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baitzera?? i arent think that
Australia plock|me 
so all those who think coldzera is a baiter or whatever because most of the times hes the last player alive or whatever is wrong. coldzera isnt an entry fragger and the setup mibr/ ex-sk run is based on trading for entry if the entry dies or in any other similar situation. they recognize among them coldzera has a better chance at clutching than they do and that is why they dont want him trying to entry and go down without any reason. this setup is essentially the very basic behind mibrs teamplay which we have seen through lg/sk with this lineup
2019-02-23 08:34
he baiter
2019-02-23 08:34
tl:dr, yes he baiter
2019-02-23 08:35
Kazakhstan dc7 
better bait than baitzera himself
2019-02-23 08:35
shox | 
India iejesus 
he is
2019-02-23 08:43
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