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S1mple Future
Poland Sad_Boy 
Go back to Liquid -Nitro ez 3 majors. Astralis choked and kicked top 8 where they were before.
2019-03-10 21:23
He should go to FaZe -rain +s1mple -AdreN +ChrisJ or karrigan (karrigan wasn't the problem imo)
2019-03-10 21:25
gla1ve | 
Poland kola5410 
Rain neither (despite individual regression), more like bad IGL or olof
2019-03-10 21:29
Other Mukade 
2019-03-10 21:30
Slovenia Josip09 
that's actually sounds really good but please chrisj karrigan is just bad. Also I would probablly kick olof and try to bring some fresh firepower maybe sunny from mouz or someone from cloud 9
2019-03-10 21:35
s1mple+NiKo=insane fire power GuardiaN=still one of the best AWPers rn imo Olof=really experienced player who is optimal for the lurker position. You don't need to be fucking beast like s1mple,electronic etc. for the lurker, you need to have a lot of experience Karrigan/ChrisJ=You don't need some individually better IGL when you have team like this so karrigan will fit well imo + they played with karrigan for a long time so they have built up good team chemistry i think (except s1mple)./ChrisJ is good option aswell, he is individually better also good AWPer so they can use double AWP setup, but most likely GuardiaN and s1mple will be better option.
2019-03-11 09:35
2019-03-10 21:27
and kick their IGL? Easy solution -S2k Nitro just doesnt awp then you let s1mple do it = ez top1
2019-03-10 21:33
Russia NOD777 
Wet liquid fan’s dreams :D
2019-03-11 09:36
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