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Valve ruin CSGO
Russia im_Good_in_CSGO 
Wtf wrong with that game Its boring to watch and im not feel that i play like in late of 2018, 2017-16-15 Whats wrong with with physics games I assure you that csgo lost popularity only because of the change in gameplay
2019-02-23 07:33
Valve updating the shit out of that stupid game that no one plays and neglets the second most played valve game
2019-02-23 07:35
Because there's no other good competitive fps game out there.
2019-02-23 07:39
India Noobdian1 
2019-02-23 07:40
Dota has a bigger player Base than csgo though
2019-02-23 07:45
Im talking about atrifact
2019-02-23 07:46
Oh forget that even existed lmao. I don't know if you knew this but Valve's policy is that every developer can choose freely on what projects they want to work on. Many valve employees like Dota more than cs and therefore work on it and Artifact instead of Csgo
2019-02-23 07:50
I wish other company could buy this game..
2019-02-23 07:36
Turkey emre1s 
+++++++++ damn right
2019-02-23 07:46
--------------- no
2019-02-23 09:08
Losing popularity because Valve doesn't cater to casual players. They don't give a fuck about MM, so all the noobies quit due to cheaters. No seasonal map rotation/, shitty AC, and nothing to grind for.
2019-02-23 07:38
India Noobdian1 
+1 What's AC??
2019-02-23 07:43
2019-02-23 07:44
India Noobdian1 
Oh yeah that's shit
2019-02-23 07:45
Air conditioning
2019-02-23 07:51
+1 my car broke yesterday bcz i turned on AC fuck... i guess he was a cheater, it started leaking and now it overheats
2019-02-23 08:26
Shit i feel ya
2019-02-23 08:41
India Noobdian1 
It's all Valve's fault
2019-02-23 09:50
I think they are willing to create something new, because the base of this game ( engine and etc ) is messed up. btw I don't agree about the Casual players, the BR was part of that. It's a competitive game and they should invest about competitive, like Leagues and ladders, team league points, finding players and creating a team Inside the game, earning points by winning other teams, would be awesome and more enjoyable than just pugging at matchmaking.
2019-02-23 07:51
There are third parties for that, I know it would be awesome if it would exist in the game, but this would cost so much to build and maintain that it is easier for Valve to let third parties do it
2019-02-23 07:53
In which world a customer who bought a game need to pay monthly for third parties to enjoy part of the game... I don't get that excuse. "this would cost so much to build and maintain" Ohh man.. trust me, money isn't the problem there.
2019-02-23 07:55
Faceit is free for example, and if you don't want to pay for the services(especially now,where the game is f2p you can't complain too much about paying for these ) valve gives you a matchmaking system which is not perfect but playable. Edit: oh and of course money isn't the problem for Valve, but rather resources in terms of developers and the fact that it isn't necessary because of the third party services
2019-02-23 08:07
"Faceit is free" yeah I know that i'm lvl 10 playing with imbeciles. That's just another pug system. That response doesn't make any connection to what I wrote. I don't really care so I will not respond again. good day
2019-02-23 08:55
I think his point is that if Valve did their job properly, no third parties would be needed.
2019-02-23 07:55
They aren't needed, but rather a bonus on top of the main game. You can play and enjoy typical mm easily if you want to
2019-02-23 08:08
Personally I love when new maps are in the game. The game is suddenly not all about map knowledge, but more like a basic shooter where your raw skill comes to show itself. At the same time, you try to gather map knowledge, making new maps a completely different experience than maps you already played hundreds of times. I don't understand why there aren't more maps in the pool. The game is being played plenty, the queues aren't long enough for it to be an issue.
2019-02-23 07:54
I just wish they had a seasonal map rotation, this game gets so boring playing the same maps. It would be such a breath of fresh air watching pros play different maps.
2019-02-23 07:56
...and maybe have the balls to introduce hostage maps. Players will hate it, but mostly because they have to learn a lot of new stuff. It's another ball park playing hostage maps... lazy gamers.
2019-02-23 07:58
Physics didn't change at all. And what can Valve do that you don't like to watch the game anymore if it hasn't really changed in years?
2019-02-23 07:48
Sometimes you just get tired of watching the same thing. Even though some teams tries to create new stuff, it just doesn't cut it in the end.
2019-02-23 07:50
GuardiaN | 
World Darge 
Maybe the problem is that it didn't change enough, CS has been a bit stale for some time now.
2019-02-23 07:54
daily csgo dead thread
2019-02-23 08:34
Csgo is ded gem
2019-02-23 08:41
Dev1 | 
Slovakia Trav1s 
yeah valve do very bad job woth this game last 3-4 years
2019-02-23 09:02
Travis Browne is a strong UFCer.
2019-02-23 09:05
Dev1 | 
Slovakia Trav1s 
:D:D:D ok than
2019-02-23 09:06
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