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G2 -shox
Denmark KamaraD 
G2 Esports: -JaCkz -kennyS -bodyy -Lucky -Davidp -shox
2019-02-24 06:25
Fcking stupid Australian
2019-02-24 06:26
United States kearCS 
Don't get rid of shox, G2 needs an IGL. Shox is too skilled to let go. Get rid of bodyy for a proper IGL.
2019-02-24 06:34
kennyS | 
New Zealand INxNITY 
Shox will ruin it. I agree with you. But Shox will ruin G2 once again
2019-02-24 06:57
Kazakhstan sundby 
G2 -shox
2019-02-24 06:37
Brazil kaelz_gg 
hmm i like shox, dont think he's the problem. They need a good coach and a new map pool maybe to spice things up!
2019-02-24 06:39
2019-02-24 06:39
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