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zellsis, kio, and flusha
witmer | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
team up together under a different org (youporn preferred) with 2 bot players, get sticker money and then throw all the games losing 0-3. profit???
2019-03-19 04:42
2019-03-19 04:47
witmer | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
ideally they should pick up hippienigga and bardolph to increase the sticker sales.
2019-03-19 04:49
2019-03-19 05:19
Brazil MonkayBAN 
probably they'll join HR
2019-03-19 04:48
witmer | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
not sure if zellsis and flusha actually want to play in the next major. If kio joins in on not wanting to play then they could find hippienigga and DJ_Skullfuck to join them and get that sticker money.
2019-03-19 04:52
kio stock went way up imo
2019-03-19 04:49
-xyp9x +kio -gla1ve +flusha -dupreeh +zellsis honestly would be sick tbh
2019-03-19 04:51
United States AproximateCS 
Does zellsis still count for a majority? I thought golden got credit for it because he got the sticker and zellsis was coach.
2019-03-19 05:04
India dashingdasher 
Na, they are saying zellsis has the spot and golden doesnt.
2019-03-19 05:05
United States AproximateCS 
You sure? I remember once Zews subbed and I dont think he got credit
2019-03-19 05:09
2019-03-19 05:17
United States FlagMaster 
2 bot players? I know a couple Poles that check out
2019-03-19 05:06
witmer | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
2019-03-19 13:04
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
pretty sure kio would rather find a team for himself first though flusha and zellsis probably would want that though, especially zellsis
2019-03-19 05:30
sh1ro | 
China kazuk1 
zellsis flusha kioshima smooya scream 5S team
2019-03-19 05:33
Sounds good honestly they could go inactive and come back for the next major making more on that one event than they would wasting time competing when they are so bad at this game.
2019-03-19 05:40
REZ | 
Kazakhstan Justaguy 
2019-03-19 05:41
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