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summit1g 30k subs
United States beatmaker 
shits amazing how much streamers make.........from subs and donations.
2019-03-20 05:09
I feel amazed on how many people actually sit down and watch guys like him or shroud for hours everyday, and subscribe for it lol
2019-03-20 05:10
nah its crazy how all u really need to do today is stream video games and make money.
2019-03-20 05:13
I agree, but its amazing how those guys are like robots without any persona, but still get crazy numbers o.o
2019-03-20 05:14
so 30,000x2.99=$89,000 for the month.
2019-03-20 05:16
Poland Totali_ 
+ donations, deals, ads
2019-03-20 07:17
Europe god_of_hltv 
I mean, twitch probably takes some % away
2019-03-20 07:20
B1ad3 | 
Netherlands robotpie 
A subscriber pays $5,00, in his model Twitch takes 40% of that. I don't know how accurate that is, but it's plausible imo
2019-03-20 07:33
Kyrgyzstan Peksi 
Twitch takes less from bigger streamers, but they still take a cut
2019-03-20 08:05
Ukraine twil 
taxes, no?
2019-03-20 09:11
United States ferric 
Taxes in US are lower than most EU countries, so it's not that bad, even with taxes he still makes so much.
2019-03-20 09:12
United States ferric 
And that's assuming that he only gets tier 1 subs
2019-03-20 09:12
+1 Yeah I dislike ninja but I could atleast understand why he was populare he had some personality Summit and especially Shroud really lack personality they are just so boring. But at the same time I don't understand streamers at all I just find it all very boring I'd rather spend my time actually playing or watching a youtube video of much higher quality and enjoyment than a stream
2019-03-20 09:14
shroud is being watched mostly due to his raw aim skill in any game he touches and well summit has a bit of personality. I remember to this day when he got mad on fortnite and first said what he thinks about this game
2019-03-20 10:00
Netherlands DEJl 
moms twitch prime
2019-03-20 09:59
United States Raptorial 
shroud 97k rn insane.
2019-03-20 05:13
2019-03-20 05:17
kaboose | 
Finland fe11owH 
summit1g forsenDED
2019-03-20 05:27
United States ImFat 
PepeLaugh 👉📉
2019-03-20 05:42
he reached 40k subs when he played sea of thieves.
2019-03-20 05:32
hes still going right now but hes really at 30k+ now. 2 weeks left so i bet it will be 40k or more.
2019-03-20 05:40
United Kingdom wellhyper 
Imagine donating to millionaires on twitch lol oh dear
2019-03-20 05:52
United States t0rror 
If nobody donated they wouldn’t have any money.
2019-03-20 05:54
United Kingdom wellhyper 
well duh, but they do. point stands.
2019-03-20 05:55
they get enough from subs though
2019-03-20 06:11
World ///fuck 
It's like p2w games, only a small per centage will donate/sub, but that small portion of his viewer base give him the majority of money
2019-03-20 07:16
paying for entertainment, wow such a strange occurence. It's like with music artists, you can pay for spotify and have all the songs for almost nothing, but people still buy cds
2019-03-20 10:06
Russia 1gor1 
ppl with no friends want someone to say their name
2019-03-20 09:10
I will never understand why you would give boring people money and when they have millions aswell I prefer to watch the classic cast guys Esfand , Tips and Staysafe
2019-03-20 07:25
Shroud had 100k subs a week ago, and I believe Ninja has had 200k+ subs before. Ninja in his peak made millions a month, it is crazy
2019-03-20 07:29
its insane what twitch made possible to some people
2019-03-20 07:32
Israel _69 
USA is dog
2019-03-20 07:36
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
Whats the meaning of it? Whats gonna happen when some1 sub a twitch guy, why people love doing that?
2019-03-20 07:39
They say thanks and read your name and some people get a kick from that for some fucking strange reason
2019-03-20 07:46
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
I think the kids under 15 years old do it
2019-03-20 08:02
United States ferric 
That's why I'm only subbed to one small streamer. I want to support them and be apart of a small community rather than being one of many in a large community.
2019-03-20 09:14
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
Thats kinda thing i can understand bro, good thing
2019-03-20 09:56
I dont understand how ppl can sit and watch streamers play, like wtf if i want to play a game i'll just play it rather than watching someone playing it.
2019-03-20 09:09
Ninja got 1mil$ from Apex xD and all he had to do was playing Apex for 1 day/stream xD
2019-03-20 10:02
That's cray
2019-03-20 14:40
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