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esports game
United States beatmaker 
which esports game is worth playing?????
2019-03-20 02:12
Apex Legends
2019-03-20 02:13
ew no
2019-03-20 02:14
Arguements and preferences? you cant just ew things out
2019-03-20 02:14
i dont like the game.
2019-03-20 02:16
United States PsychoLogical 
that's not even a solid reason.
2019-03-20 02:16
i dont need to give a reason especially for a game i dont like.
2019-03-20 02:17
United States PsychoLogical 
No one would take you seriously in anything if that's case for anything you disagree on then.
2019-03-20 02:18
why would i have an argument for a game i really dont like LOOL
2019-03-20 02:20
United States PsychoLogical 
Just saying "I don't like" as a reason for shit you dislike/hate is no valid reason for anything. It just makes you look like an idiot that is completely lost in their place.
2019-03-20 02:23
i think it makes u look like an idiot for forcing someone to start an argument on a game they dont like.oh yea and the repeatitive name calling is hilarious.
2019-03-20 02:26
Dont bother this guy is clearly suited for Minecraft.
2019-03-20 02:29
United States PsychoLogical 
No shit. He can't fire back on anything I say anyway, each time he tries he poorly does so with excuses.
2019-03-20 02:31
Yep, clearly some Emo kid.
2019-03-20 02:42
maybe because he simply didn't like it???????????? he's not a faking reviewer here, nor this is a gaming test, just a player looking for fun games minecraft > apex btw
2019-03-20 02:51
facts..this dude literally retarded.
2019-03-20 02:49
United States PsychoLogical 
Me retarded? Why dont you look at yourself for a change?
2019-03-20 02:52
you must be one of those virgins on a baiting quest..get blocked though pz.
2019-03-20 02:53
truth | 
Norway ludvik33 
What he is after is that u don't like for example the repetitiveness, or the limitations..just read the f*cking question
2019-03-20 12:24
wtf dont u get i dont like the i dont need to explain myself further.
2019-03-20 17:40
United States fatburger 
Why does he have to fucking give a review about it
2019-03-20 03:15
fire back??? i literally said i dont like the game and i dont need to argue..are u really that fucking stupid? LOOL
2019-03-20 02:49
typical hltv when randoms join random convos with shit posting.
2019-03-20 02:48
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Wdym though? He asked what games would we suggest and pointed out that he wouldn't play Apex because he doesn't like the game. Does he really need to go deeper on why he doesn't play it?
2019-03-21 03:52
Dude was either baiting or trolling.
2019-03-21 04:35
United States PsychoLogical 
at least have an argument instead of saying ew no like a normie teen in NY.
2019-03-20 02:16
normie teen in ny what...
2019-03-20 02:16
Europe LowAlching 
2019-03-20 02:17
It is a small game with a tiny community, but i think you might like it. It is called Counter Strike Global Offense. People say it is a dead game which is quite far from the truth, but it has a good community and the esports is fun to watch. just don't get too deep in the fan base because it is shit. People think their team is the better than it is. Just watch the games and cheer. Very fun
2019-03-20 02:20
i dont get hype playing csgo anymore.also i unsubbed to esea and uninstalled csgo.
2019-03-20 02:21
You dont need to play the game to enjoy watching. I don't play soccer anymore, but i still watch the premier league and champions league and get hyped. Maybe dont play or watch an esport, but a real sport. It has more benefits like being able to make friends because of their popularity and you can play with friends. Idk man
2019-03-20 02:23
nah i never liked watching csgo majors and stuff.
2019-03-20 02:24
Then you wont like watching most esports, unless you like watching battle royal.
2019-03-20 02:30
no i actually do watch certain esports but i dont like watching csgo tournaments/majors in general.
2019-03-20 02:50
India Thepotat 
Yes I know what u mean I still love cs but I can't play it anymore cause I get bored as all my friends play r6 and no one likes cs I still follow cs scene and whenever I get to play I rather play csgo
2019-03-20 02:36
Yes i rather play csgo, but my friends only want to play rocket league, fortnite, and apex. I get very board playing other games so i just play cs alone. I still hang out with my friends, but only to smoke weed and play football (soccer)
2019-03-20 02:38
or maybe you can like... ehh... go outside and play a real sport.
2019-03-20 05:43
idk if you can read, but #15 i say exactly that
2019-03-20 11:59
OW if they fix the meta. Trash company, trash to watch, but fun to play.
2019-03-20 02:26
Iran Astr0Steel2k 
Totally agree. It's a very fun game to play, but the devs have no idea what they're doing with heroes and shit. Then they add new heroes without testing them out or making sure they aren't broken (like Brig, thats why GOATs has been a thing for like a year now). Blizzard annoys me. On top of that, they banned my account because I was "toxic" to my teammates. I just told them to play actual heroes.
2019-03-20 02:45
Yup, the GOAT meta made me quit that game. And I got muted for being "toxic", say anything to your team and you get muted/banned. What a joke of a company
2019-03-20 03:31
Iran Astr0Steel2k 
You get banned on how many people report you, not what you say, which is pretty retarded imo. Literally the worst thing I typed (cause I knew if I wrote anything else, I'd get banned) was "change you idiots".
2019-03-20 05:29
Apex is fun. It's not as competitive as CS but it's not as draining bc the games are much shorter.
2019-03-20 02:33
I dont really think that there is actually an 'esports game' that is worth playing nowadays... They're all very boring or very tilting. In fact there is one that is more casual and this community hates it and it is Overwatch, for the rest, I find it more entertaining to watch, like csgo.
2019-03-20 02:43
clash royale
2019-03-20 02:46
Pick a fighting game.
2019-03-20 03:00
takes to long to learn
2019-03-20 03:03
United States ImFat 
Counter-Blox Roblox Offensive
2019-03-20 05:49
2019-03-21 04:44
CS cause it stays relatively the same and will be relevant for a long time
2019-03-20 12:01
no thanks
2019-03-20 17:41
Team Fortress 2 it's has an high skill ceiling and you can surely go pro if you play it for a while
2019-03-20 12:21
Minecraft Hunger Games
2019-03-20 17:41
2019-03-21 03:36
2019-03-21 03:49
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