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if america no invade
Pakistan Believe_Or_Behead 
was just wondering, if europeans decided to never invade america, what would the world look like today? /DISCUSS
2019-02-23 05:02
Canada top_zozzle 
it’d just be europe with a fuckton of abo and african slaves
2019-02-23 05:02
Panama Cyain10 
You mean america as in the united states or america as in the continent
2019-02-23 05:03
also depends if its the second option South America as well?
2019-02-23 05:16
Panama Cyain10 
By referring to america as a continent you include both by default
2019-02-23 05:17
usually if doing that its Americas
2019-02-23 05:22
Panama Cyain10 
Yeah but I think that's mostly in NA. I don't see the reason to separate north and south america like that
2019-02-23 05:25
could be, we just like to keep a nice wall between us and the less developed parts of the region :)
2019-02-23 05:27
Soviet union would have still existed and russia would have been even bigger superpower also world would have had undeveloped people called native americans EU was a cultural peak when they invaded america
2019-02-23 05:04
wow me living in the soviet union.. thanks men im trying to sleep now u gave me a boner smh my head😎
2019-02-23 05:05
men men wtf men I didn’t give u a boner men we gave you a boner men men and not my head our head
2019-02-23 05:07
Russia will probably invade Europe . Natives will still die due to explorers going there and making contact with native. Which will lead to chicken pox.
2019-02-23 05:10
It couldn't happen, there was small amount of resources, people in EU at that time needed them.
2019-02-23 05:25
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