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Undefeated, never lost a single map, cry is free astralis
2019-03-19 06:14
United States JustBitsy 
God ropz
2019-03-19 06:14
2019-03-19 06:16
Ok eddy
2019-03-19 06:15
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Why did they get rid of suNny and oskar tho? Weren't they the two best players on the team?
2019-03-19 06:23
suNny I really wish he stayed :( but Oskar is getting close to retirement and he was showing it in game but he is still very good hands down
2019-03-19 06:24
Norway Skuolfi 
Internal issues apparently.
2019-03-19 06:24
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Yeah so Ive read, but I still cant understand why they didnt just get rid of chrisJ for karrigan. No 14 for 2018 ffs and now he is in shitty HR, such a shame
2019-03-19 06:32
Norway Skuolfi 
Personally I'm more excited than ever to watch mouz. Three youngsters working with karrigan and chrisJ. Will be fun as hell to see what they can do.
2019-03-19 06:35
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Yeah me too, but oskar>>chrisJ and suNny>> frozen
2019-03-19 06:38
With sunny no 2-0
2019-03-19 07:05
Belgium siger 
just a little honey moon period... karrigan's team are often good at the beginning before quickly falling in piece
2019-03-19 06:34
+1 -bottigan +sunny
2019-03-19 06:55
So mouz has potential on going to major final or winning it :)
2019-03-19 07:07
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