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The best singers by voice type
Slovenia kivoJ 
Bass - J. D. (Tim Foust) Baritone - Elvis (Axl Rose) Tenor - Jay of the Americans fame (Freddie Mercury) Songs with highlights: Amen (live) Bridge Over Troubled Water (live) Blockbusters (full album). What you think?
2019-03-08 06:59
God | 
Taiwan xxxhoshi 
le born in the wrong generation
2019-03-08 07:00
Slovenia kivoJ 
Do you just comment to be or what should I find in your post?
2019-03-08 07:01
le i think i was born in the wrong generation this generation sux i want to spawn in a specific generation
2019-03-15 08:10
Does he tell me that I think that way and he tries to insult me? This generation is harmless.
2019-03-15 09:42
ninki minjaj
2019-03-08 07:06
Slovenia kivoJ 
Only skilled singers included with a naked talent.
2019-03-08 07:06
More like with a naked ass
2019-03-15 08:05
That goes too.
2019-03-15 08:07
Slovenia kivoJ 
Nice music knowledge HLTV bog.
2019-03-11 07:41
Europe LowAlching 
wow ur so mad u had to reply him twice?
2019-03-11 08:29
It was the first and the last attempt of mine to revive the thread. Doesn't matter who to reply to.
2019-03-11 08:30
Slovenia kivoJ 
You're not you if you have no clue about music.
2019-03-08 12:17
You ever heard Johnny Cash sing? His voice gives me goosebumps.
2019-03-11 07:58
Good voice, but the kind that would only fit in one certain direction. Country/folk and ballads sometimes. Great voice for his style. Bass Baritone I'm concerned.
2019-03-11 08:00
Lil Pump
2019-03-11 07:44
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
2019-03-11 07:45
Europe foxhound 
+1 yeah aight
2019-03-15 15:29
Tenor - Pavarotti
2019-03-11 07:46
I'd stick to popular music, opera singers are classical giants. Another subtype.
2019-03-11 07:54
2019-03-16 03:42
Ariana Grande - pop
2019-03-11 07:47
Pop is not a music genre. But she can be the best whistler if Mariah doesn't mind.
2019-03-11 07:53
lmao of course pop is a music genre
2019-03-11 08:37
Xa, no. It's a music claim to refer to the songs that are popular at the time. No music kind can be described as "popular" aside from the reason I gave you.
2019-03-11 08:53
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Pop is a genre and also a description. Pop means as the genre you try to sell much as possible and dont care about the real Art. Pop as description means a song is catchy and played a lot but the artist cares a lot about the Art and not so much about selling. So it sells well because it is good art not because of marketing shit show like Britney Spears etc.
2019-03-11 09:58
You just gave the same description in different words. Give some pop song and I'll tell you the genre of it. Pop is a commercial tag, not a genre.
2019-03-11 11:47
Czech Republic fykseN1g 
you're lashing to someone, saying that his knowledge is poor, and 2 comments after that you say that pop is not a genre lol. you don't know many singers anyway, do you?
2019-03-14 12:07
Pop is not a genre, hello pseudo melancholic! Don't know the weather on the Moon but the Earth people with a clue in music knew it before. I know quite a number of them.
2019-03-14 12:14
Czech Republic fykseN1g 
I can respect your passion for music, but please get your facts straight. Pop is a defined genre with a ton of sub-genres. "Give some pop song and I'll tell you the genre of it."
2019-03-14 12:17
Pop* tag near the song where supposed to be the genre naming is the determination, not the actual style. Pop is not a music genre and you're silly to insist. Pop has been around since music came commercial and began to sell and there is no explaination for this "genre" musically. What was that quote for?
2019-03-14 12:20
Czech Republic fykseN1g 
The quote is so smug, wrong and I had a laugh on it. I don't need to insist just please create these threads somewhere else, ty
2019-03-14 12:45
There are no quotes of foreign origin, these words of mine. I'm sorry but your request is gonna be ignored.
2019-03-14 13:15
What genre does Justin Bieber sing in then? This is probably his most famous song(not a fan of him) What genre is this?
2019-03-14 15:00
I have no clue really. Electronic. This definition would grasp the entire music scene of today. Everything is electronic today which is a shame. I listen to real music by people for the people.
2019-03-14 15:03
stopped reading at "i have no clue", dumbass
2019-03-15 12:57
I listen to real music, not this electronic sewerage. How can I know.
2019-03-15 15:23
Ronnie James Dio Rob Halford Bruce Dickinson
2019-03-11 08:01
Not impressive. Typical screamers and shouters, they're good at what they do but they're not versatile, their music deserves more praise. And you put Dio into Bass?
2019-03-11 08:04
Lol you dont understand metal tho, their voice capabillity is so unreal
2019-03-11 08:07
Human voice in general, their style just obligates them to push it. They're not very good at other genres that require soul and accuracy I would say. I never said they're bad though.
2019-03-11 08:18
It depends on your taste, some of their songs hit my emotions so hard, like you cant say that there is no soul.
2019-03-11 08:27
Yeah, but I mean there's a whole genre dedicated to soulful singing which is blues and soul itself. Completely different styles to hard rock. But they're all good. I don't remember the range of Dickinson but I dare assume I have a wider vocal range than all of them.
2019-03-11 08:32
2019-03-15 06:42
Theres no way to test that :D
2019-03-11 09:47
What you mean? Their vocal ranges? They're very well known and I know mine approximately.
2019-03-11 11:45
just dont
2019-03-11 14:55
Mine is even wider than that of Freddie.
2019-03-11 16:25
2019-03-12 14:36
I'm for real. His is F2-E6, some sites claim even less. I have one semitone more in my range but you don't even know what I'm talking about.
2019-03-12 18:47
just dont
2019-03-13 14:32
I was wrong, I have more than just one semitone. But please don't be a blind fan to the proof and facts some could provide. And how old you are by the way?
2019-03-13 17:12
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Best vocals of all time "classic" rock voice Layne Stayley Best "little extra" in voice Aaron Lewis Best voice who can fit in almost every band Shaun Morgan Best voice by different styles Corey Taylor Best female voice atm Adele.
2019-03-11 09:54
Out of these I only know Stanley, though I never heard him. I heard about Adele but did not listen. Thanks for your input.
2019-03-11 11:46
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS Layne live Aaron kLewis singer of Staind Shaun Morgan singer of Seether Corey Taylor Singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour
2019-03-11 11:50
Thank you ;) I'm not a tenor or a metal singer but I can take about 5-6 notes higher than Stanley! Little brag in the evening.
2019-03-11 11:52
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
a voice isnt only how high you can sing. It is the unique part they have. Layne has 2-3 different types of sounds when he sang at the same time. Aaron Lewis has always a little bit of sadness in his voice. Corey Taylor can sing and even rap in 5-6 different styles. Shaun can sound like 4-5-6-7 differnt bands he makes amazing covers but also have a unique sound I guess based on techniques people would say they are not very good but that isn't what matters in music. Kurt Cobain was probably an average bad singer but was one of the GOATs
2019-03-11 12:13
Bare in mind, I didn't say I was a better singer, of course not, I only can take higher notes. It means nothing really. I don't think Kurt is considered one of the best really, he was average for real.
2019-03-11 12:14
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Kurt wasn't a GOATs as a singer he was as a musician. He wrote 95% of all Nirvana songs alone. The drums, bass. guitar and the lyrics. Great melody writer and his lyrics very very unique. And for his kind of music his voice fit perfect. Sometimes it only matters what kind of music you make if its fit or not. But I Guess it always depends what you believe is important for a musician.
2019-03-11 12:21
That's true, he was very talented. I adore this genius of his. I write songs too, but I don't know anything yet.
2019-03-11 12:22
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
As far as I know, most write melody then the lyrics. Nirvana did it this way. There are demos of songs. The songs sound similar to the end version but with totally other lyrics. I think Linkin Park last album they wrote first lyrics then melody and it was bad. I think it dont work very good to write lyrics first.
2019-03-11 12:27
Can relate. From my experience, I wrote about 500 lyrics for composing and I always started with the starting line and then I took off from there. But when you get both the phrase and the melody, bam, you got a hit.
2019-03-11 12:34
1990 Layne is god tier, he had a little comeback in 1993 aswell
2019-03-14 09:07
Finland jvesper 
the verkkars
2019-03-11 12:21
Never heard before.
2019-03-11 12:22
brotha johnny
2019-03-11 12:23
Which one?
2019-03-11 12:23
which one lul... ofc johnny cash it is
2019-03-11 12:27
He was talked about before. He's very isolated in his own style. He basically didn't have any highs and his lows were awesome but not significantly low.
2019-03-11 12:34
Robert Plant Chris Cornell Layne Staley
2019-03-11 12:37
Very narrow minded list, from one certain style. Who's Baritone and who's Bass taking Plant as a tenor.
2019-03-11 12:39
John denver
2019-03-11 12:38
Same as Cash.
2019-03-11 12:40
The average conservatoire student is more talented than rock singers
2019-03-12 18:49
This post got nothing to do with reality. Have you got something to say on the matter or you will try to consolate yourself some more?
2019-03-12 18:51
jovik I caught you!
2019-03-13 19:00
You better tell me what you think!
2019-03-14 00:58
You again created a new account and changed the country The best type of voice is when in a voice you can hear the soul of a singer, of course, like John Lennon. Even in his rock and roll songs (Twist And Shout, I'm A Loser) you can hear this brilliant specific. Anyway, any voice will be good under the studio microphone. But vocal techniques mean much more than voice types. For example, any Elvis/Queen/Wings song or Lennon, who screamed into the microphone - That's cool <3
2019-03-14 18:58
I got where your heart lays in and I knew it would be Lennon.
2019-03-14 23:16
Fat Lennon before drugs in breton hat 1962-1965* always in my heart <3 His smile, his unusual voice and overall artistry on stage - Incredible (When the crowd shout and interrupted Paul, John screamed SHAAAT UP and then smiled <3) Without him, McCartney's music will never be good as it was in The Beatles.
2019-03-16 15:55
They helped each other tremendously, Paul knew more and is more talented but John extended his vocals to a greater heights. Even though Paul has a better voice for their style and a wider range, John sings with soul and passion. He also had a better taste in music in the dawn of the band. He was very witty and bold but he also was a terrible family man and anarchy propagandist. He talked too much but not always on topic. Still I like his songs much more and those that he sang.
2019-03-16 16:52
Disagree with everything but it's hard to compare singers, what is even the criteria, the range?
2019-03-14 01:03
It's fine, will you give the alternatives for each from yourself? I just took 3 main voice types and put singers in them respectively. I guess it's just on a personal preference, it's not an objective claim so I guess you just can post yours.
2019-03-14 01:05
What is your criteria? Range?
2019-03-14 01:04
It's rather a personal list so anyone could join giving theirs and finding if they knew anyone from mine or not. Something like that. But yeah, range and longevity in the business would be the criteria if so.
2019-03-14 01:06
It's hard for me to be to discern singers from music, or at least style of singing, I absolutely loathe Gnr but Axl has one of the widest range so I guess he would make the list, same for Mercury, I can't listen to Queen but he's one of the best singer, and probably an even better performer, in history, so if someone asked me "best singers" and I don't know if I would say those names from the top of my mind because I would think of what I like first. I mean Stout has a great bass voice but so does Kennamer or Tim Storms, but honestly I can't feel a thing while listening to them, other than "wow they hit some impressively low notes". Sometimes they're so proud of their vocal ability that the music revolves too much around it and become pointless to listen. My list is would probably be less rock-centric although rock (and derivates) is probably my most listened genre, without ranking them in vocal styles: Kate Bush has one of the greatest and most impressive voices I've ever heard, I've heard a million of artists being compared to her, but no one came close. Lisa Gerrard hit some unbelievable low notes and has one the most versatile voices ever, she uses it almost like an instrument, she has also one of the most expressive voices out there, it's not just academia (I don't think she was even trained). Nina Simone is another one that I love, Prince, although I'm not a super fan of him, is an amazing singer, so was James Brown I absolutely love Scott Walker, from his pop days to his later experimental works. Marvin Gaye had a spectacular voice, he could have sung everything. beautiful tone, always smooth, never pushing it. Most people would list Jeff Buckley, who was an undebatably great singer, but I would probably go with his dad, years ago I didn't like him, found his style too "weird" but it grew on me. Just noticed I'm just listing non- rock singers, I guess Mercury, Plant, Daltrey, Patton and Bowie would be my rock choices but David Bowie is probably the one I would listen the most, great bass voices, not the most impressive one in the bunch, but at the end of the day the music is more important
2019-03-14 01:50
Great post, many names I adore. The one that impressed me the most is of course, Scott Walker, would have never guessed. My voice is similar to his but the skill, oh dear, I'd rather be compared to a dying animal, great variety voice. Bowie is like a chameleon he is, easily pulls off the entire 3rd octave but can hit the middle of the 4th right out of nowhere, seemingly effortless. Freddie is a great performer and the vocalist, no denying, but he doesn't even come close to the vocal range that is that of Axl, but let me tell you, I've been to dedicated forums and I've seen myself, that Bb6 note he once hit is so disconnected from his regular range and never really performed again that it's likely he's gonna have that note acclaimed as "questionable" and screwed out of his range. And then we have F1-C6. Not as impressive anymore, isn't it? His lows though, will be impressive no matter what. Thanks for looking. You can add something to it and I'd be glad if you put them in by the voice type. Like your favourite bass, baritone and on
2019-03-14 01:58
World ///fuck 
I just realized now that your name is jovik backwards lollll
2019-03-14 01:07
2019-03-14 01:08
World ///fuck 
I'm watching you dude
2019-03-14 01:08
Out of need, I'm watching myself constantly.
2019-03-14 01:09
Spain Zhalos 
Phil Anselmo Tom Araya Dio Rob Halford ???
2019-03-14 01:08
Can you tell the voice type of each one? I know two of them!
2019-03-14 01:10
Spain Zhalos 
Phil Anselmo: When he was young, Tenor/Baritone, after 91' Bass Tom Araya: Tenor/Bass ( He has really high screams though ) Dio: Baritone/Tenor Rob Halford: Baritone However, they could also do very deep growls. Check: Anselmo: Shattered ( '90 ) / Avoid The Light ( '97 ) Tom Araya: Angel of Death Dio: Stargazer Rob Halford: Painkiller So you can see their styles.
2019-03-14 02:44
How can he be tenor and bass at the same time? It's impossible! And thanks for the content, I might check them soon.
2019-03-14 04:16
Spain Zhalos 
Check it out by yourself... you'll see what I mean by that :P His voice changed so much over the years... he could go really high to just being a deep voice with lots of growls.
2019-03-14 20:13
He's a very talented baritone who could belt out high notes and got down with age!
2019-03-14 23:10
Oh, I was wrong, he's actually a tenor. Just tenor.
2019-03-14 23:13
Spain Zhalos 
His voice changed way too much over the years, but yeah. Quite incredible. What songs did you check out?
2019-03-15 12:52
I checked his range and the high and low notes he ever took. It's impressive. He's big.
2019-03-15 15:22
Spain Zhalos 
Yeah. And even then, I assume you watched the video of his range. Well, there's one scream that people think is very high, actually C6, which some say is Bb5. Due to the oddity of its recording, we can never know for sure, but in my opinion, it is still an incredible feat. And his deep growls... Well, he actually has some skill to pull them off almost flawlessly. Seriously, he's an incredible vocalist.
2019-03-15 15:40
Obviously as a tenor, his lows are a LOT more impressive, believe me. It's hard for baritones but tenors... And C6 is not that high mate, I can pull a higher note than that. And I believe tenors should take them with ease.
2019-03-15 18:24
Spain Zhalos 
C6 is not that high? I believe C6 is quite high. It might not be a F6 ( the highest Freddie ever hit ) but it is still quite a feat. I don't doubt you can pull it off, but pull it the way singers do it ( hit it, hold it and repeat ) I think it's quite a feat ( considering also that Rob Halford's highest note is C6 too, and that was quite an oddity ). Also, here's a page that is quite cool:
2019-03-15 18:37
I can hold D6 for some time and go up to Eb6. Also I believe Freddie never hit F6 in a good quality ever, that remained under question. His highest note varies from D6 to E6. I can take it, hold it and repeat it and I'm not a tenor. That has a great range and control, almost 5 octaves!
2019-03-15 18:44
Spain Zhalos 
Yeah, still, he's hit amazingly high notes. And well, I'm not a singer, so as long as you can sing without sounding like a dying dog is fine for me. And yeah, he's almost 5 octaves, actually quite amazing. I wish I was at least half as good as he is xD
2019-03-15 18:54
Vocal range is not everything. You can be good with just 2 Octaves. I'm not a good singer, I still learn, I just widen my range to make it better but it doesn't grant the skill. Thanks for your input. Great fellas.
2019-03-15 18:58
james corden i think so
2019-03-14 01:34
For Baritone? Do you know his range?
2019-03-14 01:35
Bruno Mars. Just admit it
2019-03-14 01:54
Nice little tenor but there's a huge competition.
2019-03-14 01:58
Peter Gabriel is the best singer. Emotion, proper accent, tone, depth, he has it all.
2019-03-14 02:55
But how good his range is?
2019-03-14 04:16
Singing is not about range. It's like those heavy metal fans whining about their music being so so skilled etc, while being devoid of emotion, melody or atmosphere. It's an artform, not a technical science.
2019-03-14 15:23
Performance and execution is thy art, music is science. And I'm asking for these accurate characteristics of your beloved singer. You told me everything else anyway. And I never said singing is all about how wide is your vocal range, it's not that important but it still means a lot so I want to know.
2019-03-14 15:32
Sung range: G1-A5 Total Range: F1-A5
2019-03-14 15:43
Impressive lows, don't break these in two. Just give me the total range then. My range contains almost the same amount of notes. He's really great, I'll mark him somewhere to leave a great list in the end.
2019-03-14 15:47
Japan papa_smurf 
2019-03-14 02:53
United States Acetk 
Singers who have never sung.
2019-03-14 02:55
Oh, I knew one!
2019-03-14 04:16
NiKo | 
Romania mtimaN 
Ol' Dirty Bastard Nate Dogg
2019-03-14 09:01
Peter Steele Chris Cornell Layne Staley
2019-03-14 09:10
They're surely popular but are the best? All have quite a common range.
2019-03-14 12:02
Nah, they really don't. Staley Eb2-A5(arguably C#6), Cornell C#2-A5 and last but not least, Steele being a bass-baritone or just a prodigy bass E1/F1(he did C1/D1 with a fry)-A5. Either way, singing is not all about range, all of them in their primes were vocal powerhouses in many areas (for example - Staley and Steele probably have had the strongest voices I've ever heard and Cornell's modal upper range is ridiculous), Staley and Cornell are easily top 10 rock singers of all time, Steele was too niche for that kind of ranking tho but he sure deserved top 20 at least.
2019-03-14 13:30
C#6 by Staley is not questionable, it's just a distorted scream, brief one. Steele only got it to G5 and my bass singer is the actual bass without mixes with much more impressive lows (G0 for hell sake). I agree vocal range is not everything, it's just a quarter of the deal but it too, means a lot. Good picks and this thread is about preferences anyway so no use arguing. My range is wider than any one of them, there was a chance, I had to brag.
2019-03-14 13:50
Well, the G0 is questionable as far as I'm concerned but whatever, I don't have a mood for discussing it. Instead, I'm gonna give you an interesting one. A female bass-baritone - Nina Hagen. Her lowest note is Bb1 and highest D7 (some shady whistles and overtones up to B7 aswell). Obviously, I don't think that she could ever hit both in the same period but it's still impressive.
2019-03-14 14:13
She is a natural mezzo. Women can't be baritone nor basses of course. And there are many examples of vocal range freaks. Attila Csihar (E1-F#6 without falsetto) and he also whistled up to 8th octave but inhaling. Adam Lopez, 6 octaves if I'm not wrong. Georgia Brown. And you can check the J.D.'s live performance, he took that note live! Which is more impressive. He's the best bass singer in the world and it's not my opinion. I wish I could have those lows, oh.
2019-03-14 14:37
I know that she isn't a bass, that's what people call her due to being such an anomaly. And I know all these people you've mentioned. And about G0, I think we are talking about different singers. Gonna check it out later tho.
2019-03-14 14:59
J. D. Sumner, he literally goes down through the whole first octave down to G0. I don't think there's anybody like him in the world. He does it live.
2019-03-14 15:04
Maynard James Keenan
2019-03-14 09:12
What the range is?
2019-03-14 12:03
2019-03-14 12:08
And what the other two are?
2019-03-14 12:14
XDDDDD That singer is Maynard james Keenan and he is probably more than just 3 personalities in 1 body LuL
2019-03-15 15:28
I heard a lot about him. How would you rate him my respected fellow?
2019-03-15 18:22
Based on his vocal range he isnt impressive I guess, but Im a huge fan of the band/music and especially his singing. He has amazing control. Even if he seems to get "uncontrolled" it stills sound amazing. He has one of the best "screams" (not a metalscream) I know. So much pressure and emotion in it.
2019-03-15 19:05
Great insight. I now know what to expect if I'm ever to listen to him. Thanks. You can add more singers if you got any on your mind.
2019-03-15 19:07
All time or atm Too many singers in India with good voice.
2019-03-14 09:13
Of all time and share them by the voice type.
2019-03-14 12:03
Wait voice type only applicable for EU singing. Here's a singer with widest of singing range I've ever seen - Mohammad Rafi He could sing high pitch, low pitch, deep, loud equally good and better than anyone of his era. Soprano- Lata Mangeshkar Too high pitched voice. And absolute control over voice. Idk bro. So many of them Classical Indian-Manna Dey(Male),Asha Bhosle(female) low pitched-Kishore Kumar Very Distinct voice and kinda mid-low pitched - Mukesh
2019-03-14 14:07
I'm intrigued. Can you post the vocal range of each and every singer you think deserved to be mentioned? Please.
2019-03-14 14:32
Mohd Rafi- Mid-low to very high Lata Mangeshkar- Mild-high to very high Manna Dey- Low to mid Asha Bhosle- Low to mild high Kishore kumar- very-low to mid low Mukesh- Low to mid high Kumar Sanu- mid-low to high Sonu Nigam- mid-low to high Arijit Singh- Low-mid Udit Narayan- mid to high Kailash Kher- mid low to mid high Jagjit Singh- very low to mid Tbf I don't listen to female singers much. Only Lata,Asha are the 2 on the list. Female voices prick in my ears.
2019-03-14 14:46
Thanks! But can you mark the range by the notes? It's not clear what their ranges are. Like C3-C5, you know.
2019-03-14 14:50
Idk seriously having listened thousands of hours of music. I know that but never learned them. Its not standard in India. I ranked them from very low, low, mid low,mid, mid high, high, very high.
2019-03-14 14:59
Try to Google the most well known singers, I'm sure you can find vocal Range for some of them, just for your curiosity and mine too.
2019-03-14 15:06 I read it. Nice one though doesn't tell the nodes.
2019-03-14 15:09
Oh man, I don't understand.
2019-03-14 15:10
Kazakhstan ORCy 
Muslim Magomayev Baritone - best voice
2019-03-14 09:20
And the other two? Variety music is good but he lacks versatility and ability to sing in other styles.
2019-03-14 12:04
lil pump and 6ix9ine ESKETIIIIIT
2019-03-14 12:19
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
nt jovik
2019-03-14 13:19
Do you just post for the sake of it? Mr. 14 years old.
2019-03-14 13:26
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
did you?
2019-03-14 19:55
Yugoslavia GonnaBaited 
2019-03-14 13:26
Who's this?
2019-03-14 13:26
Yugoslavia GonnaBaited 
2019-03-14 13:29
I would hardly call them singers, you know some rock or ballad performers?
2019-03-15 18:30
Kazakhstan ORCy 
2019-03-14 15:51
What can you say about chester bennington and trent reznor?
2019-03-14 13:31
Shouting tenor and I don't know Trent, sorry. I think Chester is weak for the tenor, he struggles with the fifth octave and he needs to scream in order to get there, like a Baritone with a boyish voice.
2019-03-14 13:52 the greatest rock voice of all time
2019-03-14 14:38
What's his highest note? If mine is higher, it won't even be discussed.
2019-03-14 14:39
Thank you but I was curious and I checked it already. My highest note is really higher and my overall range is wider. I like his performance in his legendary song "18 & Life" though, great singer.
2019-03-14 14:53
ropz | 
Finland Sandels 
The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (
2019-03-15 19:26
Switzerland meme_jesus 
Is this shithead another jovik's acc?
2019-03-14 19:58
Post something relevant or go back children.
2019-03-14 23:14
Switzerland meme_jesus 
Lmao its obvious you are just looking for some confrontation here you childish idiot, grow up. Hltv is full of children aged 12-17 so they obviously won't like the type of music you're listening to. If you want to get serious responses then go to like r/music where people know much more about it than yourself. This is just a poor bait attempt, nothing else.
2019-03-15 06:30
Your opinion is heard, I'll try to respect it. You spoke truth for the most part but the thing is, I'm not knowledgeable enough for the music forums they will just put me down but I might just hit the jackpot finding one true musician here and talk about it with him. I did so in the past, I just like the HLTV concept despite its silly policy. I don't bait anyone nor anything.
2019-03-15 08:01
Switzerland meme_jesus 
Well alright then, whatever. I still think you should give some music forums a shot, you will probably even learn a thing or two.
2019-03-15 08:04
I have one but they're so well respected, pitching music tone by the ear. I go there often but I'd like to talk about it here.
2019-03-15 08:06
I really dont like the tone of Mercury my favs Bob Marley - especially in songs: Crazy Baldhead, Wake Up And Live, Put It On George Michael - especially in songs - Star People, Strangest Thing, Outside
2019-03-14 23:20
I don't like it too. I don't even like him. They're both tenors? And who would be the bass anyway? You only like these two?
2019-03-14 23:22
Yeah, both tenors. I also like Rick James - especialy in songs: Ghetto Life, Bustin Out, Give It To Me Baby Mirko Lukovic (band is called Rare) layne staley - especially in songs - down in the hole, man in the box, we die young etc
2019-03-15 19:00
Staley seems to be the favourite of many. Thanks for your post. Interesting names I never heard before.
2019-03-15 19:02
check this LIVE version
2019-03-15 19:05
2019-03-15 19:05
Sorry for a late response, I didn't forget. I'll surely listen tomorrow! Thank you.
2019-03-17 13:15
United States _ATaXiA_ 
Don't ask me about the tone of each because i don't know. John Lennon Otis Redding Roger Waters
2019-03-15 06:40
John is baritone, Otis is tenor, Roger is baritone as well. Great list, especially Otis, the most soulful and emotional voice I ever have heard. Thanks, you only lack one bass.
2019-03-15 08:03
Popek the best, check this
2019-03-15 08:05
Tell me more about it.
2019-03-15 08:08
polish gangsta hop-hop polo
2019-03-15 08:55
David Phelps EZ
2019-03-15 08:19
What's his range blokey?
2019-03-15 09:43
All I know is he's got pretty good support. Clean vocals.
2019-03-15 09:44
Slightly more than 3 Octaves if I trust that site. Many people talk good of him, I will remember him, thank you.
2019-03-15 09:48
Aleksib | 
Norway ^FoX 
nt Jovik
2019-03-15 12:53
Russia Windcast 
Serj Tankian
2019-03-15 15:28
What's his voice type?
2019-03-15 18:29
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
Gustavo Nápoli Corey Taylor T-Pain
2019-03-15 15:34
Bass, baritone and tenor respectively? Or just your favourites?
2019-03-15 18:29
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
Just favourites tbh
2019-03-15 18:30
Thanks for your list. I knew Corey!
2019-03-15 18:32
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
Gustavo Napoli from La Renga (Argentina) has a really cool rock-n-roll voice. T-Pain out of auto-tune voice is great aswell, recommend you to watch Masked Singer "The Monster" Performances, its god damn great.
2019-03-15 18:35
T-Pain used autotune? Does he still use it? I highly recommend you not to add messy things here!
2019-03-15 18:39
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
He used to yeah, don't know why, maybe cuz the type of music he was playing he felt like needed auto-tune, but damn he has a real singing voice without it, no jokes.
2019-03-15 18:41
Sad scene but he might have just sold out and wanted money. Low soul. If he only stuck to real music, what heights he would have hit!
2019-03-15 18:45
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
Yeah pretty much, I really loved every performance he did on this masked singer show, real talent.
2019-03-15 18:47
Who else do you know and could include in your list?
2019-03-15 18:47
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
From the top of my head David Draiman from Disturbed I like a lot. Jennie Lena a woman that sang in The Voice
2019-03-15 18:53
I like Decadence song from Disturbed. Have you heard? Are you into metal?
2019-03-15 18:54
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
Yep I know the song I like it. Im mostly into rock-metal bands yeah.
2019-03-15 19:48
I dont really have an overall rating, because there is more than just vocal range to a voice/singer, but: Female: Sia I think someone would at least mention her, but noone did, so I have to. Alissa White-gluz She is doing alot of metal though, so she is a growler and screamer aswell. But she also did alot of classical singing. Male: Jón Þór „Jónsi“ Birgisson, singer of Sigur Ros Also THIS guy: I have no idea about his vocal range and it might be quiet ahrd to find out as this is overtone-singing. I havent learned too much about it yet, but from what I know, this technique amplifies certain over and/or undertones for a very distinct sound. But nevertheless, he seems to be able to pull of some pretty low and high notes. I MIGHT consider downloading the file and running it making a spectogram so we can see the frequencies he is singing in.
2019-03-15 15:45
Thank you for your post. I've seen that avalanche mezzo, great range, she can take a lower note than I. But it's a fry so is not fair and her highs are barely higher, or equal. But can you give me the singers by their voice types?
2019-03-15 18:28
According to the site "the range place" (a forumpost) the singer of Sigur Ros is this: "Voice Type: Tenor Vocal Range: G2-G5" He is utilizing a LOT of headvoice and he is generally using his voice as instrument. This becomes very clear on albums, where he sings without a language/words. Example: As you already stated, Alissa White-gluz: "Voice type: Avalanche Mezzo Soprano Vocal range: C2-F6" Sia: "Vocal Range: D3 – D6 Voice Type: Mezzo-Siaprano - occasionally identified as a soprano because of the potency of her belts, Sia's strong lower register and weighty, rounded tone would suggest she's a mezzo-soprano." About the last guy with to overtone/throatsinging: I cant tell tbh... I think its really hard to find a range aswell. Is aw overtone singing in a spektogram and it can become very hard to identify the base of the sound, especially if there is music playing aswell.
2019-03-15 19:12
Thanks but I meant you would fill my voice type categories. I just needed one bass, one baritone and one tenor from you. Pretty girls as the bonus! Do you know any basse?
2019-03-16 02:26
Ohh now I got you! Peter Steele from Type O Negative.
2019-03-16 03:39
Thanks buddy! Great picks. I strive to be a singer myself but is so hard!
2019-03-16 05:16
Latvia Norly 
i like mercury, ronnie radke, brian molko, robert smith (cure), bill kaulitz, attila csihar for bm screams, alex koehler for deathcore screams might be a little random but these are the voices that i first thought of that i like. ;))))))))))))) ofc opera singers can smash them vocals wise but i'm not into that.. oh the within temptation girl sharon den adel is nice too, no wonder why armin van buuren's in and out of love is so good... and depeche mode guys too, david gahan.... what else do i like... oh ik he doesn't have the BEST voice, but i like gerard way a lot anyway lol
2019-03-15 19:16
Latvia Norly 
forgot to mention jared leto xx
2019-03-15 19:17
The last one has a great range! Massive list of singers, thank you! Many of these I know. What's the most wonderful performance by Attila Csihar you know?
2019-03-16 02:28
Latvia Norly mb not the best and most recent, but i like it.. what's impressive that he screams high pitched and then does dead-esque growls next song... usually when one does vocals like that u either go one way or the other.. for example, antichrist, he is amazing, but then at about 3 minute mark he can't rly go that low, bc when u do these kinds of vocals ur voice gets used to this high shit and lows suffer (except deathcore, metalcore etc screams, they are different) Attila on the other hand is very versatile... oh and the japanese guy from dir en grey, Kyo is sick, check him out if u haven't. ;))))
2019-03-16 03:26
Where is Axel Rudi Pell?
2019-03-16 03:51
Europe Xentic 
Cute pop - ed sheeran
2019-03-16 03:56
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