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LDLC changes
kennyS | 
Spain KennybadasS 
Ex6TenZ ScreaM bodyy to1nou devoduvek I know it's really difficult but i would like to see LDLC roster like devoduvek and to1nou with ex6tenz, scream and bodyy. Maybe scream is out of form but i hope he's not definetly washed up. If he gets some time and he focus on, i will love it. Maybe he won't get g2 version and he isn't the goat some people talks but he's not garbage like others say. For me, is the most difficult transfer to happen. Ex6tenz was playing pretty decent before g2 reshuffle (igl and fragging), in my opinion he needed more time. The team improved in a slow way but i don't think ex6tenz worked badly. I'm completely sure bodyy needs tons of confidence and feel comfortable in his team role. For me he looks like a nice mate and he can be very stable and safe and maybe back at his 2016 level. I know this team can provide us with memes for a long time but i would love to see together and i see a little chance to success. Tell me ur opinions! If any people read this thread and knows more about french scene please tell us about alternatives and also good young players that can appear.
2019-03-19 11:15
- toinou or devo + kioshima
2019-03-19 11:17
Don't know if kio is interested in leave international scene to join french but would be nice
2019-03-19 11:25
India Thepotat 
I belief
2019-03-19 11:25
India Thepotat 
But kio
2019-03-19 11:25
France FrighTyyy 
Would be nice
2019-03-19 11:29
kio ScreaM devoduvek Ex6 bodyy could be good
2019-03-19 11:30
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