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Kio and TSM
NEO | 
Ukraine s1v9mple 
If they decide to do a mix NA/EU roster like C9 did then I think that this might be an idea: SuNny Kio ShahZam stan koosta
2019-03-17 17:49
NiKo | 
India antique94 
Shazam and koosta in one team Ok bro
2019-03-17 17:54
2019-03-17 17:56
Norway OfficialStrix 
thats a pretty.. shit team?
2019-03-17 17:58
Oh yea
2019-03-17 18:14
U r right
2019-03-17 19:04
koosta sucks
2019-03-19 05:09
Denmark Xipingu 
Dafuq is koosta doing in there, gtfo
2019-03-17 18:02
NEO | 
Ukraine s1v9mple 
Not koosta, that guy from Rogue I think, I forgot his name
2019-03-17 18:04
Denmark Xipingu 
SicK, niko, vice, Hiko, MSL, take your pick
2019-03-17 18:05
CIS eddie42 
best topic I ever seen. you forgot the guy's name 🤣
2019-03-17 18:06
+ some racism, if he meant vice
2019-03-19 04:52
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
SuNny (Entry) kioShiMa (2nd Entry/Rifler) Styko (Support) Hampus (IGL/Lurker) Oskar (AWPer) LMBT (Coach)
2019-03-17 18:07
Much better
2019-03-17 18:10
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
2019-03-17 18:10
good team but essencialy old mouseports v2 kio is comparable to ropz and hampus imo is prob better than Chrisj (at least as IGL)
2019-03-17 18:13
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
I see what you mean - maybe fresh leadership is all the team needed though, its worth a shot
2019-03-17 18:23
yeah i mean i like the team def top10 material there are a few things to look at: - can the team evolve from mouseports? Can´t tell but we know that mouseports (this roster) had already peaked and had a lot of internal disputes which lead to the famous styko kick -hampus is a igl (unlike chrisj who was forced into becoming one) but can he frag and lead in tier1? probably yes seems to a pretty good player and i think he can do it - the team seams a tad lacking young players. Is it a problem? Yes, TSM and big orgs want to retain a roster that has long term potencial to prevent big-buyouts of talent (Faze for example). As such the age of team might be a problem seeing as most of the team but sunny and hampus have probably peaked.
2019-03-17 19:00
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
I know that Oskar and Styko are very close on and off the server, which will be important forteam chemistry and an offline environment. SuNny being on the same roster for a long time would also help, and he’s also quite young so he could bond with Hampus too (Or at least theres potential there). kio will likely get along with veteran Oskar. Hampus is a good igl, as well as being a strong fragger and a decent lurker. I feel that he can comfortably step up to T1 CS. The team is notably older, but theres other potential options such as Nawwk or Plopski available to pick up if the veterans like kio or Oskar beginnto drop in form
2019-03-17 19:48
the roster will most likely get along although i could see them getting someone other than lmbt to manage the relationships better to prevent a mousesports. I see kio becoming the leader/capitain (at least people wise), with the rest of the squad being calm personality wise, i do not see a lot of problems people wise (ropz and sunny could become problems but i think kio/coach can handle it). i hope so although a swedish team would be more logical for him were the swedish teams not having Lekr0 ( a fragger) and Xizt ( yeah no comments......) as their igls. I think he´ll be capable of being a t1 igl like you said. Nawwk and plopski like you said are good replacements for oskar and kio. There is however a problem. For how long do you think they´ll remain in this limbo state? Not long in my opinion. X6tence are an org that is quite active and as we speak they´re probably either being sold or they´re assembling a new galaxy team with them in it ( rumours say hampus might be in that team as well...)
2019-03-17 20:07
looking for a job?
2019-03-19 04:56
2019-03-19 18:55
do u wish to work as a csgo commentator?
2019-03-19 20:18
might be interested send me a pm with details
2019-03-19 20:22
Mexico <3 Zetas 
Ex6TenZ ScreaM Smooya Oskar Sunny
2019-03-17 18:09
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
-Smooya +Styko
2019-03-17 18:10
actually -ex6tenz +styko
2019-03-17 18:15
Mexico <3 Zetas 
fuck you
2019-03-17 18:16
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
Absolutely not
2019-03-17 18:23
i would rather have 1 decent support player than guy who brings nothing to team
2019-03-17 18:24
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
Hency why I’m replacing a T2 AWPer who would only be the secondary, not the IGL
2019-03-17 18:25
why remove an igl for someone who isnt an igl? its dumb af
2019-03-17 18:44
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
2019-03-17 20:20
United States Scvboy1 
What proof is there that they will even go back into CS?
2019-03-17 18:14
"If they"
2019-03-17 19:08
suNny (entry) kio (support) oskar (awp) Ex6TenZ (igl) scream (rifle/2nd entry)
2019-03-17 18:15
Liazz | 
Faroe Islands 200iqGuy 
koosta LUUUUL and shahzam when oskar is free
2019-03-17 18:25
2019-03-17 18:27
Italy bennyhana 
Mixed/international teams don’t ever see great success. Wonder why?
2019-03-17 18:33
Sweden Bakkmann 
Fan of faze doestnt check out
2019-03-17 19:11
Italy bennyhana 
I’m a fan of a shit fucking team and I hate it
2019-03-19 04:39
Sweden Bakkmann 
Bro youre not alone rn
2019-03-19 07:12
the hell
2019-03-17 18:41
France DobliiX 
Ex6tenZ - IGL Scream - 2nd Entry Kio - Support Oskar - Main AWP Bodyy - Entry
2019-03-17 18:42
ex6 and scream Lololololol
2019-03-17 18:45
Netherlands DEJl 
2019-03-17 18:53
sure but not as much
2019-03-17 18:55
Denmark minosss 
body entry XDDD
2019-03-17 18:56
2019-03-17 18:45
Tier 5
2019-03-17 18:50
ScreaM Kio Ex6 Smooya Hampus
2019-03-17 18:58
Shahzam and koosta are trash tier players, no idea why you have them in here
2019-03-17 18:59
Argentina Tomaas 
2019-03-17 19:09
Denmark ScreaMy1 
ScreaM ex6tenz Kio HS Grux
2019-03-17 20:08
Brazil MarcoT 
Que porra é essa meu camarada
2019-03-19 05:04
screaM ex6 kio suNny smooya Solid tier 2.
2019-03-19 20:20
Brazil BrunoSW 
One more team with no chance to win anything ever
2019-03-19 20:28
kio KQLY smithz DEVIL xms
2019-03-19 23:29
SuNNy Flusha Zellsis Kio STYKO EZ MAJOR SLOT
2019-03-19 23:31
Argentina Cushiion 
ShahZam stan koosta hahahahahahaahahahahahaha
2019-03-19 23:32
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
nice tier 5 team
2019-03-19 23:39
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