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Respect MIBR
witmer | 
Canada StevensJax 
Please respect MIBR. That was a good and close match.
2019-03-02 21:35
coldzera | 
Czech Republic M1kY28 
:DD that danish nonamers win 1 round with 5 hp and 4 hp and second round 1vs3 only cuz time they are so scarry
2019-03-02 21:36
Turkey TheGreaTTest 
Danish nonamers ahahahahahha that made my day dude thank you botzera fan
2019-03-02 21:38
Poland Arknes 
2019-03-02 21:40
Turkey tastemycobra 
The game was fun overall yeah...
2019-03-02 21:36
yes respect
2019-03-02 21:36
Canada TorontoSucks 
Astralis won both pistols, very close clutches, won by time (1 guy vs 3 of mibr). Close as fuck
2019-03-02 21:37
At 14-14 Mibr had to take that round and it would have been over. Instead they were indecisive as fuck and ended up being trapped at the stairs all of them.
2019-03-02 21:38
they just coudnt risk, atleast if they kept guns they would have a health buy for the last round they risked and lost, then it was just easy to wait for fer to show up mid and caught all of em with pants down
2019-03-02 21:42
Denmark Duckter007 
Very good game indeed
2019-03-02 21:39
Mibr picked overpass Overpass is astralis worst map after cache Astralul just too good and gla1ive cheater
2019-03-02 21:40
Indonesia resolut 
mibr x astralis always produce great matches
2019-03-02 21:41
I'm crying atm. I wanna punch FalleN in the face for that round lost because of the clock.
2019-03-02 21:44
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