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Help about PICKEM
Croatia NoObish 
Do i have to watch entire match in finals to complete challenge or i can just watch it for like 1 min? (Im going on carneval so i won't be able to watch entire match)
2019-03-02 22:52
watch like 1 round on
2019-03-02 22:52
ty men
2019-03-02 22:52
imagine not watching an entire match for a carnaval
2019-03-02 22:53
I payed for that shit 2 months ago.. Also good time with friends>CSGO Major finale(In wich astralis is a obv favorite)
2019-03-02 22:57
gla1ve | 
United States n0xx_cs 
i like 3-5 mins, not for sure though
2019-03-02 22:53
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