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The truth
loli | 
Japan HimeArikawa 
I GONNA show you, for once and for all, you've been controlled from the start. Anime is the way to recruit new members to illuminati, through subliminal stimuli, through lolis especially. Why can't they say stwong R and give W instead? Those awe not human beings... You actually knew? OwO - old world order UwU - upon world union Uwa - unlimited wealth alliance Kawaii - kill all whom I invalidate Sugoi - secret utilization gathering of illuminati Why I'm telling you this? Cuz I'm out, I've had enough. You MAY try stopping them, but it's not in your authority.
2019-03-11 02:23
2019-03-11 02:25
Don't just yes at me, we'll only survive if we'll be aware.
2019-03-11 02:35
United Kingdom DragosAS 
reported for talking about anime/liking anime
2019-03-11 02:27
You don't understand. How could you... If we don't make our move they'll just win.
2019-03-11 02:41
2019-03-22 00:43
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