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Hltv for dota 2
India VeryHindustaniGuy 
What are some good sites for keeping up with dota 2 pro scene like hltv?
2019-03-09 16:25
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Denmark Almoe
why would you want to follow point and click adventure game :)
2019-03-09 16:27
I want to go to esl mumbai but i dont know shit about dota
2019-03-09 16:29
Denmark Almoe
i doubt youll be able to get a good understanding of the items/heroes/game in time tbh
2019-03-09 16:30
you can half understand whats going on, dont need to know about items plus i assume casters will explain builds and shit to a mininum that people would get anyway
2019-03-09 16:32
Denmark Almoe
true but there is a big difference in the enjoyment you can get out of watching mobas if you know a lot about them
2019-03-09 16:56
i honestly enjoy games casually until i understand them, why i dont enjoy overwatch as much, they feel more of a numbers game than a game
2019-03-09 18:29
Denmark Almoe
y overwatch is pretty terrible, especially the way the blizzard wants to push more low skill heroes and cater to their casual playerbase, like theyve done with all their games in recent years
2019-03-09 18:40
"sOldIEr 69 iS gAY BTw" -Bilizzerd
2019-03-09 19:22
Denmark Almoe
they have to pander to their giant lgbtq community otherwise the game is dead
2019-03-09 19:37
its fucking trash, pandering to those people only drives away actual fans of the game. If they carry on like that they won't have any actual fans of the game that play the game, the only OW fans would be tumblr f*gs that just draw shitty "fanart"
2019-03-09 20:44
Denmark Almoe
+1 but i wouldnt really care if the game was still playable, after s5 they just kept buffing and releasing heroes that you can play with a laptop trackpad
2019-03-09 20:56
mobile port incoming..
2019-03-09 21:00
Germany RobiDable
Watching dota games is actually pretty nice, even if you dont understand much.
2019-03-09 18:32
Teams should i cheer for im thinking of Navi
2019-03-09 19:05
Germany RobiDable
I really like OG, they did such a great job on the international. But i am not quite sure if they play on ESL Mumbai
2019-03-09 19:20
Yeah hf cheering for Navi if when you find them at a big tournament lmao ;(((
2019-06-29 10:21
DOTA has no connection with Half Life or Counter Strike(which is a mod of HL) except being a game that Valve made.
2019-03-09 16:30
Valve bought both they made nothing. Cs was a mod of half life but a standalone game. Dota was a wc3 costum map but a standalone game.
2019-03-09 18:35
2019-03-09 16:31
2019-03-09 16:33
2019-03-09 16:33
Finland Getp0x0st
2019-03-09 19:12
I'm sed now (
2019-03-09 19:36
2019-03-09 18:30
Germany RobiDable
2019-03-09 18:31
Dota is reddit. Joindota Team Liquid, gosugamers etc not well made.
2019-03-09 18:33
ye, nothing similar like hltv...maybe u should search of some kind discord channel or just try public dota2 chat in game....dotabuff got some kind of forum, but not active like hltv...
2019-03-09 18:37
Dota2 LUL
2019-03-09 19:06
Other Phinks
Great game.. once
2019-03-09 19:07
agree +1
2019-03-09 19:44
France NeaZy
2019-03-09 19:11
France NeaZy
but gosugamers is the best atm for me
2019-03-09 19:11
2019-03-09 19:24
Japan esy
Dota is only good for chess. No need for that.
2019-03-09 19:42
dota>csgo dota2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>csgo
2019-03-09 19:42
prodota . ru
2019-03-09 21:05
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