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woxic | 
Switzerland itsmeyaboi 
Can be meme-ish, can be normal, just drop, im ready to listen
2019-03-15 06:20
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
2019-03-15 06:21
Cool but gotta in the mood for that type of song, can't listen in the morning etc.
2019-03-15 06:26
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
2019-03-15 06:26
United States _ATaXiA_ 
2019-03-15 06:23
Cool, made me feel like in a youth movie xd (teen movie, dunno what are they called in English)
2019-03-15 06:28
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
2019-03-15 06:23
Slow and not leveling me up in any type. Damn are u all depressed or what
2019-03-15 06:30
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
hahaha if you are calling clams casino slow, surely you didn't listen to more than 1 minute of the song.
2019-03-15 06:35
Look, i'm not saying slow music is bad or i don't listen. I like and listen slow music but in day, in casual, when im focused on something or etc. can't stand to slow musics and this is very slow compared to what i listen.
2019-03-15 06:44
2019-03-15 06:28
as much as like it i didn't too because of the effect of the vocal (i dont know how can i describe in other way) and kicks are disturbing after a while, in long term atleast can't be listen from my PERSPECTIVE, for me. 5/10 :D
2019-03-15 06:40
Turkey de_insertion there you go mate.
2019-03-15 06:32
10/10, nice beat, detailed lyrics, leveling me up
2019-03-15 06:41
The calling our lives Savage garden truly madly deeply Liz phair why can’t i
2019-03-15 06:32
How old are you? for real?
2019-03-15 06:42
2019-03-15 06:43
I am seriously asking, these all songs felt like 80's 90's but i didn't check, if it's correct you must be atleast 25-30 sir. Not here to judge, just curious.
2019-03-15 06:45
pretty little lies by andy powell
2019-03-15 06:47
i like this type of music, jazzish, barish, i dont know what genre but i am really interested in xd
2019-03-15 06:49
i can feel the vibe that you play electro guitar or drum :D
2019-03-15 06:50
no I play skin flute
2019-03-15 06:50
only real men can do this! nice xd
2019-03-15 06:51
what type of rock is this btw? is it called metal or what
2019-03-15 06:51
idk. just look up the band. good shit
2019-03-15 06:51
i like it very much btw.
2019-03-15 06:53
nice. look up the lead singers other band, Tool
2019-03-15 07:32
Die for you Darkest Places Wake up in the sky
2019-03-15 06:51
I like die for you a lot and listened too much xd I follow swagy tracks and listened that song before and i like it, I know wake up in the sky too and i like it aswell xd i r8 8/8
2019-03-15 06:55
Y so far ive listened to it at least 700 times or so xd Didnt like WUIST at first, had to listen to it at least 4 times DP is ok
2019-03-15 07:03
watched clip for the first time and damn i love Bruno, these moves xd
2019-03-15 06:57
Trill | 
Canada ToiVz 
2019-03-15 07:12
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