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Need help with fantasy
United Kingdom liazzFan 
Hey guys, really liking the idea of the new fantasy feature but i just can't get it to work i set the draft for 10:30 EST, and we were all on time, and this happened Upon opening the draft, I get these "connection errors" and none of us can really do anything :/ Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys!
2019-03-19 03:47
wait you didnt open the draft? , you have 5 more league you can join so next time . click on open draft be there 5 mins before . connection erros was prob just a glitch
2019-03-19 03:55
wdym ? this shit just keeps confusing me ughhh sorry :(
2019-03-19 04:11
connection errors keep happening
2019-03-19 04:27
2019-03-19 04:18
still need help :(
2019-03-19 04:38
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