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Ping problem pls help
s1mple | 
Other Insertrandomname 
Since the major started I've started experiencing this problem where i get 120 ping valve mm servers and normal 20-30 ping on community servers. I tried this. -verify files -reinstall cs -reinstall steam -reset router -played with ethernet cable on
2019-03-15 18:23
Cs is just unplayable rn :(
2019-03-15 18:24
Where are you from? Also use the tracert command to the closest valve datacenter near you.
2019-03-15 18:26
India Can you explain this tracert? I'm getting connected to indian servers only btw just high ping on these servers if you're talking about something like that.
2019-03-15 18:30
Tracert is a cmd-command which shows you thee latency between you and the address. It shows all the routing points as well. Google tracert. tracert in cmd
2019-03-15 18:33
Okay bro I'll try this. Thankyou.
2019-03-15 18:36
g1v3 r3s4lt pl34s3
2019-03-15 18:40
I'll I'm not on my pc rn 😂
2019-03-15 18:42
ok, just note that it WONT fix your problem, it will show if there's a bottleneck.
2019-03-15 18:43
Ok bro. Do know anything to resolve if I confirm there's a bottleneck
2019-03-15 18:45
No, from there on out I wish you the best of luck :^)
2019-03-15 18:46
Have you tried pausing gayporn DL while gaming??
2019-03-15 18:29
I don't watch that. But yeah I made sure my internet is not being used by any other device or in any other activity.
2019-03-15 18:33
fix your ping
2019-03-15 18:30
2019-03-15 18:35
Check that you're not on any NA servers etc. by typing "status" in console while you're playing
2019-03-15 18:31
does this happen on 3rd party clients like sostronk, faceit, esea?😎 edit: if this doesnt happen on these sites just play on them instead of mm men not worth fixing so much just to play mm
2019-03-15 18:35
I tried faceit its all good on it My frnds play mm so gotta play it..
2019-03-15 18:39
force ur friends to switch to faceit so they get better😎
2019-03-15 18:45
Haha alright !
2019-03-15 18:46
very nice men gl😎
2019-03-15 18:57
ZywOo | 
Germany MTD3 
Try mm server picker . Looks like you connect to wrong region
2019-03-15 19:18
Thats the problem bro. I'm connecting to my region servers yet getting high pings.
2019-03-15 19:25
ZywOo | 
Germany MTD3 
But did you try mm server picker?
2019-03-15 21:54
No I didn't but whats the point.. I can see my high ping on regional servers in my console when I start searching mm.
2019-03-16 03:51
Japan @0x0 
MM servers are pretty shit, especially in Asia, probably just that
2019-03-16 04:01
But everyone's ping is fine its just mine
2019-03-16 05:34
Japan @0x0 
It's routing probably, use a vpn
2019-03-17 22:00
I think it could be routing.. What vpn do you suggest?
2019-03-18 11:30
Japan @0x0 
mudfish/vypr for gaming
2019-03-19 23:55
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