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french scene stupid
steel | 
First off, they let k1o go after he was above average in the 1st and second best team of faze, like wtf. second, they brought happy back for vitality, like wtf again, he ruined envy. They don't like scream, even though he would make all of the french teams better. ex6 refused to play on g2 without being an igl, even though he is a good player, he keeps getting himself pushed out of the top teams because of himself, no one else does it. vitality picked up alex, and didn't make him igl + hes not a support player so he won't play good. 3d max has good pieces after losing 2, but didn't pick up any good players. It took this long for a under performing bodyy to get kicked. why is shox igling, other people in the french scene can do it at his level and he can frag out then. alex could have if they picked him up, davidp is as good or better than jacks at fragging and he is an igl from the same team, why didn't they get him instead, k1o igled on ex envy, all of the good g2 players can speak english, they could have gotten an international player.
2019-03-09 18:27
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stopped reading at "They don't like scream, even though he would make all of the french teams better."
2019-03-09 18:29
France J0riS 
Me too
2019-03-09 18:31
man you must be smartest_user to figure that out 😎👍
2019-03-09 18:30
EDIT: I didn't see comment #1.
2019-03-09 18:30
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
Biggest problem is the lack of leaders + non biased, preference heavy players ( eg Shox + Smithzz combo ). That is changing currently in g2 especially as Ocelote and Malek forced the changes onto Shox, everything isnt in the players hands anymore and they have to be real proffesionals.
2019-03-09 18:38
I can see your points for all. To say french roster decisions are logical or should be used as a reason to say a player is bad is ridiculous (ie: ScreaM) I just had someone say sixer/devil is better than ScreaM bc it was logical for nV to kick kioshima for them and “there’s a reason they did that.” As for shox igl, it worked on old g2. Hadn’t worked since. I think the logic is that the best teams have 5 players who are good instead of 4 at the cost of a person that can only igl. Igl is overrated imo, chemistry and coordination is more important. Teams like Astralis play off each other so well and that is not the result of glaive micromanaging every player during split second plays.
2019-03-09 18:46
twice | 
Australia tavalol 
Honestly the only reason I can think of is he doesn't give a fuck anymore. Watched that series vs Valiance and it was like watching my grandma play cs lmao. I guess he can live off the money generated by his name/brand anyway
2019-04-29 02:54
Jjust realized this is an old thread because I saw a connector_is_short comment. R.I.P. in peace mens))) :((((((((((
2019-04-29 02:58
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