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CS:GO Major Prize Pool
shox | 
Iran Raidennnnn 
So why are CS:GO prize pools still smaller than DOTA2? I was just wondering, why is valve investing so much money in DOTA. Dota 2 (The International 2018) : $25,532,177 CS:GO (IEM Katowice 2019) : $1,000,000
2019-03-04 00:54
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People invested money to Dota 2 trough crowdfunding, not Valve. CSGO have something similar with viewer pass but money from that goes to every team attented at the major, not to the prizepool
2019-03-04 00:56
shox | 
Iran Raidennnnn 
so csgo need something like Battlepass?
2019-03-04 00:58
United States Topunderscore 
damn you dont know what an operation is?
2019-03-04 01:01
shox | 
Iran Raidennnnn 
For major prize not normal situation
2019-03-04 01:03
United States Topunderscore 
They already have that, Stickers
2019-03-04 01:09
Russia armando_o 
dont forget about money from stickers and csgo pass in dota2 all this 25mln - money from compendium
2019-03-04 00:58
shox | 
Iran Raidennnnn 
2019-03-04 01:00
Sweden 1stWorldMuslim 
Cause sticker money goes directly to teams, not the prize pool (It should.) Also we are in our 14th major and the only thing they're making is still stickers.
2019-03-04 00:58
United States codgun 
Personally I think majors should have the same prize pool or even higher but I don't think majors are for the money at the same time. Teams play them for how meaningful they are, otherwise they'd try to be in the bigger tourns like WESG.
2019-03-04 01:06
2019-03-04 10:03
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
Should be 3 millions at least with 1 million to winner team
2019-03-04 01:07
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