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Is university/college useless?
breakfast | 
Myanmar PenisEnlargementSurgery 
Personally I dont think so. There are still many countries where you wont even get invited to job interviews even if you self teach yourself programming or financial knowledge. For professions like doctor, lawyer, pharmacist or consultant it is still almost necessary. The main problem is nowadays there are too many students and the job market (except engineering or computer science) is looking worse every year
2019-03-19 17:20
yes..or enjoy 9-5.
2019-03-19 17:25
Latvia BionicRick 
You still work 9-5 if you have a degree.
2019-03-19 17:40
College and school in general prepares you to work a 9-5 job.
2019-03-19 20:31
Poland get_simple 
What is 9-5? 6 hours per day or what?
2019-03-19 20:48
The average job in the USA. Working from 9:00 to 17:00, 5-6 days per week
2019-03-19 20:49
Poland get_simple 
ohh thank you,
2019-03-19 21:08
2019-03-19 20:59
Poland get_simple 
fuck didnt read fully XD
2019-03-19 21:07
It depends on the field. In some, a bachelor's is useless, and you need a master to get anywhere good.
2019-03-19 17:25
You mean natural sciences right?
2019-03-19 17:27
#4 explained it better. You can get a job with only a Bachelor's degree, but only for something like 50k a year.
2019-03-19 17:29
50k is only bad for america. In europe (even developed countries like france and germany) 50k is middle class
2019-03-19 17:30
It's not that bad in America, but people often expect more for a college degree.
2019-03-19 17:31
In germany people are in university for 10 years and finish one of the hardest degrees (chemistry) with a PHD. Some dont find a job at all after graduating and are unemployed for like 2 years. Others are lucky and find a job instantly (often around 45k and have to move through the whole country for it) Of course people are frustrated when a mechanical engineer with shitty bachelor grades makes the same and finds a job near his home town
2019-03-19 17:36
broky | 
Latvia tragttutS 
Depends on the degree. Social sciences/languages/design/marketing degrees are useless. Biology and Chemistry are really demanding and almost require a PhD and have unemployment rates of 30% and 50% work in shitty jobs with low payment. Engineering, economics, computer science, maths and medicine do
2019-03-19 17:26
hmm your name seems familiar😎😎
2019-03-19 17:28
It's actually pretty well disguised
2019-03-19 17:29
i mean yeah, but u cant make germany flag upside down thats a shame((😎
2019-03-19 17:29
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
Atleast he tried
2019-03-19 17:30
I have no clue what you mean? I just created my first account like a week ago
2019-03-19 17:38
ok sorry friend, i must have mistaken you for another user😎
2019-03-19 17:39
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
nt fakeflagger tragttutS = Stuttgart
2019-03-19 17:40
Yeah that is true, I am studying chemistry right now, if you have that bachlor in chemistry, it is insane how much you get when you start in new company
2019-03-19 17:41
Yea it depends quite a lot. For example in astrophysics employment rate is about 100%, of course its quite hard program to finish, and you have a lot of useful skills that can be applied to many different jobs in private sector. Of course research jobs might be limited and quite low paid jobs, and in some fields the supply and demand doesnt really meet. Never heard that chemistry or any other natural science would be on the low end of that though. At least here in Finland that is usually the case with fields like literature and arts, where jobs are just so limited. But if you can manage a phd in chemistry, you can probably extend your degree with studies from economics, computer science etc to make you a very interesting candidate for a lot of companies.
2019-03-19 18:00
In germany chemistry has a job market of like 60 adequate jobs for graduates (50 of these require a PhD) but our universities produce like 1100 chemistry graduates (600 with a PHD) so you can imagine how the job market looks like. Most try to apply for engineering jobs but these jobs are mainly given to chemical engineering graduates. Here literature,social sciences,art and natural sciences except physics are known as the most problematic degrees to find employment.
2019-03-19 18:09
Thats tough. You have such a big industries that I would have assumed there is a lot more chemistry jobs. Sucks. Then it is more than necessary to have "sub-degrees" or bachelor degrees beside the phd with some other field to make you more attractive to the job market :/
2019-03-19 18:14
We have BAYER, DOW and BASF (3 of the top 10 chemical companies worldwide). The industry isnt the problem. The demand of highly educated (=expensive) workers is really low. You need like 5 chemistry PHDs for your entire company. Compare them to accounting degrees. Every company has a controlling so the demand is really high
2019-03-19 20:27
Yeah, it really depends on what career or field you are trying to pursue. With the professions you mentioned, it is definitely required to go to college, as it takes time trying to learn and understand most to all the ideas and teachings required. I'd still go to college or a uni even if I'm pursuing a profession that doesn't seem like its worth going to college for because it looks good on resumes for interviews and because you could be open to many fields of interest
2019-03-19 17:34
Finland User344 
the degrees are usually useless because majority of people who finish their 4 year don’t even go into a job that their major is. but you’ll still get paid more than someone with no college education
2019-03-19 17:39
If I work at a construction side with a PhD in astrophysics I will get same wage as polish dude working there I am pretty sure
2019-03-19 17:40
In Belgium, where is live, you have to pay your employees accordingly to there school degree
2019-03-19 17:42
I don't know about britain thought
2019-03-19 17:42
So if I have a law degree and work at a supermarket I make same money as attorneys and lawyers?
2019-03-19 17:43
Not really, but the supermarket will have to pay you way more than the normal supermarket employee, the problem is for those people with such a degree if the don't get a job in that degree, that a supermarket won't even pick them up because they are more expensive than a someone that never went to college
2019-03-19 17:46
Finland User344 
why are you working at a construction site with a PhD
2019-03-19 17:42
Yes, but if there is no construction work you can then always fall back on the astrophysics thing. Education equals options and just haven gotten an education means you're learned a lot of general methods that will benefit you. Now there is of course exceptions to every rule, but in general education is better than no education.
2019-03-19 17:59
At least in Finland employment rate with astrophysics degree is around 100% :)
2019-03-19 18:03
Turkey tastemycobra 
It depends... i met a lot of successful people without university degree. School of life can be better sometimes.
2019-03-19 17:41
depends on what your really doing tbh and what you want, i think they are useful if you have no previous experience job wise in the field
2019-03-19 17:46
Twistzz | 
Korea Jew2K 
Never get baited by those who say you don't need a degree to be successful. Sure it happens, but those sort of people would have been successful regardless of whether they went to college and got a degree or not. Better to have one as a type of 'foundation' rather than being jebaited and rejected by an occupation/internship or any opportunity that requires you to have one
2019-03-19 17:47
Too many students. What country are you stating that about? I think the situation differs from country to country, it is supply and demand of course only perspective also matters. Like I should employers would prefer an oversupply of graduates, so they can pick and choose, where as the nation would like just the right amount so all gets jobs and no one education resources go to waste and the graduates most likely want there to me more jobs than graduates (so they can pick and choose and wages are higher). I'm pretty sure that here in Denmark we want more students as the job market is so that we import engineers, doctors and others with high education (and we also import craftsmen), so the government is using carrots and sticks firstly by making education free for the students and given them money to live on while they study and secondly by no longer having no limits on how many years people can study or how many educations they'll get paid money to live on while studying. Regardless of country I do however thing that there is no such thing as too many students. A well educated work force is good for a nation and even those that might end up working with something they did not study, they will in the long run be better for having a good education. Remember knowledge is power, ergo more knowledge equals...
2019-03-19 17:54
Austria iVulkaN 
if you aim for high degree it is not, but if you aim for mediocre one yes, it is better to work for 3 years and grind up then study 3years for a mediocre job
2019-03-19 18:02
2019-03-19 18:03
STEM + Business degrees are most usefull, otherwise it's pretty useless. Might as well throw your money down the drain.
2019-03-19 18:12
a degree is nice and good but try to find a job without help of family/friends. you want a job? need work experience you want work experience? apply for internship want internship ? need work experience.
2019-03-19 20:27
If your family has shitty networks you should go for an apprenticeship tbh. I only study because my family has good enough connections in the construction industry and I got a werkstudentemjob and some internships at these companies
2019-03-19 20:28
if you arent fakeflagging i got this nice key word "vitamin b" yes, indeed without connections its 10x harder to find a job. but as i wrote in #41, you even need work experience for an internship.
2019-03-19 20:31
Most of my friends were 'werkstudenten' or did their internships at their parents company and plan on applying there as soon as finished. If you arent top 10% of your class than it is hard to make career with poor connections or networks
2019-03-19 20:35
2019-03-19 20:42
study for the right reasons and its not worthless. but if u just study some shit cuz ur parents forced u, or society claim this can make u alot of money in the future, i personally dont think so. the problem is the company i work for takes a bachelor degree as serious as a normal highschool degree ( abitur)
2019-03-19 20:28
Is it a DAX concern? The degree only is good for the step in. If you are good enough you can still make career even with mittlere reife. My father is a construction manager (for one of the biggest construction companies in southern germany) and his colleague started as a construction worker from romania but was smart and ambitous and the company even paid for his college education. Now he makes almost the same as my father. I know it doesnt always work like that (especially in DAX concerns or finance/law firms)
2019-03-19 20:32
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
nowadays u need papers for everything, these times are retarded
2019-03-19 20:32
the reason ppl study 10% cuz they actually know what the wanna become 10% cuz they believe its their dream job 40% to make parents proud 40% society demands it
2019-03-19 20:33
All school in more or less useless. Schools prepare you to work for other people. If you want to work 9-5 for a rude boss, school is perfect for you. I am a "perfect" student, yet I understand that school is useless in most aspects. My education right now is studying real estate, not my 12th grade BS classes.
2019-03-19 20:33
like my granpda said find 1-3 things in life that make u happy and keep on them and make them ur profession.
2019-03-19 20:39
If I would have done that I would earn 2500 brutto as a physiotherapist right now. Would probably be way happier but if I ever want a family it wouldnt work out
2019-03-19 20:42
the requirements to join the company i internshipped for last summer requires u to have at least 5 years working experience a master degree and to be under 28 years. its all becoming a joke payment is a joke , hours are a joke. just dont work enjoy life and die steal money and go ham.
2019-03-19 20:36
i have a bachelor of arts in finance but yet i work as barkeeper cuz its way more fun than a shitty finance job. but at least my dad was proud when i had this degree.
2019-03-19 20:38
damn a barkeeper with a bachelor in finance you dont see that every day.
2019-03-19 20:47
remind me of cocktail movie with tom cruise haha
2019-03-19 20:51
Croatia mds818 
1) NO 2) Every, but every single time I talked with some girl first question she asked was which collage/uni you're attending?
2019-03-19 20:39
bruh my brother is 40 never went to college, left school to join the military accademy now plays only video games and smokes weed and it kinda saddens me how ppl talk about him even tho he served 25 years in the army and also in yugoslavia war :(
2019-03-19 20:42
Germany zeolikk 
yes I 100% agree with you
2019-03-19 21:33
as we do on 90% of topics here :D
2019-03-19 21:37
Germany zeolikk 
unlucky man only 2 smart Germans here
2019-03-19 21:37
2019-03-19 21:38
Germany zeolikk 
yes that's why I said 2, didn't include myself
2019-03-19 21:38
New Zealand onelover11 
It’s good to have goals but don’t have expectations because you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Thinking that a degree is a ticket to well paying job is kinda naive. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. Every decision is a gamble. It’s also not entirely about working hard, you have to work smart Always have a plan b and plan c for everything
2019-03-19 21:56
qikert sprays was actually enough frames to determine whether it was a good spray, yours was 5 seconds 5 frames?
2019-03-19 22:33
lol. don't learn how to be good worker, learn how to be good boss.
2019-03-19 22:38
learn 2 be good drug dealer become next escobar get paid by cia to ship drugs to your country, gg wp
2019-03-19 22:39
Depends on what you do and what you want out of life! Dont go to uni because people say you "have to", whem you have other aspirations Dont go to uni to study some useless homo interior designs degree LOTS of opportunity in trades today with so many kids going to get entry level degrees
2019-03-19 22:41
brah, i wanna be car mechanic, i will study for mechanical engineering
2019-03-19 22:43
If there is work out thrre then go for it
2019-03-21 05:20
so narrow thinking by hltv users i expected some people have some oli in brain here.
2019-03-19 22:44
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