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Spain elskio 
-20iq repeek
2019-03-03 03:47
Brazil manol0 
I mean, he could have played that safer, but not playing safer + the amazing skills he has is what makes him the best player in the world. If you look at the most of his flashy and game changing plays, they are very risky with high reward, and he makes most of them work out. He hits that shot more often than not...
2019-03-03 03:53
Spain elskio 
Until the 1st AWP shoot he was doing right. but that repeek.... He thought xseven is a bot that couldn‘t kill him in 3s with AUG and he will give you 2nd chance to shoot? Totally braindead moment.
2019-03-03 03:58
2019-03-03 04:10
Brazil manol0 
I know that, but thats what I'm saying, if you look into a lot of his great plays and analyse them, you would say he shouldn't do what he's done... but thats his style and most of the times those plays work... today it didnt...
2019-03-03 04:25
You notice that he got tagged and couldn't run away right? After he missed the Awp shot, his only option was to hope that xseven would give him a second chance.
2019-03-03 04:30
Brazil hrp__ 
he really could run after the first shot. After it, xseven couldn't see him anymore but then instead of running away to ct spawn,s1mple did counter-strafe to try to hit the shoot wdym by tagged ?
2019-03-03 05:09
He got hit by xseven which slowed him down very much, so he couldn't really run away. As he recognized that he couldn't run away, he counterstrafed and prayed that he could shoot a second shot with the awp
2019-03-03 06:49
Sweden sKeletoN_SN 
He couldn't you fucking deluded hater.
2019-03-03 14:13
United States vikingswine 
Well said. I agree.
2019-03-03 06:35
Spain elskio 
He just wanna be an hero like PUG star and forgot it‘s professional game. GJ xseven
2019-03-03 03:58
dupreeh | 
France dzkay1 
Yea that cost them the game .. he could play it better
2019-03-03 03:49
Sweden sKeletoN_SN 
No...the team could play it better. They should never be in a 1 vs 3 clutch situation...
2019-03-03 14:14
Brazil D1sco 
2019-03-03 04:57
you're right
2019-03-03 05:00
angle hold = kill poor guy
2019-03-03 03:49
Yeah, but S1mple is that guy that who get kills by doing the unconventional thing, usually that works out for him but unfortunately not in this situation.
2019-03-03 05:18
that play was insane though what a shame he misses the shot
2019-03-03 06:05
United States dev_number1_ce 
s1mple choking on major stage once more what's new? devilwalk_1_major_s1mple_0 btw
2019-03-03 03:50
Expected from Baitvice fan pronax_3_majors_device_2_majors pronax > ecolai baitvice
2019-03-03 03:51
+1 i agree pronax > dev1ce > devilwalk > s1mple 3>2>1>0
2019-03-03 03:56
secretly you are crying inside that a bot is better than device
2019-03-03 04:15
nt UK I like pronax
2019-03-03 04:16
pronax might grab a 4th with Brollan 2.0 and the squad no Kappa
2019-03-03 06:29
would be cool but he is old man now
2019-03-03 06:30
pronax | 
Russia ShaDyTH 
2019-03-03 04:24
pronax | 
Russia ShaDyTH 
2019-03-03 04:18
2019-03-03 04:22
Ukraine beazztov 
Choking? Lmao +34 kills
2019-03-03 04:38
+34 from baiting whole team into a loss vs ENCE (including electronic+flamie, look at their performances in previous matches and now) nt s1mple, aka Na'Vi team killer he choked this play btw
2019-03-03 05:04
African Union atts 
You mean their pervious matches vs weak teams which NaVi can beat easily, vs a strong and well prepared team in a match where they really had to bring their A game? sure. And of course you think nearly getting a 10 seconds 1v4 that should be impossible, is a choke.
2019-03-03 07:40
Vietnam ponmemes 
73 - 39. do you even know what choking means you illiterate fuck
2019-03-03 04:55
why so angry? he choked this play s1mple 0 majors btw
2019-03-03 05:02
Vietnam ponmemes 
so because s1mple choked 1 round and suddenly it's all his fault and not zeus fragging like a nova or electronic not being able to step up. if you're gonna do the s1mple 0 major argument might aswell do device 0 top 1 hltv
2019-03-03 07:29
must feel nice for xseveN
2019-03-03 03:52
his face is full of emotions
2019-03-03 14:27
ZywOo | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
pro won over reddit star. gj xseven wp
2019-03-03 03:54
Myanmar xdcc 
I watched his stream for a bit. Don't have a clip but he said something along the lines is that he wanted to catch him off guard but didn't expect him to be so pushed up already.
2019-03-03 04:00
Finland Finhammer 
I would’ve done the same. He was feeling it, 1v3 and that wallbang. When you’re feeling it you want to surprise them with aggression which they probably don’t expect at that situation. Feels bad that he lost it, s1mple deserved the final. Edit: now that I think of it, he might have expected him to peek, idk. Cus s1mple has an aggressive playstyle, he was full hp and he’s never afraid to face.
2019-03-03 04:05
He was feeling it. Mirage T side was all about s1mple
2019-03-03 04:14
2019-03-04 02:07
If he nailed that first awp shot, that woulda been such a sick play and clip, too bad he missed it and went too greedy for repeek.. That is gonna haunt him for long time
2019-03-03 04:19
which repeak?
2019-03-03 04:31
I mean he peaked too far and missed. If he played more calm, woulda been ez
2019-03-03 04:43
He expected xseven to be more on the left so he had to peak out that far though. After he missed, he got tagged and couldn't run away anymore
2019-03-03 04:44
IMO he was thinking XseveN was rushing on him, that's why he got desperate to be one step ahead. XseveN didn't do anything great; s1mple was too nervous and delivered the round.
2019-03-03 04:50
If he was thinking that xseven would be rushing on him, he wouldn't have peaked. He was trying to catch xseven off guard and was surprised that xseven was that far on the right already.
2019-03-03 05:05
African Union atts 
no S1mple said himself he wanted to surprise, but did not expect SEXseven to be that pushed forward. He was more exposed on that peek because he expected SEXseven to be closer to Con, and as a result he got tagged and could not really escape after missing the first AWP shot.
2019-03-03 07:44
He tried to catch xseven off guard. I know this is hard to understand, but a guy with more than 10k hours in csgo might know a little bit more about the game than you pleb do
2019-03-03 04:32
2019-03-03 04:36
Philippines Saio 
2019-03-03 06:18
dupreeh | 
France dzkay1 
2019-03-03 14:05
Sweden timecard 
He lands most of his awp shots, got unlucky in tight situation.
2019-03-03 04:33
I cried when he lost this clutch :'/
2019-03-03 04:48
That was pathetic... So sad.
2019-03-03 04:53
More pathetic and sad was FalleN against Astralis
2019-03-03 04:55
Philippines Saio 
you could say, he has fallen ;)
2019-03-03 06:18
Hur dur
2019-03-04 02:01
if he clutch this its could have been most insane clutch (after double noscope ofc)
2019-03-03 04:59
He was tilted as fuck at that point, I laughed so hard when saw that repeek.
2019-03-03 05:00
like did you see what he did? literally not a single other player woulda got that close to clutching it, he was clearly feeling it and 90 out of 100 times he hits that shot
2019-03-03 05:01
dupreeh | 
France dzkay1 
i feel bad for s1mple .. he deserved that clutch but yeah
2019-03-03 05:09
twice | 
Australia tavalol 
sometimes when ur team is bots u have to do stupid shit that may not work
2019-03-03 05:26
2019-03-03 06:19
u cant blame him if he do not peek then it will be not s1mple
2019-03-03 06:05
Philippines Saio 
nt for him he tried his best from all the pressure building up, he did his best
2019-03-03 06:17
Even after such godlike performance playing with bots, People still find a reason to hate s1mple.
2019-03-03 06:22
Bro the pressure its just to much adrenaline to be in that situation and do the best option is hard Only xyp9x can do it that nigga a machine
2019-03-03 06:26
sopheyy | 
Kazakhstan enimen 
2019-03-03 06:26
sopheyy | 
Kazakhstan enimen 
I think his nerves did him bad.. and that last round by whole navi was a "loosers attempt". They mentally already lost after this
2019-03-03 06:26
fifflaren 2 majors s1mple 0
2019-03-03 06:27
Nepal hpbaxx 
great commentating at 0.25x speed
2019-03-03 06:27
zues staying in the roster is greedier
2019-03-03 06:36
Korea XigNw0w 
2019-03-03 14:09
Finland sadmen)))) 
he keeps trying to be "smart"
2019-03-03 14:18
he was after that 'special' moment, that graffiti moment. he planted the bomb and he could have done anything and he chose the worst possible option tbh repeek once with ak, doesnt land a hs. switching to awp and repeek again... couldnt handle the pressure at that very moment, can u imagine xyp9x or dupreeh in this situation? players should always ask themselves what would xyp9x do in situation like this :D
2019-03-03 14:24 Brezhe top1 btw
2019-03-03 14:29
Portugal Antzrede 
Playing for the highlight that's why I don't like him
2019-03-03 14:30
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