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Buying new mouse
cajunb | 
Denmark RotterdamMelon 
my old fk1 stopped working, considering buying a new mouse, G Pro wireless or another FK1?
2019-02-24 02:01
was never comfortable with wireless, dk
2019-02-24 02:02
i never used any wireless mouse before but many ppl were saying the logitech wireless are actually good so idk man.
2019-02-24 02:06
what is the delay if there is any these days?
2019-02-24 02:07
basically none
2019-02-24 02:10
thought so
2019-02-24 02:10
i have a g603, basically g703 with batteries no delay at all + 1000hz
2019-02-24 02:12
many reviewers are saying they are as good as the wired ones, so im guessing there are almost 0 delay. Having a wireless mouse also means i no longer need the mouse bungee, which is a bonus point for me
2019-02-24 02:13
yeah but Im still highly sceptical
2019-02-24 02:14
I heard the same, but partial reason I like zowie is optical and zero drivers. I was considering getting a Paracord mouse cable for my FK2 which apparently feel wireless.
2019-02-24 02:08
wireless things = headache!
2019-02-24 02:14
optical mous4e
2019-02-24 02:02
Finland Tusku 
buy a 12e mouse, scroll doesnt work but otherwise nice after about 6 months
2019-02-24 02:04
Frankie | 
North America r3ece 
i hate the shape of my g203 (gpro) makes my hand cramp and slippery as hell with shitty hard clicks. thinkin about getting the ECB 2 divina or whatever it is the pink one
2019-02-24 02:06
i think the shape between the gpro wireless and g pro are different, and ppl are saying the g pro wireless is pretty comfortable for claw grip.
2019-02-24 02:19
Frankie | 
North America r3ece 
i have the wired so idk , way to small for my hands. too low, and the sides like cave in witch makes it hard to hold straight and no room for ring or pinky finger but thats just me. sensor doess seem to be nice tho
2019-02-24 02:21
Finland dev2ce 
S1, ez
2019-02-24 02:06
2019-02-24 02:07
Steelseries 310 series
2019-02-24 02:08
g703 best mouse
2019-02-24 02:10 g603 but 46 grams
2019-02-24 02:15
Buy Deathadder from Aliexpress 25-40$. I bought like 4 years ago and still, it is working perfectly.
2019-02-24 02:31
oskarJ | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
+s1mple +valde
2019-02-24 02:34
Denmark ScreaMy1 
steelseries rival100 mouse NICE MOUSE BRO
2019-02-24 02:36
2019-02-24 02:36
NiKo | 
Belgium ZxTox 
EC2-B >>>>>>
2019-02-24 02:41
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