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United States bigbrainamerican69 
So I'm currently taking Russian at my university here in USA, and I'm trying to watch some movies or TV shows just to help supplement learning the language. Any favorites?
2019-02-27 23:47
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Hotel Eleon
2019-02-27 23:48
putting that down, thanks!
2019-02-27 23:50
Kukhnya as well
2019-02-27 23:50
2019-02-27 23:50
Russia imm0666lord 
agree best of 90's
2019-10-17 21:37
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
v chem sila?
2019-10-19 23:54
Thorin | 
Ukraine Maximka 
why would you learn russian?
2019-02-27 23:51
always wanted to learn another language, I took German for 3 years and decided I wanted to learn a slavic language!
2019-02-27 23:52
That has no reason Our country is a tr4shcan, dont waste your time learning our language (which is kinda nice tho) You should have chosen czech lang i think
2019-10-17 17:08
Poland WolwiiS 
czechia 10mln ppl
2019-10-17 17:16
U mean there is not perspectives?
2019-10-17 17:29
no lol
2019-10-17 21:45
of course it is not
2019-10-17 21:53
men)) learning Russian is important for national security ;) american government likes people who speak farsi, arabic, russian, and chinese
2019-10-17 19:15
Fair enough. In our country we have same sh1t. For instance, I am a third year student in a Linguistics University and today i was offered to join a sh1t programm in Belgium. The thing is that people, who learn chinese/Japanese as a first lang, they were able to go to China/Japan after the first semester of the first year Sorry my eng sucks, but i speak swedish and french fluently
2019-10-17 19:33
That's true! I'm currently trilingual in English, German, and Polish. Russian, (work in progress), and conversational Italian. Language learning is something I really love!
2019-10-17 21:34
mate, I'm learning chinese in uni and guess what? China is paying for programmes, not our side.
2019-10-17 21:48
Reunion AlexTenebrae 
I guess inviting 10 Russian guys will be cheaper for China than study their own people
2019-10-17 21:59
? They send chinese students to my uni, my uni sends russian students to China. Chinese guys are learning Russian in Russia while Russian guys learn Chinese in China. Everyone is satisfied. Thats how friendship between certain countries works.
2019-10-17 22:02
Reunion AlexTenebrae 
You don't understand what I mean, but it doesn't matter, don't care about it
2019-10-17 22:08
Ah, you wrote "study" instead of "teach". Mb thats why I was confused
2019-10-17 22:09
Wat? How is it syka possible?
2019-10-18 21:42
ez enough, just have to keep my overall grades above 4,5 out of 5 and participate in some uni-related occasions. But I'm only 1st year, so it'll be hard for me to actually go to China, mb for 2 weeks only. My seniors are going there for full semesters.
2019-10-18 22:09
Thats hella nice. The uni is in Moscow?
2019-10-19 23:26
Hah, Nizhniy
2019-10-19 23:41
Man, you will not belive, but i also live there. Do you speak about NGLU?
2019-10-19 23:45
HAHA YES, lunn, as they call it!
2019-10-20 00:26
OMFG, man, probability of something like this is like XTRMLY little. So what faculty are you at? I am on the third course (as we say in russia), maybe i could give you some tips
2019-10-20 00:28
Well, there are chinese classes only in translation faculty, and I'm a first-course student here. Thats actually really amazing! I live in a dorm, we can actually be neighbours. Btw did you learn swedish here?
2019-10-20 01:27
No, by my own. We dont have any scantinavian stuff there, i think
2019-10-20 08:25
I just met with some guy who worked for the FBI and he told me that they would like people who speak either Chinese, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish (and Portuguese, Russian not so much
2019-10-19 23:46
men)) im friends with the director of intelligence in chicago's division. they want russian
2019-10-20 00:09
Shit mens)) I guess I should of talked with someone that wasn't retired
2019-10-20 00:11
yeah, it's really relevant nowadays. surprisingly German is too!
2019-10-20 00:16
I would of never thought that even though I am trying to learn German
2019-10-20 00:18
Italy mmbrnn 
i see a lot of people saying that russian is a very beautiful language
2019-10-17 19:50
Yeah, but it is tough to learn i think. We have a lot of sh1t which makes the order of words free, what is good for us, but hard af for foreigners who learn rus
2019-10-17 20:07
The difficulty is a lot of the perfective aspects (lozhitsya, lech), verbs of motion (ekhat, poekhat, etc.), and genitive plural for me.
2019-10-17 21:36
Ehal Greka cherez reku Vidit Greka v reke rak Sunul Greka ruku v reku Rak za ruku Greku tsap
2019-10-17 22:11
kak interesno.
2019-10-18 18:09
classic tongue twister, nevermind
2019-10-18 22:10
i know we did it in my class
2019-10-18 22:11
Oh, was it easy? Cuz I'm learning chinese rn and chinese tongue twisters are fucking hell
2019-10-18 22:12
lol no, I speak German and English mainly so it's quite a difference to switch to pronouncing Russian words
2019-10-18 22:16
haha, just found a full version, had to struggle myself to read it lmao Ekhal Greka cherez reku, Vidit Greka – v reke rak. Sunul Greka ruku v reku, - Rak za ruku Greku CAP ! Raki srazu lezut v draki, Grustno v rekah zhit' bez drak. Raki zlye, kak sobaki, - Rad pri vide Greki rak. Raki v rekah mrut ot skuki, Greka, rak ved' ne durak. Suj porezhe v reku ruki, - Vraz prokusit ruku rak!
2019-10-18 22:19
can you link the cyrillic?
2019-10-18 22:20
2019-10-18 22:20
thanks men))
2019-10-18 22:20
you are welcome men))
2019-10-18 22:21
McMafia, it's a british-russian produced tv show
2019-02-27 23:52
Russia Nikosimus 
Not the best way to learn a hard language if you are really new to the language imo Try to learn it for 1-2 years to get the basics and then watch smth (another problem is that TV/movies language isn't that 'right', a lot of colloquial speech etc)
2019-02-27 23:52
Gotcha. Yeah, that's the problem. It'd have to be a Russian film, and then with subtitles. For me, I found learning German got a lot easier once I just started piecing together dialogue from films.
2019-02-27 23:53
Russia Nikosimus 
Russian is the 3rd hardest language after Chinese and Japanese and is really exotic in a way because of the grammar Especially given that English grammar isnt that hard So it's a tall order but gl bro:P
2019-02-28 00:10
Russia Hellyer 
LULW Russian isn't even entering the top 10 of "hardest"
2019-10-17 16:32
the portuguese is the first hardest language
2019-10-17 20:18
2019-10-17 21:42
o que foi mermão ta me tirando dimitri ?
2019-10-17 21:43
reported for non-english posting
2019-10-17 21:44
dont do this bro, im joke
2019-10-17 21:45
pls, you are not a joke, you must be joking
2019-10-17 21:45
i just get my ban of this week, left for the next week
2019-10-17 21:45
mate doubleposting is prohibited aswell
2019-10-17 21:46
if u wanna fuck with me, kiss me first
2019-10-17 21:47
chill, no homo
2019-10-17 21:48
I thought you were a girl
2019-10-17 21:49
dude there are no girls on hltv wtf except for yunoliek
2019-10-17 21:51
+1111111 hashasuhsau
2019-10-17 21:53
Brazil NahT_ 
2019-10-19 23:49
Watch The Diamond Arm 1970's movie.
2019-02-27 23:52
2019-02-27 23:53
o papa privet
2019-10-17 16:27
Russia imm0666lord 
ahaahhah otec na hltv
2019-10-17 21:38
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
Incredible films! Wealthy knowledge! Bowing down before you!
2019-10-17 16:31
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
You can just get me and I'll be your everyday talker and mistake corrector.
2019-10-17 16:32
Russia Hellyer 
He won't learn anything from you though
2019-10-17 16:39
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
Too late, already taught him how to say a prayer for Putin and his godlike decisions.
2019-10-17 16:40
Very nice! Lol.
2019-10-17 20:12
2019-10-17 16:33
What University offers Russian in America? Please name it. Why would you want to learn Russian? We are first world. The rest of the world learns English.
2019-10-17 16:44
We are in 2019 not 1990 anymore. Rest of the world learn Chinese's languages
2019-10-17 22:03 "Brother", really good movie from 90's, if you like it, you can watch 2nd part.
2019-10-17 16:59
Denmark potatomato 
2019-10-17 17:03
Russia deadforest 
I'm not really into that shit, but Kitchen (Kuhnya) is a pretty decent TV Series.
2019-10-17 17:06
2019-10-17 17:10
Russia Liberast 
Nelyubov' (2017) is one of the strongest movies I've seen. Many also recommend this Just go through Russian youtube, it's huge
2019-10-17 17:14
Ukraine Hierophant 
come here and find u best
2019-10-17 20:09
Brother 2
2019-10-17 20:11
Russia is beautiful and big country but the goverment sucks ) i hope putin die today from cancer ameen
2019-10-17 20:11
Russia ToughGuy 
Wtf men u just kill yourself
2019-10-18 22:17
Russia n1c3R 
definitely the best film in the history of Russia
2019-10-17 20:21
Well, you need to move to Russia to get that experience from street alchoholics as BALD AND BANKRU P was doing :D
2019-10-17 21:37
f0rest | 
United Kingdom maxa_ all your favourite films in russian
2019-10-17 21:50 video contains spoilers, so be aware
2019-10-17 21:55
Russia Bobbo4 
just say cyka blyat
2019-10-17 22:07 Heart of a Dog (1988) Best Russian movie of all time
2019-10-17 22:12
dont teach russian its very hard
2019-10-17 22:12
HEN1 | 
Russia V0RTEXXX 
aga ewe fizruka davai))0)0)00
2019-10-19 23:53
Canada rdss 
nais baiter bratka
2019-10-18 22:28
Albania Kinda_f49907_ 
"Zeleniy Slonik" enjoy.
2019-10-19 23:42
HEN1 | 
Russia V0RTEXXX 
2019-10-19 23:52
Russia bad country
2019-10-19 23:53
HEN1 | 
Russia V0RTEXXX 
Legend number 17 u will enjoy, about hockey
2019-10-19 23:54
why would you even do this? most likely you wont be even decent at russian anyways cuz its pretty hard lang, especially if you dont start learning from young age
2019-10-19 23:55
Ukraine leg0_0leg 
you can try to watch series "kukhnya" (eng. kitchen) if there is this series with eng subs)
2019-10-20 00:15
jOELZ | 
Finland jleh 
not ruski but russia is very beatiful country and their language is so funny sounding
2019-10-20 00:25
Ukraine 30m81e 
Snatch (with Goblin translation) if you want to learn real russian language
2019-10-20 00:27 best soviet movie at all! this one and 5th element - most favourite movies i ever seen, rly recommend u men))
2019-10-20 01:40
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