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fnatic and mouz question
United States dracxz 
mouz is absolutely destroying fnatic and this is mouz first official game as a team.... do you guys think that fnatic is just this bad or do you guys think mouz actually has potential to be really good with this new roster?
2019-03-18 22:31
2019-03-18 22:32
United States dracxz 
That's kinda what im thinkin
2019-03-18 22:55
Italy Fil0Nerd 
2019-03-18 23:05
fnatic has no potential, brollan is getting washed up like jw and twist already are Xizt is just tra*h
2019-03-18 22:56
United States dracxz 
yea I thought Brollan would be an up-and-coming player for the Swedish scene but he has been disappointing.
2019-03-18 22:59
comparing all the up and coming talents like brollan frozen zywoo espiranto sergej - brollan is the worst one
2019-03-18 23:01
United States dracxz 
oh by far is he worst one
2019-03-18 23:01
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
i mean what did frozen and espiranto procced on t1 scene? brollan had only 1 bad event on fnatic
2019-03-18 23:04
Sweden Bakkmann 
Brollan hasnt been disappointing at all. Ive watched all their games and brollan seems to have so much impact. Twist has been disappointing recently but performed in the beginning
2019-03-18 23:03
United States dracxz 
Well mostly all of fnatic has been disappointing - I mean that Brollan has been disappointing compared to what I thought he would be - I thought he would be like a ropz or frozen or zywoo type player - but he hasnt been living up to that kind of up and coming player.
2019-03-18 23:04
LOL 16 years old washed up nice brain retard ffs
2019-03-18 23:20
2019-03-18 23:00
It's definitely fnatic being bad, they haven't looked like themselves in a long time. I think someone will get cut from the team any day now.
2019-03-18 23:05
Hmhmhmhm Xizt hmhmhmhmm And JW aswell, get pronax or someone like that to replace Xizt and i dont know who would replace JW.
2019-03-18 23:07
People really need to forget pronax, honestly. He was done as a player as soon as fnatic released him from the team. He hasn't had any succes whatsoever since his time in fnatic. I think that JW is just in the worst shape of his career right now and with some time/practice, he will find his way back to his old self or something close to it at least. I would probably also replace Xizt because he hasn't looked good in a long long time but I have no idea who could realistically replace him.
2019-03-18 23:18
But who else will be IGL, i mean if they tried Pronax whats the worst that could happen?????? They get a bit worse, in that case you drop him, his calling wont be worse than Xizt. They arent going to win anything in the next 6 months. Who will IGL???? Golden, they dropped him and i dont think hes that good. Lekr0, why would he leave a better team???? The way i see it is simple, you either try pronax or make an international lineup.
2019-03-18 23:23
Yea, I guess you are right but it just sound so shit to take pronax in because there is nobody else. But if they are/become desperate I guess it's worth a shot, it will be like when shox brought SmithZz and Ex6TenZ into his team which was also a gamble but they all wanted it to work and so they tried and unfortunately failed as we all know.
2019-03-18 23:28
It was almost worth ditching JW and Xizt and maybe Twist, getting Karrigan and trying to make an intenational lineup, i dont know what Krimz and Brollans English is like though, but IMO the only 2 worth keeping is Brollan since hes young and KRIMZ since hes their best player. But they went and gave them 3 year contracts, long contracts are always a bad idea, it leads to people being complacent.
2019-03-18 23:33
Since all swedish schools have a lot of english in their curriculum I think they would be perfectly fine on an international team (unless they have personal problems with other languages).
2019-03-18 23:33
Well then they should have jumped on Karrigan, imagine if Fnatic had Karrigan, Woxic and Frozen alongside Krimz and Brollan, that could be interesting at the least.
2019-03-18 23:35
Funny that you should say that because even before I had an hltv-account, fnatic had this line-up (you might remember it, I dont know) KARRIGAN SIGNS WITH FNATIC Nix0n 25/3/2012 - 18:09 Richard "Xizt" Landström Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl Andreas "MODDII" Fridh Michael "Friis" Jørgensen Finn "karrigan" Andersen
2019-03-18 23:37
Yeah they used to have 4 danish people aswell at one point.
2019-03-18 23:40
Crazy, I'm going through old new on hltv right now, looking at fnatics old teams. Of course they were so incredibly different but I stil can't help but feeling sooo surprised by the players that were around only a few years ago.
2019-03-18 23:42
Its sad to say i dont theres the available talent in Sweden to make a top team right now. And they missed and opportunity with Karrigan. Sweden are in similar place to Poland but only not as bad.
2019-03-18 23:48
I feel like Sweden right now have the same problem that the NA-scene used to have, that the good players and the young talents, are too spread out, in different teams. Right now, if you ask me, the only swedish player that seem to be in fairly good shape, is krimz but his team, as you and I have already stated, is struggling massively.
2019-03-18 23:51
Id put REZ, Lekr0 and f0rest in there aswell. F0rest has looked great recently.
2019-03-18 23:55
Yea, I guess that's fair. I completely forgot REZ actually^^
2019-03-18 23:56
Bit of both, Mouz have talented players and an IGL that has proven to be able to get teams moving really fast and take them too a high level even though hes always fallen short at majors, Fnatic are also a bit shit.
2019-03-18 23:06
Canada iluvpizza 
both but fnatic is the biggest shit in top 30
2019-03-18 23:08
In fairness, fnatic were in China like yesterday
2019-03-18 23:21
If you watched that match, you know mouz was one man army
2019-03-18 23:23
Yeah and Fnatic couldnt stop one man.
2019-03-18 23:35
fnatic is really bad in last time imo
2019-03-18 23:33
U can't read much in this match, fnatic travelling whole day and poor form already anyway, if mouz had lost I would have been worried honestly xd
2019-03-18 23:53
lsd | 
Uruguay SydBarrett 
They lost 16 - 0 to some Polish guys, what do you expect from them ?
2019-03-18 23:56
stavn | 
Denmark w3H4W7 
imo fnatic is in really bad form, but the mousesports lineup has also potential. So I would say both.
2019-03-19 00:05
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