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rigged draw
United States LeafyIsHere 
Why do the 2 worst teams get to play each other?
2019-02-23 22:24
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
ikr why Faze have to play c9
2019-02-23 22:25
Finland dev2ce 
2019-02-23 22:25
Finland Tusku
2019-02-23 22:25
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
Assuming u mean ence and avangar. Cuz Faze already played avangar so they can't play them again xd...
2019-02-23 22:26
they dont draw its all from seeding
2019-02-23 22:26
ENCE and AVANGAR? It would be FaZe vs AVANGAR but they already played so AVANGAR plays against the 2nd highest seed.
2019-02-23 22:26
I needed faze and c9 for my pick ems, I was thinking I had good chances LUL Rip pick em 4 points xD
2019-02-23 22:28
[*] rip You can root for faze then because i need them for 5/5 :D
2019-02-23 22:29
faze was the worst among these teams tis tournament. ence was second. cloud9 were pretty good despite the 16-0. avangar id say was the best. so yeah shit draw. also fuck. i had ence and faze left for my 5th spot. i would have been safe if they were matched up. fuck.
2019-02-23 22:30
Hope for more upsets cause of this rigged system which out of form top seeds play low seeds.
2019-02-24 04:40
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