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Is NIP a tier 1 team?
Algeria SpaceFockuZ 
First excuse me if I make mistakes. So I want to know if you guys think nip is a t1 team or not,(especially after the major) and why!? Being a big fan of nip I don't think I can have a 100% objectif opinion (because like every nip fan I think that nip is by far top 1 world).
2019-03-19 20:35
Poland boltzzon 
only Astralis is tier1 team
2019-03-19 20:36
depends on your view point i think astralis are above all teams, but we couldn't consider teams like liquid, na'vi, mibr, faze t2 teams. they're t1 teams (worse than astralis)
2019-03-19 20:42
Poland boltzzon 
they are tier1.5 we can say
2019-03-19 20:43
if we consider it doesn't exist, they're tier 1 and nip, ence, renegades, and some others t2
2019-03-19 20:45
bahahhahhah mibr tier 1 and faze tier 1 and liquid tier 1 but ence tier 2 XDDDDDDDDDDDD
2019-03-20 15:14
device | 
Sweden sxr2k7 
ence is shit they just had life luck dream run on major this wont happen again dw about it
2019-03-20 16:13
flag and flair checks out
2019-03-20 18:07
they had an immortals/gambit run they wont be in any t1 tournament finals
2019-03-20 20:14
Just one good Major doesn't make them tier 1
2019-03-20 18:42
stopped reading at "just one good"
2019-03-20 18:44
well ence did only one major. i don't see what's the problem with the comment
2019-03-20 19:25
and very good performance before that, during minors and major quals =)
2019-03-20 19:27
which is basically the same tournament. i'm sorry still tier 2. need time
2019-03-20 19:27
yeah i mean if ence is tier 2, so is navi and liquid and mibr =)
2019-03-20 19:28
Brazil Tkkchrist 
For real, ENCE deserve to be considered a tier 2 at this moment, they need to be consistent for months. You need to be reasonable, ENCE had a good season in 2018, won SSi Season 6 (with a lot of tier 2/3/4 teams), but besides this and the second place in the major they did nothing to be in this stand.
2019-03-20 20:10
If Ence is tier 1, Cloud9 is tier 1 lul
2019-03-21 17:28
no. tier 2 atm
2019-03-21 22:00
If Ence is tier 1, Cloud9 is tier 1
2019-03-21 23:47
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Khronov 
2019-03-21 23:38
shox | 
Poland MatiKK_ 
so how mibr and faze can be tier1 if they suck a dick for few months xD
2019-03-20 18:46
2019-03-20 18:54
Consistently sucking dick?
2019-03-21 16:23
2019-03-21 20:34
bro, ence is a meme team they will not achieve anything else than this 2nd place at the major this year you could print this if u want
2019-03-20 20:46
check ranking :-)
2019-03-20 15:14
Netherlands poeya 
ence better change team name to fluke men :))
2019-03-20 15:18
nt try no scene
2019-03-20 15:18
United States hEgReNaDe 
nt try no scene
2019-03-20 15:25
Norway DaddyJensen 
nt try no scene
2019-03-20 16:16
Twistzz | 
Italy yugeyy 
nt try no scene
2019-03-20 16:18
Turkey midgetim 
nt try no scene
2019-03-21 22:02
umm is that an united states flag?
2019-03-20 18:06
United States hEgReNaDe 
yes my friend, i am burgerman 😎 burger grease = better aim and gamesense
2019-03-20 19:44
Greenland iamsofancy 
mibr t1 team? n1 joke
2019-03-20 14:17
Twistzz | 
Italy yugeyy 
2019-03-20 16:18
2019-03-20 16:24
no, they are all tier 2 teams except Astralis until they prove to be tier 1
2019-03-20 15:13
Sweden swediztann3 
Lol liquid navi and faze are shit. Top2-30 t2/3
2019-03-20 16:20
Nice logic m8 liquid navi faze t2/3 fnatic tier ?
2019-03-20 16:29
Sweden swediztann3 
Logic? there is only shit teams in the scene right now except one team. if you had been around before you would notice that. navi is a fkn 1 man army and they are top 3 or something like that stronk scene
2019-03-20 17:05
Fnatic fan lol u mad ur team is shit ?
2019-03-20 20:20
faze is on the edge to become a tier 2 team
2019-03-20 19:26
Brazil SUVACO 
+1 astralis the only t1, since no1 can beat them all rest is fighting for top2... so they are tier 2
2019-03-20 14:20
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
so there are no tier 1 tournaments by your logic
2019-03-21 23:36
Brazil SUVACO 
Tier 1 tournaments only when astralis is playing the tournament
2019-03-22 01:51
true. if you call them tier 1 you can't call others tier 1 aswell.
2019-03-20 18:50
Pakistan XtraticX 
Haha funny
2019-03-20 18:58
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
tier 2 at best
2019-03-19 20:36
India S2H 
Yes I do think so but still they need to beat Astra in 2k19
2019-03-19 20:37
2019-03-19 20:38
2019-03-19 20:38
LEo | 
Denmark FELIXXD 
Is tier 1 a NIP team?
2019-03-19 20:39
is tier nip one team?
2019-03-20 18:31
In theory, all the top10 teams are tier 1.
2019-03-19 20:39
just no...
2019-03-19 20:41
Why not men?
2019-03-20 16:11
First of all it's stupid to call one tournament wonders t1 teams Secondly there is no official ranking so based on which ranking? Hltv? Gosugsmers? Esl? Mine? Yours?
2019-03-20 17:19
HLTV is the "official" rank, the most trustable we actually have
2019-03-20 18:57
According to who...? No it isn't
2019-03-20 19:08
I guess if you are here, it's because you believe in hltv. But if you don't, you should find a better forum and stop waste your precious time.
2019-03-21 16:13
It's not about in what do I believe but about what is official and hltv ranking isn't official ranking...
2019-03-21 16:39
No, unlike ENCE
2019-03-19 20:40
Tunisia darkoplax 
yes, T1 right now is Astralis/Liquid/Na'vi/mibr/FaZe/NiP
2019-03-19 20:40
Really faze? Sadly they are tier 2 atm because of their inconsistency. They are playing like dogshit tbh, niko as igl is retarded idea and they need to bring another igl instead of Adren. And before you say something check my name.
2019-03-19 20:45
Tunisia darkoplax 
Online games. They still made it to top 8 of a major , unless i see something that change my mind in the next Sao Paulo event , they are still a strong team and T1 team
2019-03-19 22:17
I am not talking about online games. Their performace at major was not worth top 8, edging teams like complexity isn't convicing way to make playoffs. And their game vs navi in quaters was really pathetic, throwing 10:3 lead and getting out 0:2. This team won't work because niko isn't proper IGL, this shit could work in 2015 when everyone was playing loose not now. Faze's goal is to take down Astralis and Niko will never outplay gla1ve&zonic in terms of strategy. They need change for sure.
2019-03-20 13:58
I agree. -olofmeister +flusha could turn FaZe to a tier 1 team again.
2019-03-20 15:17
Twistzz | 
Italy yugeyy 
2019-03-20 16:19
Nt autistberg. Flusha can go and eat more burgers so he can finally look like you.
2019-03-20 19:43
He can do both, He can actually buy much more burgers when he wins tournaments in FaZe.
2019-03-20 20:08
Sweden swediztann3 
They made top 8 so what the scene only has one good team so its not impressive
2019-03-20 16:21
i would probably leave out faZe and NiP but they are probably the t2 teams and then teams like renegades, ENCE, NRG and vitality are t3
2019-03-20 14:01
ence tier 3 but they were a major finalist and hltv rankings 4th?
2019-03-20 15:19
bro they will shoot up the rankings if they show consistently and i think they will be at least a t2 team by the end of the year but 1 tournament doesnt make you better than teams that have been performing well at t1 longer than this ence lineup has been around
2019-03-20 16:28
>being in top 4 hltv >not being tier 1 team pick one
2019-03-20 18:05
>Accurate rankings >HLTV rankings pick one
2019-03-20 21:49
>uk >cs pick one
2019-03-21 11:31
if they win blast pro. then ill admit they're a t1 team. if they go 0-5 dont go crying to me. remember all of blast pro is a bo1 and ence seem to be shit at those
2019-03-21 12:16
dont go crying to me 😎😎
2019-03-21 17:31
dont go crying to me 😎😎
2019-03-21 22:01
i will if they win blast
2019-03-21 23:31
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
why was tier 3 scene before like below the top 20 and tier 1 like the 5-8 teams making it consistently to playoffs competing there and between that tier 2 wtf how can there be like 3 teams in every fkin tier by the time you get to top 20 you are at tier 9 like wtf
2019-03-21 23:39
first of all. maths. and im being picky you could and creating more tiers to give a more accurate list. if you want you can group the t2 and some of the t3 teams together. also those arent all the t3 teams. below the the t1 and t2 team ( ill put ENCE, renegades, MIBR and maybe g2) its sort of cesspool of teams around 20-25 teams that can beat each other.
2019-03-21 23:59
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
yeah they all can beat each other so maybe consider someone like Vitality lower t2 or 2-3 and teams that are not that good to be tier 1 so maybe like 1-2 but there are guys that are like tier 1 - Astralis tier 2 - Navi liquid tier 3 - Faze Nip mibr tier 4 - another 3 teams and that is just retarded if you have tier 2 tournament there are teams like North ENCE Renegades maybe Nip Vitality and others so having like 5 tiers and you are not even done with top 15 kinda pisses me off how stupid these people are
2019-03-22 00:07
ence won liquid, navi, why do you consider faze being better than ence?
2019-03-20 15:20
BeCauSE oF NiKo DeAGle cliP hiGhligHtS OmfG
2019-03-20 15:27
Vietnam ponmemes 
because ence was a fluke and is more inconsistent than faze. eunited beat navi and nrg beat liquid and look at them now.
2019-03-20 15:31
kennyS | 
United States @rex 
Want a fluke. They had to comeback against both Navi and liquid
2019-03-20 16:21
nip can have a close match against liquid and navi and can beat any team below them (except mibr for some reason) but they're not completely tier 1 as they struggle to get to double digits against astralis sadly, so no. they're one of the better tier 2 teams though
2019-03-19 20:44
but NiP already beat astralis
2019-03-20 18:56
flusha | 
Germany J0hnnyB 
close but not yet. If they adjust the roster a bit they would become T1. For example -dennis permanent and +nawwk/drakeN. Also I would -Get Right and +flusha I think this could be the moves to have a really good NiP again.
2019-03-19 20:44
In terms of firepower no. But indeed t1 overall.
2019-03-19 20:46
In theory, top 10 Teams are T1. Practically only Astralis is a T1 Team. Under them, we have T2 Teams. You Guys can add whatever Team You want. Na'Vi, Liquid, MiBR, ENCE, Renegades, NRG, NiP, FaZe? Take in consideration that for ex: ENCE playing in Katowice major final, doesn't really consider them as 100% T2 Team. What can You say about MIBR last results? Would You consider them as a T1 or T2 Team? Because of their inconsistency, especially at WESG... FaZe with no results? Come'on, Na'Vi with S1mple and Electronic pulling results? Liquid? One win over Astralis this Year, but no result in Katowice.... If You can check NiP matches this Year, they lost all matches against top 5 Teams (Astralis, Na'Vi' MiBR, FaZe, Liquid) except FaZe. So no, i would consider them a T3 Team, even if i am a big fan of Forest for over 15 years. That is my opinion. I would put them with Vitality, Renegades, ENCE and so on. Cheers
2019-03-19 21:19
India Noobdian1 
2019-03-20 14:14
If astralis is the only t1 Team, otherwise NiP t2 in his opinion
2019-03-20 14:19
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
well i would say Astralis top tier and other teams tier 1 by that logic we dont have any tier 1 tournaments cuz we have 1 tier 1 team and bunch of tier2-3 teams
2019-03-21 23:41
nip are tier5 bots 😎
2019-03-19 22:20
Ez4ence ropz top1 😎
2019-03-20 14:19
+1 😎
2019-03-20 14:25
Poland friendlySeb 
T2 imo. But close to T1.
2019-03-19 22:20
India Noobdian1 
Tier 1.5
2019-03-20 14:13
Poland friendlySeb 
Something like this.
2019-03-20 18:23
India Noobdian1 
2019-03-21 04:35
NiP fan but they are T2. Don't have the consistency for T1 and need to beat T1 teams more often.
2019-03-20 14:04
Russia parovozik 
no men)))
2019-03-20 14:08
Astralis, Liquid, navi tier 1, then there's like 10 tier 2 teams
2019-03-20 14:11
India Noobdian1 
1.5 team
2019-03-20 14:13
2019-03-20 14:15
Following their 2-1 win against Faze I would say yes (if you consider Faze a t1 Team) But astralis is so far ahead, they are an own tier, like Tier 0.5 or so.
2019-03-20 14:17
It depends on your definition of Tiers. It's a very flawed topic that varies from user to user. Myself? I consider Tiers in higher and lower forms, with a high Tier 1 being the tip top of the crop with teams like Astralis, Liquid, Na'Vi, etc. I'm an NiP fan so I am biased but I rank them at this level, around the 6th place mark in the current. I consider Tier 1 to span down to teams that play the best quality of Counter-Strike as well. You'd probably get as low as #13 before I start backing up towards higher Tier 2. High Tier 2 is what teams like G2 or Windigo are playing, games that can be top in the future, but that need refinement or time. Generally this is still a very entertaining level and you can expect this level of team to be able to upset even into Tier 1 teams. I don't think I need to paint a larger picture you likely get the point already. The idea of 'tier' differs from person to person, I know some who consider Astralis to be the only Tier 1 team because they're on a different level a lot of the time, I know users who stretch their Tier 1 teams into the first 20 teams (I used to do something like that before refining a bit), and hell I even know users who base their tiers off of if a team can counter the best team and entirely around that idea (I mean it puzzles me because this is CS, not SSB, but you get the point, a lot of variety). If you're asking whether NiP are a good team, one of the better in the world, as a fan I'll say yes. They're a skilled lineup with REZ, f0rest, Lekr0, and now draken, with decent supportive elements from GeT_RiGhT alone. They lack a truly proper style similar to Na'Vi yet have the reputation for being able to (normally) grind out at least a single map of the best kind of Counter-Strike in a BO3 like MIBR is infamous for, I think NiP are almost like a gateway into the top of Tier 1. While I think they could be greater and win events, I think currently they oddly resemble the role used to take in the scene.
2019-03-20 14:20
Sweden slyde123 
Great read and I would Absolutely agree with your last two points. Keep up the good posts man ^>^
2019-03-20 15:26
Thank you, HLTV really does need more quality content so I try my best. I've been thinking that thought a lot lately, it fits surprisingly well. The oddly uniqueness to the strategies, that aspect of always being able to provide a really exciting match in a series if they're performing at all well, etc.
2019-03-20 15:37
Sweden slyde123 
I agree I would love NIP to win another major but that seems unlikely. But I mostly wanna see GTR make a resurgence. But that seems very unlikely at this point.
2019-03-22 13:33
Same here, I'd love to see GeT_RiGhT make another push in and be great. Though that just isn't the style he's been playing. Perhaps the one they pointed out about a lurk entry hybrid could push him farther, I certainly hope so.
2019-03-22 22:33
Algeria SpaceFockuZ 
The best post I read so far. And after I red all the post it's like the same. People are putting nip on that weird 1.5 tier spot like they have the power to be tier 1 but they didn't 100% prove they are one yet.
2019-03-21 09:46
I think astralis, navi, liquid, faze and mibr are tier 1 Ence, nip, vitality, c9, nrg, fnatic, avangar, big etc. are tier 2
2019-03-20 14:27
How is Faze t1 when NiP isn't
2019-03-20 15:07
mibr and faze tier 1 xD
2019-03-20 15:27
Not a fucking chance
2019-03-20 15:09
not even close axaxaxaxa
2019-03-20 15:10
mibr are not a tier1 team too btw
2019-03-20 15:26
I know men but Im fakeflagging))
2019-03-20 15:29
they are on the verge of tier 1. Maybe in the next tournaments if they step up, we could classify them as tier 1.
2019-03-20 15:12
tier 1 in Sweden
2019-03-20 15:18
Denmark pistolen 
Yes they are. The scene would not be the same without them. They might not be the flashiest team everytime but they play their hearts out and pull some great matches out of their sleeve.
2019-03-20 15:20
Yeah i agree with NiP being T1.5, they are not quite yet a T1 team, but i would not consider them T2 Still, Tiers are really subjective
2019-03-20 15:20
not even close
2019-03-20 15:20
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
Only S1mple is a tier 1 team
2019-03-20 15:21
tier 7
2019-03-20 15:24
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Yes. They take part in tier1 competitions.
2019-03-20 15:25
Happy | 
Yugoslavia Feanaro 
Ofc not, lol
2019-03-20 15:26
They are supposed to be a tier1 team . but they are not
2019-03-20 15:26
They are not even at the top of tier 2. I only see Astralis, Liquid and Navi as tier 1
2019-03-20 15:26
Ence T1 Nip T2
2019-03-20 15:26
2019-03-20 16:13
Not atm, if they get draken and flusha/hampus/Golden for dennis and Lekr0 then yes
2019-03-20 16:14
France funKKush182 
They haven't been a tier 1 team for probably 5 years now Sorry..but its the truth
2019-03-20 18:08
EliGE | 
Europe xSKYY 
hltv top10 -> tier 1 hltv top20 -> tier 2 and so on
2019-03-20 18:08
On a good day they can beat any other team (maybe except Astralis since nobody beats them atm) but on a bad day they lose T4-5 teams. I think thats too unstable to really call them a T1 team Also i dont really see a good structure, its mostly just forest or rez carrying the shit out of the rest, if thats not happening -> lose to T4
2019-03-20 18:10
United States Jkhes 
They're easily top 10. But idk how you define it. Everyone has their own metric.
2019-03-20 18:29
cs scene in limbo sans astralis
2019-03-20 18:32
Nip are definately a tier 1 team
2019-03-20 18:35
Sweden Akoulad 
2019-03-20 18:36
nip need new young players like nawwk plopski hampus and others imho in the end of this year will be roster changes
2019-03-20 18:49
Poland bakusiell 
2019-03-20 18:50
they are in transition, they can prove that they belong to t1(2) if the play good at Blast Pro
2019-03-20 18:57
Tier 2 for sure, just waiting for f0rest and get_right to retire then will be competitive again
2019-03-20 19:00
France LanaRhoades 
Between t1 and t2
2019-03-20 19:01
France LanaRhoades 
Imo the t1 teams are Na'Vi Astralis Liquid Faze Mibr , the teams that are below tier 1 but above tier 2 are NiP , ENCE , NRG ,Renegades. And tier 2 is vitality , c9 , g2 , mouz etc... bonjour
2019-03-20 19:03
France LanaRhoades 
Lol "bonjour" is a fail from my T9
2019-03-20 19:04
Yeah id call NiP and tier one team, but a lesser tier one team. The best in the world cant afford to them lightly, it doesnt matter who you are, you cant sleep against NiP as they have some great skill on their team.
2019-03-20 19:10
Spain Kyuuta 
top 1 after they win blast madrid and sao paulo
2019-03-20 19:09
Brazil spaark1 
2019-03-20 19:28
Depends on how you define tier 1. Right now there is only 3 teams that you can safely say are definitively better than NiP those being Astralis, NaVi and Liquid. You can make a case for MiBR but really they haven't proven themselves yet with this lineup. Faze are not clearly better than NiP, you can make the case that they are better sure and i'd be inclined to agree even though im a NiP fan but when an argument and case is needed as to whos better then its not clear. In my opinion it goes like this Tier 1 - Astralis, Liquid, NaVi. Tier 2 - Faze, MiBR, NiP, NRG, ENCE, Renegades maybe Tier 3 and below is a shit show of instability especially right now in the player swapping season.
2019-03-20 19:53
they are tier1 2-3 months an year
2019-03-20 21:50
NiP never has, and never will, be a tier 1 team.
2019-03-20 21:55
United States big_mama 
gambit haHAA
2019-03-21 16:14
NiP haha
2019-03-21 17:34
Algeria SpaceFockuZ 
low troll
2019-03-21 20:29
MSL | 
Europe lgbtzera 
T1 teams = attending in 90% big lans Astralis Liquid NaVi FaZe MIBR T1.5 teams = ENCE, Vitality, NRG, NiP etc
2019-03-21 16:18
Germany Lucarioo 
They are either the worst t1 or the best t2 team. NIP always have the chance for a upset against any t1 team but also just lose quite often to teams they should beat easily
2019-03-21 16:22
Imo tier 1 teams are teams that can go to finals and beat each other I only see Astralis NaVi and Liquid doing this, they can go to finals consistently and beat each other but ofc with Astralis supremacy. Ofc I'm talking about global CS because if we want to separate Tier 1 CS in NA and EU there will be other criteria.
2019-03-21 16:25
Spain diegosupa 
2019-03-21 17:33
Europe Vallon2 
2019-03-21 17:36
Tier 1 teams are teams that are invited to tier 1 events. Depending on if the invite isn't because of a regional event, like how G2 will get invited to Marseille even though they are shit at the moment( but will be better by the end of the year for sure.
2019-03-21 17:38
Put a 0 after 1.
2019-03-21 20:35
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