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Bates Motel
Nepal hpbaxx 
is the character Norman Bates supposed to be on some spectrum, or is Freddie Highmore just an awfully bad actor?
2019-03-15 02:28
China lxxl2 
What do you mean by "on some spectrum?" If you're talking about mental illness, then yes he is.
2019-03-15 02:30
Nepal hpbaxx 
yes, obviously he's mentally ill in that regard. but why is he always doing that punchable frog face with a slight smile in serious situations, or forcing half-assed 1 second smiles during regular conversations? is it part of the character or just poor acting?
2019-03-15 02:36
China lxxl2 
Pretty sure that it's part of the character, as someone would order a retake of the scene if it wasn't on purpose.
2019-03-15 03:29
Pretty sure the character was based on Ed Gein who had schizophrenia
2019-03-15 02:33
United States aust9n 
the actual actor himself is not autistic or on any spectrum, he is playing a character
2019-03-15 03:22
He actually performed well wtf
2019-03-15 06:26
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
he actually plays a autisc doctor on the serie The Good Doctor.
2019-03-15 06:37
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