these fe only events. cant compete with the males so just make your own for females only!
2019-02-23 05:47
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