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Birthday, felt sad.
France Chylvain 
Yesterday was my birthday, I am 32 yo now. When I went to buy some wine for dinner with my gf I saw an homeless guy with his dog on the street. usually I never give money to homeless person, but after I purchase my stuff I had 2 euros left. So I said to myself : Hey it's your birtday, every thing is great for you (job, appartement, gf, good health, ...) so let's give something to this guy. So I went to him and gave him 2 euros, he saw me and smiled me, I said : have a nice day, he said : thank you you too. After I gave 2 euros I was almost crying in my head & eyes, I felt so lucky to be here, to have almost no problem in my life. I just woke up in my head, today I contacted a French association who is helping old persons who are alone, I will try to be volounter and go cook for these ppl. in 3 hours, after my job, I decided to take a bag with my gf and will will walk in the forest and cleaning all what we see. Idk why I decide to share this moment with unknow persons, just wanted you to share how good humans can be. Peace. TLDR : take time to read.
2019-03-20 14:54
Good shit man
2019-03-20 14:55
Thanks all for the support & birthday wishes, it motivate me more to help ppl around me. Peace !
2019-03-20 15:08
NiKo | 
Sweden dinolinoxd 
take time to read? books you mean? which book should i read?
2019-03-20 14:55
his post
2019-03-20 14:58
Ahah you made me laugh :D I hope you took time to read it. Peace !
2019-03-20 15:04
yeh i read it, i clean my neighbourhood every now and then so the kids dont have to see the burnt cigarettes / beer bottles laying around, once every 2 weeks maybe:)
2019-03-20 16:57
+1 ty man ! Ye when I see the floor here in france I am also amazed how many burnt cigarettes are on the floor...
2019-03-20 17:45
inspired some kids who were asking what i was doing, maybe 9-10 years old, one week later I saw them picking up junk themselves;)
2019-03-20 22:51
Fake news
2019-03-20 14:55
Poland metal_cs 
Good mate, keep it up
2019-03-20 14:56
Respect. Keep going, brotha. That's awesome.
2019-03-20 14:56
GeT_RiGhT | 
Czech Republic J1M1 
Good inspiration for the day man. Happy birthday!
2019-03-20 14:56
Man I wish to become filthy fucking rich and take in all these kids from all over the world and provide them with good education, upbringing and shit. I cry a lot over what humanity has become bro.
2019-03-20 14:57
2019-03-20 15:02
Thanks man. It'd be great if you could help with a share of 1Bn.
2019-03-20 15:03
2019-03-20 15:04
United Kingdom boy_kisser_445 
Respect, you're a great guy :) Happy late birthday btw! :)
2019-03-20 14:57
+rep my friend :) i worked 3 years as volounteer paramedic
2019-03-20 14:58
Nice to read that, why you stopped ?
2019-03-20 15:16
because i got sick...
2019-03-20 15:28
Oh shit, I hope you are in good hands. Take care bro !
2019-03-20 15:58
im cured :) you too :)
2019-03-20 16:13
It's deep. Ty :)
2019-03-20 17:45
2019-03-20 14:58
I can show you my ID card if you want ?
2019-03-20 15:02
Poland bakusiell 
Happy birthday
2019-03-20 14:58
Germany EDWR 
2019-03-20 14:58
Spain Zhalos 
Things like this restore my faith in mankind. Good to you man, you're one of the few people that truly are genuinely amazing. Keep on it.
2019-03-20 14:59
nice story U r a good writer
2019-03-20 14:59
yes, appreciate what you got. you could be born in the middle of africa and die from malnutrition.
2019-03-20 15:00
Happy birthday man you are still young.
2019-03-20 15:03
you're the first french man i respect
2019-03-20 15:05
happy birthday and good luck!
2019-03-20 15:05
firstly happy belated birthday mate secondly good job bro. some people dont know how actually satisfying it feels to really help someone who is need.
2019-03-20 15:31
If you was honest in helping others you would keep that to yourself. But you had to post here and show us how altrustic and good you are. Typical human hypocrisy!
2019-03-20 15:46
I don't need anything here, just wanted to share what I have realized since I gave 2 euros to this homeless. Maybe some ppl will realized that they can also help others instead of trying to argue on a forum like you do ?
2019-03-20 15:55
When i help others i dont post in a forum like you to feel good about myself.
2019-03-20 16:15
So for you I need attention ? Isn't what you also need for trying to mess with me here ?
2019-03-20 16:56
Anus 😎😎😎😎👍👍
2019-03-20 16:00
Most of homeless people are homeless by choice, everybody can bounce back job is literally everywhere but they prefer to drink and get addicted and then blame everybody that they dont help them
2019-03-20 16:30
u old
2019-03-20 16:57
Awesome, its very good for you btw
2019-03-20 16:59
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