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Astralis 6X Champs
New Zealand Smeagoll 
Are Astralis actually gonna win second major of 2019 and next two in 2020? It seems real, theyre fucking insane, you agree?
2019-03-14 21:29
kinda boring that theres no competition for them but yeah they are probably gonna win everything this year
2019-03-14 21:30
Denmark Cleandog 
Wait for it...wait for it.... MIBR
2019-03-14 21:31
2019-03-14 21:32
frozen | 
Czech Republic Trolic18 
2019-03-14 21:31
Europe R2D2s 
I feel like they are destroying viewership and making this game more dead...
2019-03-14 21:32
Poland friendlySeb 
I feel like to, but it isnt their fault.
2019-03-14 21:33
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