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North America cake1 
>Very high skill ceiling >Huge esport scene >Constant updates >Large playerbase Can we agree that Rainbow Six Siege is the best multiplayer FPS ever made?
2019-03-18 00:09
>uplay launcher miss me with that
2019-03-18 00:10
Denmark FJFM 
thats true
2019-03-19 10:30
2019-03-18 00:10
-no, it's bullshit -no, its not huge -in games with characters involved, they need to update a lot for the meta to change and not be stale, so that's nothing special -Not as big as other big esports Can we agree that R6 is just cs for low IQ people?
2019-03-18 00:11
no its for people with low IQ and no aim
2019-03-18 00:14
2019-03-18 00:25
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
2019-03-18 09:47
R6 is for high IQ people!
2019-03-18 09:30
maybe he ll win a major there ;)
2019-03-18 11:00
2019-03-18 10:48
2019-03-18 21:39
So? Nobody praises S1mple for his high IQ. Literally any analyst you ask will tell you not to play like S1mple, because his playstyle is dependent on his mechanical skill, which no one has. His decision making is mediocre at best.
2019-03-18 10:59
ask any analyst and show me his answer your words are just a puke
2019-03-18 11:02
Nah mate, I'm good.
2019-03-18 11:03
you shouldnt listen to fucking analysts so much. simples decision making is better than they think. he has different skill set so which decison works for him is different from which decision works for a different player. this btw is true for every player. no one plays exactly the same as someone else. these casters are just butthurt because they would get rekt if they made those decisions to go aggressive. that doesnt mean its not the right play to make. it just means they are different players, and for them its not the right play to make. if you can aim faster than opponents and click sooner then your decision making should be random and mediocre, thats how you get the most out of it, when no one knows what you will do and when you will peek.
2019-03-18 12:08
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
>not noob friendly, even worse then cs >ubishit pay2win, or grind 1000hr for operators or buy year pass each year for $50+ >maps too complicated and bad quality (tower for example) >too many different guns and attachments to customize >not easy to watch as esport
2019-03-18 00:12
Depends, it has certain training missions, a low level gamemode so new players play together instead of them getting destroyed by level 200+ players. Not pay2win at all, but i'd love to see you explain as to why you think that way about it. Maps too complicated? In what way? Layout? You can walk through it and/or learn the basics from t-hunt, casual or god forbid, the internet. There are some bad maps though, but every game has those (lets not talk about Canals, different versions of nuke etc.) Guns and customization? For most rifles, there are 3-4 scope options (three 1x sights and in some cases a 4x scope), two options regarding grips, 3-5 barrel options and a laser. How is that complicated? You get a description of what each attachment does and how it'll affect recoil, sound, or ads time. Haven't watched enough rainbow six esports to comment on the last bit.
2019-03-18 11:10
being able to exchange parts on guns to change timings and stats makes the game harder to balance. game also has like 50characters with different skills. just those unique skills and how strong they are means its impossible to balance this game for more than 1 map. like dota style games. but they have more maps. and they all suck.
2019-03-18 12:05
Just because it's harder does not mean that it's impossible to do so. There is currently only one operator with a "game breaking" skill, which has been quarantined from pro-league play and is currently being reworked, while having one (maybe two, if you count castle) operator that is basically useless and has no place in the game, but is also getting a rework, just like the broken op. Some operators work better on certain maps than others. Not every operator has to be viable for every map. With the three remaining seasons this year, they'll rework three different maps based on gameplay statistics and experience.
2019-03-18 12:13
its too complex. strategy games these days usually only have 3 races which are very different like starcraft or command and conquer. some have 4 like warcraft 3. thats kind of the limit. dota games have a lot of heroes but only 1 map and heroes have different combinations of kind of the same abilities. in fps games there are generally only 4 or fewer classes, the battlefield system of medic, rifle, sniper, engineer. games like cod have perks and killstreaks and that also isnt balanced this fps game has lots of maps and a lot of heroes and a lot of weapon customisation. i dont think ubisoft can do it.
2019-03-18 12:22
It's not an RTS game, MOBA or a typical, class based fps game, thus making it a flawed comparison. The closest comparison you could make would be overwatch. Both games have different heroes (or operators) with different abilities and weapons, allowing some heroes to work great together by eliminating weaknesses or taking advantage of each others specialties. Call of duty is notoriously bad when it comes to balancing guns. Just because you think Ubisoft can't do it, doesn't mean they are unable to.
2019-03-18 12:30
overwtch has way less heroes and that game is already imbalanced and cant be an esport because of that competitive games that are played professionally are always very minimalistic. cs, lol, starcraft. i think we can agree that games that are played professionally are better than casual games.
2019-03-19 10:31
Overwatch is imbalanced, yes, but to make an argument that it can't be an esport because of it is subjective, since it is an esport already. You try to use overwatch and its balancing as a reason to justify your views on siege, which is perfectly fine. However, they are both very different games, which only share the concept of team a (mix of characters with unique skills) must reach (objective/site/hostage/capture point) while team b (mix of characters with unique skills) defends it. Would you mind elaborating how League is minimalistic? Do you mean from the viewers pov, or from the players? We can't agree on that at all. Everyone enjoys different things when it comes to gaming. Just because a game has a competitive scene does not make it superior to other games by default.
2019-03-19 11:44
its an advantage. if a games not played a lot competitively theres probably a reason for that.
2019-03-20 00:04
Leaving reasons why a game isn't played as competitively aside, how is it an advantage exactly?
2019-03-20 08:40
A year pass is 30€*, you can easily afk with a macro and get renew and get all characters for free.
2019-03-19 10:40
kNgV- | 
Europe dumbkkk 
it's pretty good but it takes so long to learn the maps holy shit
2019-03-18 00:12
>Shit community >Stupid price >Pay money for operators or grind your life playing the game to unlock one of them per season. >Last update broke the game and now I can't play it anymore coz it crashes. >Shitty ranked system
2019-03-18 00:15
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
2019-03-18 00:16
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Dota2 was in beta for a few internationals in a row, yet better esport than csgo, what's your point?
2019-03-18 12:16
Finland Rullakko 
If you get 1 op per season mby u are the reason for that problem. Especially with the later ops being cheaper.
2019-03-18 08:18
Finland Rullakko 
Earlier ops*
2019-03-18 08:23
earlier ops are cheap as fuck, y1 are at %40, the rest are 25k. Once I unlock 2 there will be 2 new operators out already.
2019-03-18 16:13
Denmark Almoe 
>movement not a skill >extremely easy run and gun with every weapon >bad bait thread >game requires knowledge of the game not mechanical skill
2019-03-18 00:18
Boy I've played it for 100 hours and I was rekting everyone, easier than Call of Duty, at least in that game you can jump.
2019-03-18 00:22
To be fair if it did have free jumping it would be a shit fest of bugs and glitches more than it already is
2019-03-18 00:24
after playing team based games for a long time..i just prefer survival games or br games because i can solo them and not care for trolls,griefers and people bitching.
2019-03-18 00:27
Other notAbait 
+1. I still enjoy the individual mechanics on CSGO, so i still play DM... but everytime that i go to mm/faceit is pure cancer.
2019-03-18 11:03
Austria iVulkaN 
you misspelled CSGO
2019-03-18 00:29
France Uexo 
2019-03-18 00:33
bad game
2019-03-18 00:32
France Uexo 
2019-03-18 00:33
United States litdabber21 
+decent gun play +no jump -shit maps -pay to win -poor server, hitreg, etc -player base consist of 12 year old who scream big chungus into the microphone
2019-03-18 00:37
As R6S ex-pro player I can say - this game will die in next 2 years. Ubisoft pretends that they care only to milk more money. New maps are shit, new operators are unhealthy for the game. Ubi does not care about bugs and glitches that are in game since launch. Huge esport scene? Are you serious? On last dreamhack there were not enough teams to make 4x4 brackets so they gave 8 slots for "Bring your PC" teams from neighbourhood. High skill ceiling is bullshit, this game is hard to learn and easy to master, CSGO is oposite. "Constant updates" - 1 critical update per 3 months.
2019-03-18 00:43
Ok Shaiiko
2019-03-18 00:58
2019-03-18 01:00
If you don't know who he is I can't believe you were a pro
2019-03-18 01:01
he was dipshit what does it have in common with this topic
2019-03-18 01:02
So were you when you say you were a pro in Pro League/Challenger
2019-03-18 01:04
I said that? I was playing in 2 official tournaments and won national league, that's all
2019-03-18 01:35
I was just asking what you meant by "R6S ex-pro player"
2019-03-18 04:44
+1 totally agree
2019-03-18 09:31
North America Techno_Lover 
Too steep learning curve, tends to drive new players far away. Relaxed gameplay doesn't exist. Higher chance of people wanting to play something else. Grindy Bad servers, worst example of peeker's advantage I've ever seen. Don't bother trying to start now, if you wanted to play this you should've done so back in 2015/2016.
2019-03-18 00:43
ubi started to ruin the game lately with their "constant updates", not enjoyable anymore
2019-03-18 00:45
kennyS | 
United Kingdom Thijo 
“Huge esport scene” OMEGALUL
2019-03-18 00:47
kennyS | 
United Kingdom Thijo 
“Very high skill ceiling” Apart from the fact that you can literally have the worst aim ever and still be a great player.
2019-03-18 00:48
autimatic | 
United States nohj 
2019-03-18 00:59
First of all no. Second of all why the hell are you on these forms then?
2019-03-18 01:08
this game is so fucking boring i cant even describe it
2019-03-18 01:11
erm nop, not at all
2019-03-18 01:12
United States skroobdoober 
Played from beta to Y3S1 and it was a broken piece of shit, feel like playing every now and again and do to remind me it's a broken piece of shit
2019-03-18 01:13
United States Slyckz 
csgo is literally better in all of those categories except may be updates which have been getting better
2019-03-18 04:51
>Very high skill ceiling - No >Huge esport scene - LOL, ofc not >Constant updates - Maybe >Large playerbase - CS are much better. It's not even that dynamic as BF or CS. Just sitting at place, watching drones and wating for the opponents. There's absolutely no skill needed. Just and arcade shooter. It's pretty good game for playing with friends, but never try to compare it to the CS or other FPS, bcuz R6 have absolutely no chance against them.
2019-03-18 08:29
Other VladimirLucas 
R6 > CSGO last time i download it was 50 GB, csgo is only 7 GB
2019-03-18 08:24
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
READY OR NOT > R6siege
2019-03-18 09:39
2019-03-18 11:03
I see you are a man of a culture
2019-03-18 11:52
R6 is shit... Playing for two maps... 2x my teammate kill me. Uninstalled, refunded. R6 no more.
2019-03-18 09:55
Does it mean that the game is shit? You only got bad teammates? There is a new teamkilling system now aswell.
2019-03-19 10:46
He is actually saying that CS is better than R6
2019-03-18 11:07
Yes ???
2019-03-18 11:08
Turkey guduf 
Yeah a lot of updates but none of them fixes fucking obvious problems and bugs game has,not even proper servers. They have huge amount of players in Turkey but they dont even have a server close to us its just 80-90 ping against 10 ping
2019-03-18 10:59
United States pepehands420 
Game is just super boring to play and watch, not enough action. Too many stupid gadgets that don't make sense. Playerbase is 1/5th of CSGO. Just your basic ubisoft ripoff trash.
2019-03-18 11:02
Imagine posting something like this on a CS forum
2019-03-18 11:03
Just shows how much the game has a huge player base
2019-03-18 11:07
Turkey ravien9 
It is, really cool game.
2019-03-18 11:11
50 different heroes with OP call of duty abilities that let you see through smokes etc destructible maps impossible to balance made by ubisoft yeah no, its not the best fps ever. its one of the worst.
2019-03-18 11:56
Kyrgyzstan Peksi 
> OP abilities > Gameplay is too slow > Bugisoft > Too many maps to keep the game competitive Well made game, but will never be the best FPS game for esport
2019-03-19 10:32
Russia ZippSluvik 
It's fun to see how ppl who do not see beyond their nose, talking things about r6 that they know nothing about R6 is actially good fps, not sure if the best, but still much relevant nowadays
2019-03-19 10:40
Its a decent game, but it comes down to personal preference, i like csgo more than R6, in R6 you mainly gotta scope in for your shots to hit cause hipfire is a bit inaccurate, also for me its sometimes more difficult to see players than in csgo.
2019-03-19 10:41
rain | 
Norway Alexed 
More like holding angles and wallbanging: the game
2019-03-20 00:05
literally everything you need in the game is basic aim and perfect map knowledge
2019-03-20 00:31
i really like the game but community is toxic thrash waaay worse than in csgo and i wouldnt even talk about hitboxes XD
2019-03-20 00:28
No TF2 is the best and all the points you brought up CS:GO still beats it
2019-03-20 08:42
Luminous | 
Tunisia me_ 
played it for like 70 hours, definitely do not recommend if you don't have friends, the community is way worse than csgo.
2019-03-20 08:50
low skill and hitboxes are trash, aim doesn't matter
2019-03-20 08:53
Jonathan e. Hey pls take these cod kids
2019-03-20 09:01
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