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Do you think ENCE is throwing?
Germany k1to_did_nothing_wrong 
I see all the Ence fans saying that Ence doesnt care about mdl matches, so they are trolling and losing matches. Isnt this basicially throwing?
2019-03-15 16:22
Denmark Almoe 
1. overrated due to fluke 2. not caring about low level online games
2019-03-15 16:23
Europe andy_ 
+1 for 1 but 2 is just another dumb excuse
2019-03-15 16:47
Nah, if they think they are a lock for playoffs and think they will win, why wud they care
2019-03-15 16:57
They will lose a lot of points in the hltv ranking if they lose vs low tier teams. So they could get lower in the ranking and will get less invites to tournaments
2019-03-15 18:19
online doesn't affect rankings that much, it only really counts for form, and doing good at lan is what gets you invites, no one invites onliners unless the good teams don't want to come.
2019-03-15 19:00
High hltv ranking gets you invites and losing to teams like sprout will lower the form. And ence had 200 points with form after the major. if they lose this, they will be very fast out of the top 10 again
2019-03-15 19:57
Losing to sprout won't change what they get invited to. Anywhere in the top 10 will get you invited to tournaments, since fan favorite teams like to skip some.
2019-03-15 20:41
Vitality, Sprout, Izako Boars, Uruguay, Valiance, LDLC, Forze and Epsilon
2019-03-15 21:03
Some of those were forfeited... Also tryharding online matches is maybe not as important as the upcoming better tournaments.
2019-03-16 07:06
Forfeit still counts as loss regarding the ranking
2019-03-16 08:29
Romania TheWizard741 
Thing is I think they just missed playoffs by 6 points. This doesn't mean I think they're throwing or anything. Maybe they are like VP were. Good on LAN bad online
2019-03-16 08:03
They are not going all in on events where 1st prize is 17.5k$.
2019-03-16 07:32
Norway NosTheBoss 
+ 1 this /Thread
2019-03-16 20:46
Poland wiktorex 
it seems like throwing sometimes
2019-03-15 16:23
Ence fans just can't stand ence losing
2019-03-15 16:23
+1 not so ez4ence
2019-03-15 18:17
Not so ez4fnaticfaggots
2019-03-15 18:34
at least we don't have a meme which can be reverted
2019-03-15 18:37
i mean Fnatic is nowadays a big meme
2019-03-15 20:00
ence is bigger for sure
2019-03-16 07:47
South America litdabber21 
maybe they are just trying new dumb strats thats what evryone does in the mdl
2019-03-15 16:23
Brazil MonkayBAN 
saving strats 4 major
2019-03-15 16:24
They are doing purposefully bad to justify kicking somebody and bringing in sunNy
2019-03-15 16:25
allu | 
Netherlands MarkBurns 
2019-03-15 16:26
2019-03-15 16:26
Now this would be something
2019-03-16 07:32
Vietnam ponmemes 
major fluke and back to tier 2 status
2019-03-15 16:26
Finland Taynz 
2019-03-15 16:32
Europe andy_ 
more like to tier5
2019-03-15 16:47
lol you are literally on every thread hating on ence? where are you from? lithuania? you dont even have 1 good player pls just leave and stop writing shit about ence when they are 17-28 yo bois having fun and making hundreds of tohusands per year and living their dream while you are sitting in home and living your miserable life in your 3rd world soviet union country :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2019-03-15 17:00
triggered much grow up kid
2019-03-15 18:20
? i just see this andy from 3rd world comment on every thread about ence how shit they are even tho this guy hasnt ever played cs serious and he is poor af
2019-03-15 18:42
1. 2nd world, not 3rd 2. You dont know him 3. Your behaviour isnt better
2019-03-15 18:55
1. close to 3rd world 2. he has not ever played professional cs, i dont have to know him for that 3. and so what if its worse lmfao
2019-03-15 18:57
lsd | 
Uruguay SydBarrett 
If you are from a 3rd world county then you have no right to talk about ence, good logic
2019-03-15 19:05
where did i say this
2019-03-15 19:08
With your logic only pros can say that ence is shit. Nice logic. And you act like a kid too, good job
2019-03-15 19:56
Romania TheWizard741 
Have you played professionally tho?
2019-03-16 08:04
no, thats why i dont flame professional teams =)
2019-03-16 13:09
Montenegro Fraggot 
So if I'm supposed to have an eye operation and the doctor cuts off my leg I can't say that he did a shit job because "I ciuldn't do it better" and because he's a "professional"?
2019-03-16 21:26
thats not the same thing =)
2019-03-16 21:50
Montenegro Fraggot 
It is.
2019-03-16 21:58
why does it matter so much if he hates the team??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? its the internet my man
2019-03-16 07:41
+1 Kvik
2019-03-15 18:17
2019-03-15 19:04
2019-03-15 19:03
Vietnam ponmemes 
2019-03-16 00:58
Germany AP)) 
i just think they might not care as much for this MDL season since its not like they'd get something out of it.
2019-03-15 16:26
But isnt it throwing if they are not trying and trolling on purpose?
2019-03-15 16:32
Germany AP)) 
even if they would throw or not try what would it matter? its not forbidden by any rules. i mean they might aswell forfeit. thats why i dont get people who bet on esports outside of big tournaments. The Schedule is so stacked that sometimes you just have to play unprepared or dont care for one tourney/ladder because you need to focus on another one..
2019-03-15 16:36
I was just wondering if not trying and trolling can be considered throwing))
2019-03-15 16:39
They arent using any of their strats, they are playing it like matchmaking... You cant be banned for this
2019-03-15 17:03
Valiance | 
Myanmar xdcc 
I would say it's throwing if it's done with purpose to lose. Throwing for money, throwing for easier bracket, throwing to help another team qualify or something like that.
2019-03-15 17:04
If they forfeit any more games theyll lose their spot in MDL i think. They cant play in playoffs because they are at Blast when the MDL playoffs are played. So they want to win enough games to keep their spot in the league, but lose enough to not reach playoff spot.
2019-03-15 17:35
They're not throwing, just experimenting with new maps and tactics.
2019-03-15 16:27
i guess it's just that they wont get anything even if they played good there
2019-03-15 16:31
No reason to tryhard when they wont gain anything out of it
2019-03-15 16:31
n0rb3r7 | 
Finland JSR1 
+1 and they play cuz it would look bad to drop out of mdl, I think they will get invited to pro league
2019-03-15 18:16
Did they change that? I thought you can only get to EPL trough MDL
2019-03-15 23:25
n0rb3r7 | 
Finland JSR1 
this season no one from MDL is getting to pro league and 1 team disbanded if Im not wrong?
2019-03-16 06:36
Yes but AFAIK there are no invites for EPL. They have to qualify through next season.
2019-03-16 13:41
n0rb3r7 | 
Finland JSR1 
yea but what do they do when 1 slot is empty? do they just make it 2 spots next season
2019-03-16 20:38
I think last time that happened there was one more spot to get through the relegation
2019-03-16 20:43
n0rb3r7 | 
Finland JSR1 
nice men)))
2019-03-16 20:46
It doesn't matter as long as they don't bet against themselves. It's not against rules to play badly.
2019-03-15 16:34
And playing bad on purpose?
2019-03-15 16:34
Is there a rule against that? Teams playing bad on purpose happens in every sports, for example in a situation when a lose provides you an easier opponent in the future. The kids who are complaining about ENCE "throwing" are the ones who are stupid and bet their money and lose.
2019-03-15 16:37
2019-03-15 16:39
I don’t think they are playing bad on purpose but just don’t take it too seriously and focus on the upcoming events. And my advice to any bettor is to not bet for Ence in online matches.
2019-03-15 16:52
Theyre not throwing, because they have no reason to just lose these matches. But I think they dont put all focus onto these games, its sometimes pretty obvious because the way they play. I'll wait until next major to see what level they are cabable of playing at consistently. I know, its hard to sometimes be patient and reasonable
2019-03-15 16:34
they just take mdl matches as practice because they dont have any other worth and to people calling ence fluke wait atleast for blast pro and starseries before jumping on these conclusions
2019-03-15 16:35
+1 Even as a fan I can say it is possible it was a fluke but at least let’s see how the next tournaments go.
2019-03-15 16:52
Brazil thinking_ 
u cant really expect reading anything reasonable in hltv tbh
2019-03-15 16:56
Finland Taynz 
Its samething like you are global on matchmaking and tryhard it
2019-03-15 16:34
China serdim 
actually throwing
2019-03-15 16:37
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
they just bad
2019-03-15 16:40
Finland NUCL3AR 
Saving strats for blast pro series
2019-03-15 16:41
Dio | 
Japan Jotaro 
Ence was never good just fluke team
2019-03-15 16:45
I don't think they give a shit anymore. The honest answer is that after making second place at the major, they probably think all of this is beneath them (they're kinda right) and just aren't preparing for any of the matches.
2019-03-15 16:45
Tbh they have always played like shit on mdl. And this time there is not even chance to qualify to pro league so it’s not worth jaing their energy on that with tier 1 tournaments coming.
2019-03-15 16:54
Not sure about "kinda right" part,but word there is accurate
2019-03-15 16:55
Romania TheWizard741 
Why would they be "kinda right"?
2019-03-16 08:07
Should be kinda obvious. You make it to the final of the major and win tons of new fans and then a week later you're playing in a completely meaningless online league that you can't even win an EPL spot from? I'm pretty sure anybody would think that's beneath them under the same circumstances.
2019-03-16 12:13
Europe Ligm@ 
No they are just trash
2019-03-15 16:45
2019-03-15 19:05
Brazil Mentecapto 
doesnt MDL give spots to ESL Pro League in the next season?
2019-03-15 16:46
yes i think so
2019-03-15 16:51
Brazil Mentecapto 
So I think there's no reason for them to throw or not care. They are just playing bad
2019-03-15 16:52
This mdl season there are no epl spots given.
2019-03-15 16:54
Brazil Mentecapto 
Oh, then that's why they are playing like shit. They don't care But why there aren't any spots this season?
2019-03-15 16:55
Haven’t researched it but I guess they just don’t give out spots every season.
2019-03-15 17:01
this season no spots, next season like u said
2019-03-15 16:56
France ponche 
ENCE is a LAN team.
2019-03-15 16:50
Yeah but the thing is, throwing isnt illegal, unless they benefit from it somehow. eg. betting against themselves
2019-03-15 16:53
during an MDL game vs spirit they were buying dualies and m249s its not throwing (making sure their result is a loss), its just that they are using zero strats pugging their mdl matches and any opponent that is actually coordinating will beat them. they aren’t trying which is a fine line between throwing, but still not the same.
2019-03-15 16:53
Its online games, relax.
2019-03-15 16:55
India Noobdian1 
On cache lul
2019-03-15 18:35
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
throwing is when you loose a match because ur getting sth for it (IBP) just not caring about a match and dont prepare is just lazyness
2019-03-15 16:57
Europe zmija9 
online games, cache map on which they never play, and IB is not that bad team
2019-03-15 17:02
I don't think they are throwing but just not playing at 100% power, reason being that they are online bo1s in a league that really doesn't matter.
2019-03-15 18:40
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
MDL is online and this season has no promotion. They're most likely taking those games for practice and testing new things. There's a big LAN in a week or so and they want to present good tier cs so it's natural that they don't play these MDL matches at 100% or anywhere near.
2019-03-16 01:04
2019-03-16 07:00
Europe lalt 
Define throwing?
2019-03-16 07:12
easy | 
Finland ENCEL 
Throw, in most cases, means the person bet on the overdog, and they lost, so now they're crying.
2019-03-16 08:00
Romania TheWizard741 
That's a pretty cool flag you got there
2019-03-16 08:09
easy | 
Finland ENCEL 
One of the best flags in the Southern Hemisphere ;)
2019-03-16 08:13
Denmark Xipingu 
Technically even if they do, it’s not the throwing itself that is illegal, it’s the throwing and betting on the other team - basically committing fraud, that is illegal. Like iBuyJobless.
2019-03-16 07:23
North America Snaxer 
ence has always been top 5 team IMO they just didn't play that many matches against top teams
2019-03-16 07:38
No, they're trying hard every time, but they just aren't that good.
2019-03-16 08:16
Sweden BenjaT 
+1 sorry but they are overrated so cry (_) here
2019-03-16 19:02
Its a joke season. Not really worth it for any team. Small price pool for massive amount of games and no promotion.
2019-03-16 08:31
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