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Sadokist | 
United Kingdom 21savageUK 
9 days and 22 hours until Brexit
2019-03-20 01:12
Poland potatomato 
postponed till 2020
2019-03-20 01:13
postponed until 2200
2019-03-20 01:16
can confirm 😎
2019-03-20 03:20
2019-03-20 01:18
Denmark c0exister 
That's just around the corner. If they can't agree by then, then they can just Bugger off back to their proud middlesized Island and start doing all the Toll Papers for every little fart they want to sell to Tier1 countries. Have fun.
2019-03-20 01:22
is it just like half life 3, supposedly it will happen but it never does?
2019-03-20 16:35
House of commons has voted for an extension to the deadline, so this date won't be happening
2019-03-20 01:19
EU won't agree tho
2019-03-20 01:23
that would be so lit
2019-03-20 01:25
2019-03-20 01:33
2019-03-20 01:40
2019-03-20 01:40
you know the UK was the world's largest empire right? before it became just Britain and a few overseas territories... the UK will be fine.
2019-03-20 01:42
Europe deVulse 
Poverty? They are standing against those retarded lefties trying to fully control this country. Just look how EU behaves, they act as if they were some gods that have the last word and everyone should obey. They keep proving every single time that they have nothing in common with that "Union" in the name. Fuck them, good job UK, take control of your country back.
2019-03-20 03:12
They totally will, it would be a bad decision for them if they didn't.
2019-03-20 02:50
will not happen
2019-03-20 01:22
Sadokist | 
Myanmar xdcc 
i hope it does because otherwise their leavers will cry until they will try again
2019-03-20 01:25
IDK maybe who knows
2019-03-20 01:27
if u actually think brexit will happen this month, you havent really been paying attention
2019-03-20 01:41
it's happening in juuuuuuuune
2019-03-20 16:34
mrhui | 
Bulgaria squezzi 
I doubt it will happen
2019-03-20 16:35
good. let the games commence. 😎😎😎 💣 🔪💣 🔪💣 🔪💣chaos reigns 🔪💣 🔪💣 🔪💣 🔪
2019-03-20 16:51
Europe Tsukisaki 
Saw this somewhere : Brexit analogy : we've all been on a night out with a mate who says "It's sh*t here let's go somewhere else." Then when you leave you realize he has no idea where to go and the place you left wont let you back in. The UK is standing in a kebab shop at 2am arguing about whose fault it is...
2019-03-21 10:02
Europe Instabait 
GB cant play football and cant even do brexit ... LOL
2019-03-21 10:05
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