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on gang?
nhl | 
United States BlackGuySpeaking 
do you put your stuff on gang, god, moms, or hood? if you dont know what im talking about, what are your opinions on the NHL trade deadline, or csgo after major trades?
2019-03-10 03:08
United States 21_savage_GOAT 
slaughter gang 🔪💉💉 4L gang 🔥🔥
2019-03-10 03:11
on crypt? or blood> we 60 bruh on hood bruv
2019-03-10 03:15
you mean "crip" ?
2019-03-10 03:17
fake flag spotted? fake blueface fan spotted?
2019-03-10 03:18
????? blueface is trash
2019-03-10 03:29
ok fakeflag
2019-03-10 03:29
i mean, i can't say someone is trash without hearing a single song, haven't even listened to thotiana completely
2019-03-10 03:30
yeah, ok, "usa flag" never heard thotiana, nt, lemme guess, estonia?
2019-03-10 03:31
fuk u talm bout. Stop playin wit rolix 60s. We aint no bich lieu mkain us. We rollin90ks. Free my nigga trey doing life for shooting one of dem roliin 90s bich ass.
2019-03-10 03:53
nah bruh fuk trey on da gang fr cuh he a opp, he fr snitching on sum fuk bitch niga shid frfr
2019-03-10 03:55
Aye bruh i aint playin dis dumb ass gmae with you. I am really wit the shit. I done snattched all yo niggas chain. Pull up at west side pussy. Blueface also a bich. Bich asss schoolyard. They punks.
2019-03-10 03:56
shut yo bitch ass up yo fr cuh blueface aint no bich, on da gang we finna pull up and let the chopper eat yall finna get snatched, and ima snatch yo jesus piece
2019-03-10 03:57
Nigga das how i know u a goofy. Rollin 90s just a rollx 60 copy. We th og ckrips. Niga we international and shit we be doin deals wit taliban and hells angel. Stay yo broke ass down in dem streets. You aint nuttin but a nuisance.
2019-03-10 03:59
nah niga 60 fr on a hole nother level, yall aint got no hoes trik ass bitch, on da gang we finna let you eat u aint want smoke
2019-03-10 05:14
"trik" Das how I know u a goofy and a faker. But if u really wit that shit come pull up wit ur whole squad 2541 2nd ave.
2019-03-10 05:58
aight when u here POPOP, u finna know what goin down on hood, and dont be no snitch bitch niga, i aint fuk wid da opps like dat
2019-03-10 06:03
shoot yo gooofy ass up. only shit u reppin is london. GOofy fairy faggot yellow teeth boi,
2019-03-10 04:07
Czech Republic _s0 
2019-03-10 03:13
2019-03-10 03:16
Czech Republic _s0 
smokepurp u nig
2019-03-10 03:16
dont hit my phone, that shit on do not disturb
2019-03-10 03:17
Nepal hpbaxx 
ok google, how do i cure the cancer i just got?
2019-03-10 03:31
on my dick bro
2019-03-10 03:14
is your dick red or blue
2019-03-10 03:15
ms 13
2019-03-10 03:21
nah cuh i aint fuk with da west coast shid, UBN on gang respect my crypn
2019-03-10 03:22
2019-03-10 03:36
blueface baby
2019-03-10 03:38
Portugal MartiNi18 
#yanggang2020 nigga
2019-03-10 03:16
andrew yang? tbh on gang we aint not fuk with dem asians, respec my crypin tho bruv on hood or u finna catch smoke on gang
2019-03-10 03:18
2019-03-10 03:16
flag doesnt check out
2019-03-10 03:18
2019-03-10 03:19
UBNman fuk yall on UBN
2019-03-10 03:20
on jah
2019-03-10 03:27
blesss up
2019-03-10 03:29
On gekyumes forskin 🙌🏼😊
2019-03-10 03:56
2019-03-10 14:56
Hol up 🧠🙏🏻
2019-03-11 01:14
Nepal hpbaxx 
on klan
2019-03-10 03:32
my name checks out this comment
2019-03-10 03:33
my nibbers gon pew pew on dem boiszz
2019-03-10 03:43
faxx, finna let em eat free da gang, feed da chapper
2019-03-10 03:44
>NHL Hockey >Black Choose one
2019-03-10 03:47
evnader kane, greenway, subban family, etc. Nt
2019-03-10 03:48
Indonesia Astranesia 
imagine gang members play csgo
2019-03-10 03:50
2019-03-10 03:51
rolix604life dawg. If u wanna pull up meet up at 2541 2nd ave.West la gang
2019-03-10 04:11
we finna come with real choppers not them paintball guns
2019-03-10 05:14
United Kingdom Kansur 
Just me and my daddy😊 , hanging out I got pretty hungry😊 so I started to pout 😞 He asked if I was down for something yummy 😍 and I asked what and he said he'd give me his cummies! Yeah! Yeah! I drink them! I slurp them! 😊I swallow them whole 😍 It makes daddy 😊happy😊 so it's my only goal... 😫Harder daddy! Harder daddy! 😊 1 cummy 2 cummy, 3 cummy4 I'm daddy's princess but I'm also a whore! 😊 He makes me feel squishy!He makes me feel goodHe makes me feel everything a little should!~ Wa-What!
2019-03-10 06:05
flair checks out
2019-03-10 06:13
Brazil jmarcelo 
on my baby moms i do all that
2019-03-10 06:15
dam u put stuff on yo baby?
2019-03-10 06:20
Brazil jmarcelo 
on my baby mamma, fyw. that bih can die shiiiiiiiiii
2019-03-10 06:21
United States aynzinho 
2019-03-10 14:58
booface baby
2019-03-11 02:14
United States aynzinho 
yeaaa aight
2019-03-11 11:54
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