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I will ..., when mouz wins ECS Season 7
Belgium martiethesmartie 
I will buy all of their goddamn jerseys #EZ4MOUZ
2019-03-19 11:20
Even the ones from 2005?
2019-03-19 11:21
Buy tickets to go see them in Cologne
2019-03-19 11:22
They arent invited lol
2019-03-19 11:24
Not yet invited to the Cathedral of Counter Strike
2019-03-19 11:27
I know, but if they win ECS season 7 no doubt they will be invited to cologne lol
2019-03-19 11:38
Ofc they will get bro. Mouz is German org and German fans will cheer for them with BIG basically ez invite
2019-03-19 11:41
Okay cool story bro
2019-03-19 11:23
How is Fnatic doing?
2019-03-19 11:25
Not good but we will make fnatic great again
2019-03-19 11:31
How u gonna do that
2019-03-19 11:34
-xist +AnyoneButXist
2019-03-19 11:37
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