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How fit are you?
United Kingdom Grenadr 
Old challenge but post your time 1min 03secs for me
2019-02-24 01:43
HeatoN | 
Poland M0N0L0Q 
Im fat
2019-02-24 01:44
s1mple | 
Netherlands keppycs 
i get tired just by walking up the stairs
2019-02-28 23:00
12% bfp
2019-02-24 01:45
rice farmer fitness rules #ChinaNumbaTwo
2019-02-24 02:35
yea? i'd rather produce rice than all that natural fertilizer you stain on your rusty, dirty streets and on your body
2019-02-24 04:59
that fertilizer goes to ur farms, good job smearing it and eating rice from it fkin chigga
2019-02-24 10:54
assuming we'd accept the lowest quality products LOL in case you didn't notice, it's 2019 and the average citizen in china has enough money to buy your entire hairy, ugly-ass family now hurry the fuck up and get me a pack of cigarettes Apu
2019-02-24 22:20
Finland sadmen)))) 
daamn not again men)))))
2019-02-24 22:22
You wouldn't accept lowest quality products because you yourself produce them you copy paste duplicate motherfuckers. Shove that golden chopstick up your butt and grab that long fucking noodle that's been itching, out of your asshole. squinty eyed chigga.
2019-02-25 13:45
NiKo | 
United Kingdom lr1015 
hey, hey, hey, come on asia, calm down kids
2019-02-25 14:03
"You wouldn't accept lowest quality products because you yourself produce them" Yea and think about why that's the case? Because everyone in the world buys them LOL moron. You don't see people say "Made in India" instead of "Made in China" unless it was the constant smell of shit or ransomware sites. "Shove that golden chopstick up your butt and grab that long fucking noodle that's been itching, out of your asshole. squinty eyed chigga." No need, the suction power from your mom's mouth did the job so no more itch. Thank you for being considerate though :P
2019-02-25 18:55
roast rule : don't go on people 's mom bcoz its easy doing that. you lost mate. 0/8
2019-02-26 03:33
when u get rekt so hard u try to save face by suddenly bringing up rules for roasting
2019-02-26 04:07
I've got nothing on his mom, me replying in the same tone would be pretty much pointless, moreover there's no end to things people can say regarding mothers. I can say his mom gets fucked by rhino to which he can reply by saying my mother gets fucked by a rat. see, that's why there are rules in roasts.
2019-02-26 06:15
mom jokes are fine if u don't overuse them and there's always a timing for them. also, u were getting rekt even before he said that shit. all u really did was call him a chink and thats even more boring than normal mom jokes
2019-02-26 07:22
whatever sails ur boat but the rule still stands
2019-02-26 07:49
see #66 PS: you were getting minced even without the mom joke, but it's ok, I understand You actually need clean water for that though, I'll airdrop some to your village, just give me the address.
2019-02-26 07:11
benchod dont talk to my boy ranjeet like that
2019-02-26 04:27
Europe 3MK 
Gutter oil user speaking outta his ass
2019-02-26 04:34
2019-02-25 14:02
Finland sadmen)))) 
wtff decent comeback men))))
2019-02-24 22:22
Finland sadmen)))) 
wtff u rekt him to hard men)))
2019-02-24 22:22
ROFL haha, n1
2019-02-25 13:55
United Kingdom Grenadr 
omg why argue on my holy thread guys
2019-02-26 21:14
Chubby fucker, just check my insta
2019-02-24 01:45
gib me link
2019-02-24 11:06
6/10 i can do much better
2019-02-24 01:45
Slovenia kivoJ 
Relatively fit but the belly gets flaccid like a... You know what.
2019-02-24 01:46
Same time, I weigh 100kg tho
2019-02-24 01:49
1 min 18 sec, this fking killed me, good workout I will try it again. I’ve seen it before but never tried until now.
2019-02-24 01:51
2019-02-26 04:08
Finland Tusku 
not fit, but not fat enough to raise concern which would guide me to healthy ways
2019-02-24 01:52
same, need more burger
2019-02-26 21:34
2019-02-24 01:55
NiKo | 
Europe Selcuklu 
1.20 but i have a huge belly...
2019-02-24 01:56
2:10, im something you could call "skinny fat". Would do a lot worse on other tests
2019-02-24 01:56
as long as ur fat isn't visceral fat
2019-02-26 04:05
Europe spooky1337 
i cant do more then 5 push ups
2019-02-24 02:00
Sweden FnerZy 
Haha, actually had to do this with my unit in basic training in September. Don't know what I did back then, but I did it until 2:45-ish now.
2019-02-24 02:01
2019-02-24 02:03
NiKo | 
Europe Selcuklu 
U didnt even watch 3:32
2019-02-24 02:06
im so fit i dont care to watch the video
2019-02-24 02:26
device | 
Korea Malinka 
2019-02-24 05:15
2019-02-24 05:24
Lithuania rohall 
2019-02-24 05:26
yeah like about 10 seconds lol
2019-02-24 10:55
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
the song is too short for me i cant know my score
2019-02-24 10:58
I run 15km everyday.
2019-02-24 11:01
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
enjoy back and knee problems at 35-40 y old
2019-02-25 14:04
Bullshit. People saying your knees etc will fuck up is bullshit. Many people who ran everyday are old now and their knees are fine.
2019-02-25 17:24
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
ok keep going :)
2019-02-25 17:24
People saying your knees etc will fuck up is bullshit. Many people who ran everyday are old now and their knees are fine.
2019-02-25 17:24
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
running 15km a day make a 2 marathon a week, like i said keep going and we'll see.
2019-02-25 17:25
And many have huge joint problems. It's just luck. And using good shoes that give your feet good support, stretching so your muscles arent as tight putting pressure on, running on low impact surfaces such as the beach, dirt, grass causes a lot less harm than running on concrete. Technique also is a big factor for reducing the impact as you land
2019-02-26 04:17
Both my parents have been running for the last 30 years, they have done 10 Comrades Ultra Marathons (90km) and countless regular marathons. They are well into their 50s and both have zero back and leg problems. My mother, at 55, is able to run 10km in 45 min, and goes to gym everyday. You sir are well misinformed about the effects of running if performed correctly.
2019-02-26 21:29
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
cool but did they run 15km a day their whole life ?
2019-02-26 22:28
1:30 14 yo you guys are baddd loool
2019-02-24 11:07
the younger are the easier it is
2019-02-25 00:10
ropz | 
Finland Sandels 
cant do that cuz my right wrist hurts when im doing push ups
2019-02-24 22:24
unlucky man, you should get it checked out. pushups are pretty important and are a go-to when you want a convenient work out tbh.
2019-02-25 13:57
Rate them. Same with pullups for the back
2019-02-26 04:19
did it first try, pretty easy tbh if you do my workouts. when im bored I watch youtube and do 50 pushups after every video. In the summer I do 10-20 sets of pull ups every day. (15-20 in sets)
2019-02-25 00:23
When I was a kid I had a pullup bar at home just outside my room. Used to do just like you - a set of pullups every time I walked past it. Will also try to set one up after I renovate my new place!
2019-02-25 14:06
If you have extra building material, i used plywood, 2x4's and 3 inch steel pipes to build mine, it is a really sturdy pullup bar.
2019-02-25 16:44
My issue is space really - don't have anywhere to fit it right now. I will get rid of my living room door when I renovate and will ideally place it there.
2019-02-25 17:01
mine is outside, just galvanized the metal, and coated wood.
2019-02-25 20:45
Taiwan NewTaipei 
I'm skinny af
2019-02-25 13:54
2019-02-25 13:56
I look good with clothes on, but I'm kinda thicc
2019-02-25 14:01
4:3 1280x960
2019-02-25 14:03
1:40 lol
2019-02-25 14:03
Korea XigNw0w 
2019-02-25 14:12
7 hours straight.
2019-02-25 17:03
Thorin | 
Sweden toddn 
2019-02-25 17:30
7min 42secs for me 😎
2019-02-25 17:40
Norway Torsken_ 
very fit bro
2019-02-26 03:38
0:59 ezpz
2019-02-26 04:03
10s im very fit
2019-02-26 04:19
0.12 mens wtf😎😎
2019-02-26 04:30
I play cs take a guess
2019-02-26 06:15
fit enough to know I'm not fit enough
2019-02-26 08:33
I am able to do the whole song and a bit more!
2019-02-26 21:16
1:42 and i dont even go to gym, but im gonna start going there
2019-02-26 21:21
I can't do more than like 30 seconds, but if it counts I can do the whole squat version.
2019-02-26 21:25
AdreN | 
Czech Republic progda 
am fyt es hel men 157cm 113kg gl men
2019-02-26 21:26
Killed it, it's actually pretty easy if you're good at pause bench press, e.g. my 12rm for pause bench press is 90kg and this felt like nothing for the first 3 minutes, after that I started feeling some fatigue but I stood strong and did it. Gym is the way 😎 Edit: Body stats: 182cm 75kg
2019-02-26 21:30
Other mikeyzyzz 
i'm pretty good. can do around 20 chin ups (wide pull ups) 15 dragon flies 50+ push ups (never rly did many push ups)
2019-02-26 21:31
United Kingdom Grenadr 
Guy my time went down to 0:48 today :((((((((((
2019-02-28 22:59
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