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banning guns!
Italy PaoloDiCanio 
would give the government even more power of your ass. they know humans are about to revolt sooner or later thats why they try to ban guns, proof me wrong. every revolution so far was with weapons.
2019-03-18 13:33
yeah lets just use chopsticks instead of guns
2019-03-18 13:36
France 0racle 
>thinking you're gonna do anything with your gun if the government wants you dead or in prison >every revolution was with weapons
2019-03-18 13:37
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
I have better chances against tyranny with a gun than with a white flag, that's for sure.
2019-03-18 14:36
No, the reality is that you are much more probably going to die either by homicide or accident (if we leave out the easy suicides) A LONG ASS TIME before there is any kind of "uprising" against the "tyranny". Those are just your rambo fantasies and whatever you gun nuts can come up with to argue for guns. Reality doesnt matter to you.
2019-03-18 14:54
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Idc. People have the right to defend themselves. /close.
2019-03-18 15:09
that's not even the thread argument. in basically any country in europe you can buy guns if the government establishes that you're going to use for self defence, that imply not having crime records or mental disorder (which is one of the cause that bring to kill someone) or any other activities like hunt or shooting at the polygon. the thread is in a whole different topic.
2019-03-18 16:26
That is the most pathetic response I have ever read. You literally may as well have said: "I dont care, you are wrong and Im right." You are so fucking dense its unreal. In a real first world country this isnt even a debate because you dont NEED to defend yourself. If we have an attack with more than 3/4 people dead, its FRONTPAGE NEWS, not just "nother day, nother shootin" murican fucktardiness. You would get LAUGHED AT in any other actual first world country with your idiotic childish views and the best you have is "IDC /CLOSE"???? Stop drinking mountain dew you absolute child.
2019-03-18 20:50
thats one of the main reasons why i want the public in the united states to have rifles. How can we stop a tyrant government rule or an invasion if we only have pistols and shotguns?
2019-03-18 13:37
You can't stop the government if the public keeps killing each other
2019-03-18 13:40
usa has an average homicide rate?
2019-03-18 13:42
It could be below average with out the guns
2019-03-18 13:43
UK has a higher rate with rising knife crime. America's shockingly is below the global average. Check your facts.
2019-03-18 13:50
If the facts directly point on people owning guns results in lower homicide rate, my bad.
2019-03-18 15:25
>more homicide through knife crime >reeeeeee im right reeeeee Fuck off moron
2019-03-18 16:01
I think you misunderstood me
2019-03-18 16:44
Like Brasil??
2019-03-18 14:34
Katie | 
Germany kabu3000 
Sometimes I wonder what it would take for Americans to actually take up arms against their government.
2019-03-18 13:44
Well it’s happened before with slavery, it could have with other issues if the wrong president gets into office
2019-03-18 13:47
"wrong president" BWAHAHAHAHAA
2019-03-18 14:55
Katie | 
Germany kabu3000 
It's funny that the country with the most guns, the U.S., is the country where a violent revolution is almost guaranteed to fail due to the power of the army (assuming the army doesn't change sides).
2019-03-18 13:39
Exactly. Spend 600 BILLION dollars on the military but "muh gunz" are gonna stand up to that behemoth of an army? Just shows that these people have watched way too much Chuck Norris. Seriously. Thats what they imagine themselves to be like.
2019-03-18 14:57
public shouldd have right to bear tanks tbh
2019-03-18 16:49
The people who say that are usually the same who say they have their guns to defend themselves against a corrupt and evil government, meanwhile they're happy having a racist, sexist, incompetent Russian puppet traitor in the White House.
2019-03-18 17:12
Exactly, and they also didnt "stand up for the constitution" in 2000 and 2016 when the popular vote elected a DIFFERENT PERSON and yet the loser got into office (Bush and Trump). That would have been a prime example how much these people care about principles. They dont.
2019-03-18 20:45
The US has the worst possible voting system. Not only did it lead to a two-party system but the fact that you can win without the majority of voters voting for you is simply insane.
2019-03-18 21:11
Do you plan to revolt?
2019-03-18 13:41
the tension of earth is definitly building and heating up and i could for sure see a big revolution in the next 10 - 20 years.
2019-03-18 13:54
What are you basing that on?
2019-03-18 13:55
everything just look article 13 500 million voted against it and they still gonna push it through. ppl will realize they have no say in this game and will riot sooner or later also the climate thing will put humans closer together than ever before and big big things happen once we find our unity again.
2019-03-18 13:58
Where will they going to do this revolution and why? They will have tanks, airplanes and drones so does that mean all of us need those too? Guns aren't going to do shit to a tank
2019-03-18 15:50
United Kingdom Peath 
Of course, because allowing laymen to buy guns won't drastically increase gun violence. A world without guns is one where it's a hell of a lot harder to kill anyone. Also, nice job assuming that one guy with a firearm is going to do any damage when the military come knocking at their door.
2019-03-18 13:44
halo | 
United States QastLe 
No guns means harder to kill huh? How's that murder rate in London looking?
2019-03-18 14:41
The US would be better off if they became more strict on their gun laws. Almost all of the first world countries have better homicide rates than the US and since the US isnt fucking somalia, it has good chances of actually becoming a first world country if it were to do background checks, more paperwork, harder and longer registration process and so on as demonstrated here
2019-03-18 15:02
United Kingdom Peath 
Imagine how much higher the murder rate would be if we gave those murderers guns.
2019-03-18 15:26
You're actually right, he's painful and part of their problem
2019-03-18 15:56
Decent, 131 people in 2018 for London whilst New York saw 289. UK having guns would likely increase that not decrease it. 39,773 gun deaths in 2017 in the US. The US gun laws are a joke and the people there that can't see it are retarded - YOU DON'T NEED THEM and those that actually do should have much stricter licenses to obtain them..but w/e it's your own friends and family that die so glhf
2019-03-18 15:55
halo | 
United States QastLe 
I'm glad you know how many people die each year to firearms. I'm sure you are aware that 2/3 of that number is suicides, and you would have to be quite bold to assume that those individuals wouldn't have killed themselves if guns weren't available to them. Can you tell me how many lives are saved in the US each year by someone brandishing a firearm or is that not convenient for pushing the policies you believe in? According to a study that was initiated by the CDC anywhere from 500,000 to over 3 million lives are saved each year by someone wielding a firearm. So let's do an eye test using the most conservative estimate. Without suicides? That is 13,000 lives lost to 500,000 saved. Assuming 50% of those who committed suicide would not have by any other method? That is 26,000 lives lost to over 500,000 saved. Assuming 100% of those who committed suicide would not have by any other method? 39,000 to 500,000. How many lives have been saved in the UK by a good Samaritan with a knife? The problem isn't the weapon. It's the person holding the weapon and culture of the area that individual resides in. When someone is stabbed, beaten, suffocated, burned alive, or run over we say "what the duck is wrong with the perpetrator(s)?" We don't rush to take away sharp objects, force people to keep their hands in their pockets, burn all pillows, ban all lighter fluid, or return to horse and buggy. Yet when someone is killed or kills themselves with a firearm it's "Ban all the guns!" Because a bad guy definitely won't do bad things without a gun. I am for requiring a license to own a firearm. I am 100% against modifications to turn a semiautomatic weapon fully automatic. But bad people do bad things and will get guns regardless of whether or not it is illegal to own one. I'd be on an equal playing field than a clear disadvantage.
2019-03-18 17:09
Wonderful Your country is safer without guns, the end. To claim eradicating them is not possible would mean you're (willingly) part of the problem too. You don't need them for safety from your gov either, in the case you'd need them for that they have already won. Pistol vs tank ggnore The government that gives you the "you need these they're keeping you safe!" statistics is the same ones selling them to you, your pres drugs too The US population is a farm by design.
2019-03-18 17:16
halo | 
United States QastLe 
The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. Half a million lives to 3+ million lives saved by guns = less safe with guns? Interesting interpretation. "To claim eradicating them is not possible would mean you're (willingly) part of the problem too." Name a first world country where criminals don't have access to guns. "You don't need them for safety from your gov either, in the case you'd need them for that they have already won. Pistol vs tank ggnore" Never said they were needed for protection from government. Nice straw man. "The government that gives you the "you need these they're keeping you safe!" statistics is the same ones selling them to you, your pres drugs too" I didn't say you need guns to be safe. I said I'd rather be on an equal playing field with someone who intends to do me harm. Also that study was initiated by the CDC which has a slight left wing bias which why the passed the study off to two other agencies to conduct. They were more than likely hoping for a different outcome. Your willingness to disregard verifiable data when it doesn't fit your world view is astonishing. You wouldn't happen to believe the Earth is flat and that vaccines are a government plot to kill children would you? Regardless I've reach my reply limit for the day. Have a good one.
2019-03-18 17:45
cognitive dissonance doesn't prove anyone right or wrong it's a mere observation no guns is what you should be aiming for, people don't get shot with no guns. The closest you'd come would be heavy regulation as seen in other countries..where shocker people are very rarely shot (the first world places you're refing) "I didn't say you need guns to be safe. I said I'd rather be on an equal playing field with someone who intends to do me harm" Neither of you having them is equal. You will never need to protect yourself with a gun in your life I'd wager but will see constant news of others being harmed as a result of them, you conclude that means you need one...that's very short sighted They're a massive problem for your country, solving them by having them is a terrible solution and prolongs the problem - you're brainwashing yourself earth spherical, vaccines good, no guns = no person shot with gun edit: annnd you quit lul ultimately i dont care what happens to you or your country these are easy logical conclusions
2019-03-18 17:55
Russia NOD777 
2019-03-18 13:50
Croatia mds818 
Italy goverment pick 1
2019-03-18 13:52
bunga bunga
2019-03-18 13:55
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
2019-03-18 13:53
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Gun laws should be everywhere, guns only have one use in many cases - to harm people. Pointless and idiotic to even have them in the public.
2019-03-18 13:58
kinda agree but in the case robots take over better take ur glock and fuck the skynet.
2019-03-18 14:01
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Assuming the robots aren't bulletproof..
2019-03-18 14:02
first generation of nazi robots will not be bulletproof, can asure u.
2019-03-18 14:03
bad guys will have weapons whether they're banned or not, but what about regular citizens? how are they meant to defend themselves if bad guys will have guns and they won't?
2019-03-18 14:06
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Either fakeflagging or dumb, every criminal here doesn't have a gun do they? because gun laws reduce the amount of firearms circulating? ---> much less firearms able to end up in criminal hands. same for australia or any other country with gun laws. the reason we also have an increase in gun crime is because guns bought legally in other countries are smuggled in. if everywhere had gun laws, there would be much less of a gun problem.
2019-03-18 14:10
coz it's upto criminals if they wanna use guns or knives or whatever they want, not like they won't be able to get a gun if they want to in the uk Legalize guns so regular people can defend themselves, that's human's right.
2019-03-18 14:31
United Kingdom ez4swag 
damn, I wanna know where I can get a gun, do you know where I can get one smuggled in for me? You make it sound like I can ask the next person in the street and he'll give one to me in a heartbeat. Obviously it's not that easy, and it's meant to be that way. Defend ourselves from who? How is having a gun going to "defend" you from someone else, i.e. a criminal in your house who also has one and pointing it at your head before you can get it out? In what situation is having a gun going to help you when the other person already has a gun out at you? You're better off putting your hands up, jfc.
2019-03-18 14:54
haha u r so fkin dumb, imagine saying that having gun won't help you protect urself and your family haha 5 iq why criminals break into houses in the uk so much? coz they know people have no guns so they feel safe doing it, if they knew people had guns, would they still risk breaking into?
2019-03-18 15:02
United Kingdom ez4swag 
bruh if getting guns is that easy may as well ship in rpgs, how are you gonna protect you and your family if someone rpgs your house? nice gun lol idiot
2019-03-18 15:01
people are getting human's organs on black market and u think they can't get a gun?
2019-03-18 15:05
The vast majority of criminals will have fireguns regardless of their legality.
2019-03-18 15:04
United Kingdom ez4swag 
not here they don't
2019-03-18 15:05
Not that you know of.
2019-03-18 15:07
United Kingdom ez4swag 
if they did we'd have a lot more shootings, where's your logic?
2019-03-18 15:07
Wouldn't trust government stats , specially in this parcticular matter specially the UK Federal Governments... You should also take into account how much of the population is actually criminal.
2019-03-18 15:10
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Yeah no, it would be regurgitated constantly by our media which is also corrupt but pushes views like "WE DON'T HAVE POLICE". If as you say there were this many guns it would be blatantly obvious in the media and spread like wildfire. And that last sentence ??? Assuming you're saying that a very low portion of people are criminals (yes, you're right) then why are you scaremongering that we would be all defenceless and the majority of criminals have a gun (which they don't) bc there is such a tiny portion of them lol.
2019-03-18 15:15
"Assuming you're saying that a very low portion of people are criminals (yes, you're right) then why are you scaremongering that we would be all defenceless and the majority of criminals have a gun (which they don't) bc there is such a tiny portion of them lol." Just because a low portion of the population is criminal doesn't mean we should be defenceless , thats like saying "dude only like 1% of the population have car accidents , lets get high and drunk before driving" And besides my point aint just about defence against criminal , its mainly against all sorts of government tyrany , specially coup d 'etat or however you call it in Europe.
2019-03-18 15:18
United Kingdom ez4swag 
First off, the point you made about cars etc you just contradicted yourself (Said we should all have guns because there's 1%, then said "its like saying we can do it because just 1% of it happens") Secondly, if the government wanted to control us, they would with ease, guns or not. We'd need rpgs and bombs to fight back against bulletproof armor tanks etc. That argument would have worked in the 1800s, but not now.
2019-03-18 15:23
I dont think you read it properly. you : "only a tiny minority of the general populous is criminal , you dont need guns" me : "just because it's a minority don't mean the majority of good citizens shouldn't have the option to protect themselves against that minority" Also , if government wanted to all out dictatorship , would you have a better chance of resisting with or without guns??? take into account that we're talking about an all out authoritarian alt left state , like the soviets or the castros. If you think that the tanks and aircraft will do everything you're very wrong , government wouldn't do that since they would leave themselves open for external threats , on top of that when shit gets like that not all armed forces just go statist , in countries where there is a sense of morality is pretty 50-50.
2019-03-18 15:29
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Sorry but it just wouldn't happen, we elected all our MPs etc, they wouldn't go full hitler or stalin on us anyway especially with the media today which would leak to every other country. Guns are pointless, end of story. If we need weapons against govt, for example riot control police, molotov cocktails would work better than guns.
2019-03-18 15:33
first part i can accept "Guns are pointless, end of story. If we need weapons against govt, for example riot control police, molotov cocktails would work better than guns" This was just idiotic.
2019-03-18 16:09
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Okay, your opinion. We have had the London riots, it wouldnt have changed the outcome if we had guns. Ty
2019-03-18 16:10
It really worries me how most Brits have been forced to put up with fascism and smile , they took your guns , they took your free speech , and with this kind of mindset you're on the path of bananaland , heartbreaking. Just because you think an inherent right is stupid or pointless doesn't justify abolishing that right for everyone else.
2019-03-18 16:14
United Kingdom ez4swag 
We have the right for self defence, we don't need a right to own things that are only used to hurt other people.
2019-03-18 16:15
That didn't make much sense bud , you're getting kinda pathetic and since i actually like UK and british people , i'll leave it there , you can have the last word bud.
2019-03-18 16:19
United Kingdom ez4swag 
Man, you have fists you can defend yourself with, you have a brain, you can use anything around you for self defence like a pen against an aggravator. My nationality shouldn't play in this, I'm sorry you disagree with me. Have a nice day.
2019-03-18 16:43
anyone who brings up Australia when talking about gun reform is a fucking retard
2019-03-18 17:25
>everyone has a gun >police are scared shitless of any civilian who could just retaliate with a hidden carry sidearm >jittery shoot people instantly hmmmmmmmmmmm
2019-03-18 14:35
halo | 
United States QastLe 
Ever been to a gun range. Would highly recommend it. Everyone has a gun, no one escalates situations. Now I know correlation doesn't equal causation, but if I know the guy I'm talking to has just as good a chance of killing me as I do killing him I'm going to keep things verbal regardless of our disagreements.
2019-03-18 14:47
i mean, this is probably why civ casualties in shitty areas in the US (looking at the hood niggas) is so high. plus it doesn’t help that most of the problem people dont have any sort of manners
2019-03-18 14:54
Its a GUN RANGE... nuff said. Also, why do people die all the time because they have a phone in their hands? Because the police rather keep it verbal or because they have to assume that "HEGODDAGUN"? I could probably walk around with a realistic soft-air in my first world country and the maximum that would happen is that they pull their weapons on me but dont fire PRECISELY BECAUSE they know that its very unlikely that I have a real gun because its DIFFICULT to get one here. Especially if you are the typical school shooter mountain dew kiddo. These kids dont have social connections, they dont know any gangsters, they have to run the risk of doing it over the darknet and thats nowhere near as easy as just buying it at a gun show in murica.
2019-03-18 15:06
Canada has a really good gun law , Canadians, unlike Americans, have no constitutional right to bear arms. Sales and possession of firearms are permitted but tightly restricted. Buyers must undergo background checks, take safety courses and get a separate permit to transport firearms. Non-restricted guns include regular rifles and shotguns. Prohibited guns, which include automatic weapons as well as sawed-off shotguns and rifles under a certain length, handguns under a certain length and handguns that fire 25- or 32-calibre bullets, can be possessed by licensed owners who acquired them before current laws came into place. Those dates vary depending on the type of gun. There are some exceptions, however, such as guns made before 1946 and registered on Dec. 1, 1998. Restricted firearms include any non-prohibited handgun, any gun that can still be fired when folded or telescoped below a certain length, and any semi-automatic gun with a barrel shorter than 470 mm and the capability of shooting centrefire bullets -- a type of ammunition that is fired by striking a firing pin or hammer against a cap or primer at the centre of the bullet's base. You must have a licence to possess or acquire a restricted gun or its ammunition. You must also register your restricted gun and have it "verified" by RCMP-approved experts. basically you cant owe anything but a rifle for hunting gain. and no one hunts anymore lol so no one has weapons :)
2019-03-18 14:59
Its almost free on the streets.
2019-03-18 15:06
The Real estate?
2019-03-18 15:07
mimi | 
Denmark SortKatt 
Stopped reading at "prooF me wrong".
2019-03-18 15:19
bro with your opinion on banning guns youll trigger alot of americans
2019-03-18 15:26
2019-03-18 15:52
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz 
The Guy controlling the drone from 500 miles away will laugh his ass off when he zooms in on your clock.
2019-03-18 15:54
do u actually really believe they will use drone strikes when 100 million ppl are marching? no fkin way they would only fuck things up more and more and more ppl would join in on this revolution at one point they would have 0 power left.
2019-03-18 15:56
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz 
Honestly, do you expect any country will have a revolution with 100+ million people? Which one would that be?
2019-03-18 16:00
catalonia and barcelona had almost 1 million people walkin the streets peacefully and this was just a small case, so dont be surprised if one day whole europe is protesting against the corrupted people.
2019-03-18 16:02
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
Nor every revolution. Germany history proof you wrong
2019-03-18 15:59
Macedonia P3tru5 
go fuck yourself
2019-03-18 16:00
if 6 billion ppl protest world wide(never gonna happen) they will just be fucked in the ass and change the system within 2 weeks.
2019-03-18 16:27
Sweden newerth4nu 
Government is so scared of a bunch of untrained civilians with peashooters, revolt and see what happens when a modern military shows up
2019-03-18 16:30
people like you are the problem in this world
2019-03-18 17:12
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