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Fair play Complexity
GuardiaN | 
United Kingdom Bern1e 
Considering they got fucked over in the seedlings even tho they have legend status, they did so well this major. Got a decent number of rounds against the best team in the world on a map that they haven't lost in over a year. Beat the challenger stage favs in NRG and then beat faze on one of fazes good maps and then nearly won on the deciding map. They couldn't have had a harder journey at this major (even though you would think getting legend status would stop you having to play the best team in the world in the first round).
2019-02-23 20:00
GuardiaN | 
United Kingdom Bern1e 
Wp Bois
2019-02-23 20:06
Portugal Zarkki 
+1 ggwp Complexity
2019-02-23 20:06
Brazil xMoita 
2019-02-23 20:07
Finland Tusku 
2019-02-23 20:10
They fucked renegades by seeding them 14th. No respect when rng played the best of all the teams in challengers. 3:0 (4-0 in maps) vs 3 teams that qualified for next stage and all higher seed than them.
2019-02-24 04:44
GuardiaN | 
United Kingdom Bern1e 
Ye man, rng got fucked over too just not as bad. Such a stupid system
2019-02-24 09:04
Finland vesku 
Literally every pro respects this system, could hltv fans stop crying. If you want to win Major you need to be able to win anyone, no crying for anyone. Its 2 games for EVERYONE then bo3 starts and teams who call them self unlucky have said that in bo3 they always have chance to shine, and in CS:GO you need to be able to play good cs all times. TBH, Imo, I have seen horrible cs from alot of teams here.
2019-02-24 09:08
Russia zbogus 
So does that mean Mibr and faze should get carried into playoffs
2019-02-24 09:14
That's another good point, faze and mibr wouldn't beat most of the teams complexity had to face. But instead mibr got gifted such an easy route considering they have a worst performance recently than most teams in the world. Completely underserved seeding
2019-02-24 09:17
GuardiaN | 
United Kingdom Bern1e 
Well Sean gares agreed with my on twitter last night that complexity got fucked over considering they go legend status last major. Why should some teams (nrg) get undeserved seeding while teams like complexity get the worst seeding when they deserved top 8 due to legend status. its such a stupid system. Im not talking about winning the major bro, astralis will win it obviously, but it sucks to not even be given a chance to get some decent positioning and money just because you have to face the best teams possible st every stage. I just think the seeding should be based in groups to avoid this in the future. I.e. Legends get 1-8 seed and the challengers get the rest.
2019-02-24 09:16
Point of the system is to build the playoffs in a way that the top teams will not play against each other too early. That way the "best" matchup will be built for finals. In that way the system works perfectly. I do aknowledge that is is not fair for the teams that get a lower seed, but then again this is competition. You can always do what renegades did. Complexity stepped up nicely but they lost so thats where their run ends. Simple as that.
2019-02-24 09:20
Yeah they obviously lost, they had literally no chance and still did really well. Just sucks that getting legend status means nothing now. I don't like that point of the system especially when a team like mibr get gifted a high seed for literally no reason. Most of the challengers are better than them atm
2019-02-24 09:23
Nrg seed renegades 14th after going 3-0 in the first stage. These teams are either gaming the system or don’t watch enough cs. To seed renegades last among the challengers when they came 1st defies all logic.
2019-02-24 10:25
I agree, exactly why it shouldnt be up to the teams.
2019-02-24 10:46
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
2019-02-24 09:31
France neibaf 
They should sign n0thing now Btw +respect (had guts to play nuke in bo1 against Astralis)
2019-02-24 09:39
Yes, still mostly they got fucked cuz every team thought they sucked really badly, they never looked very good after their major run which made them lowest seed here, for me they surely deserved their last seeding looking their results, play and late changes in lineup that seemed not to help that much originally. Sadly draws can be pretty harsh for these teams but they still play teams with same records as them so there should be chances if you are really worth playoffs.
2019-02-24 09:44
When teams do well. People still seed them like shit. Renegades went 3-0 against 3 teams that qualified but nrg seeded them last out of all the teams that made challengers. LOL.
2019-02-24 10:32
Well problem is NRG orignally was much higher rated team so that won't change so quickly, not like they proofed to be worse anyway as they went 3-0 also. Still Renegades thanks to their run overtook many teams in seedings who did worse anyway so surely it was extremely helpful of them, if not for their good run their seed could have been like 14/15 here, now it was 9 xd...
2019-02-24 10:36
The thing with renegades was 11 teams seeded 7-11 but 4 seeded 13-14. If a few teams from the first group gave them a lower seed then it could have easily happened. The 11-4 disparity meant the lower seeding got discarded.
2019-02-24 10:43
They should do away with seeding. Astralis don't need extra advantage to help them get to play offs.
2019-02-24 10:48
Yeah, thankfully for them enough teams respected their run in challenger stage, otherwise would have indeed gone other way around xd...
2019-02-24 10:49
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