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How do u get good at the game?
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
2019-03-20 21:55
play game)
2019-03-20 21:56
I wouldnt say im really good in this game but watch yt videos, for example how to use utility properly, some pop flashes, how to lurk...train your aim and play, results will come
2019-03-20 21:58
play a lot
2019-03-20 21:57
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
anything else? i tried everything listened before
2019-03-20 21:58
God | 
Poland henlo 
make a workout routine for ur aim learn smokes flashes watch the lans and study the demos (ur own too) make sure u have a life outside of cs that u enjoy ez major
2019-03-20 21:59
Other flynttt 
thats good tips ma friend i would add play some fun bh maps to improve your movimentation while u warm up and its a 10/10 tips list
2019-03-20 22:57
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia Bugro 
Milion hours in da gaem
2019-03-20 22:00
Really try to find out what your issue is. I could not hit shit until I figured out that it's not my aim but the fact that I shoot while still in motion. That Sterling clip on nuke really opened my eyes. Before I used to say that I was on target so I should have hit --> Broken game... now I know that I had no chance of hitting because I was still in motion.
2019-03-20 22:00
Australia CaZeR01 
Name checks out
2019-03-20 22:22
Any clip of that sterling nuke thingy? Also I'm such an inconsistent player. I can beat some really good players and then go total bot next game and just get so mad and stop playing again
2019-03-20 22:35
Here is the clip in normal time: at 16:13m
2019-03-21 22:06
git gud wtfmen)))
2019-03-20 22:01
click on heads
2019-03-20 22:02
oskarJ | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
don't waste your time to get good!
2019-03-20 22:02
You nolife, simples as, theres no secrets to it
2019-03-20 22:02
Bulgaria slaughtersun 
lower ur sens if it's too high, that was my problem, i was constantly overflicking
2019-03-20 22:02
watch full Demos of pros Play a lot of dm Play a lot of pugs if youre already decent ( 2500+ elo ) look for a team of commited grinders Overall i really wouldnt recommend playing cs with the Goal to "get good" or even "become pro" though… takes way too much of your time and in most cases your Soul...
2019-03-20 22:04
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
i dont have anything else besides cs so i want to be good at least on this game
2019-03-20 22:27
find something else you will feel extremely empty if you quit (and everybody quits sooner or later) and you still have Nothing else after several years
2019-03-20 22:28
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
ill stick to gaming but thanks for advices, ill end it sooner or later
2019-03-20 22:31
WERTZUI lets go noob
2019-03-20 22:30
i challenged you accept or scared
2019-03-20 22:33
didnt see it, where to accept?
2019-03-20 22:33
i will challenge you again its on the top Right, 2 crosses swords are gonna blink in red
2019-03-20 22:34
there is just this shittty thing where I have to verify my email
2019-03-20 22:35
well Maybe you have to do that before u can Play
2019-03-20 22:36
yeye did that let´s go
2019-03-20 22:37
challenge me again
2019-03-20 22:34
? oben rechts direkt links neben deinem namen 2 gekreuzte schwerter die rot aufleuchten
2019-03-20 22:35
Ich verstehe dich, aber ich muss noch meine eMail bestätigen anscheinend. Ich bekomme aber keine
2019-03-20 22:36
gg dude.. u couldve gotten an Advantage but threw it hard :D still an exciting game thx for having balls and playing - the undefeated hltv Chess champion
2019-03-20 22:44
gg, if was any good and knew what an advantage is and how I can use it maybe I could´ve won ^^
2019-03-20 22:45
every piece except for the king has a numeric value the queen is worth 9 Points, Towers 5 each (some theries say 4,5 but i disagree), Knights 3 each, Bishops 3 each, pawns 1 each, so each Player has 39 Points Overall at the start at one Point after we traded my Knight for your Bishop you couldve gotten a 3 Point Advantage by taking my second Knight, but u were greedy and went for the Tower, not realizing that would cost you your queen ;P
2019-03-20 22:52
so I should have realized that my queen is in danger, threatend your Pferdi figure I guess?
2019-03-20 22:55
yea you didnt even Need to threaten it, couldve just taken it with your pawn for free and i had no Option to trade
2019-03-20 22:56
lmao I suck^^
2019-03-20 22:57
no worries ^^ with more time you wouldve probably seen it.. i suck at Chess too, i only Play blitz/bullet Chess so im good at making fast moves… my Overall structure is complete garbage, otherwise i wouldnt have fluffed my pferdi like that ^^
2019-03-20 23:00
Yea, in normal chess I don´t have the patience :D And with blitz chess I lack getting a good overview of the whole board.. My cousin is really good at chess, she taught me some of the basics when I was younger but when I played her I got absolutely smoked^^
2019-03-20 23:07
Sweden swediztann3 
you play game and you touch your penis
2019-03-20 22:23
Germany zeolikk 
play a lot and invest time into several differnt things (dm, practice, watching demos etc)
2019-03-20 22:28
Brazil xhrp 
2019-03-20 22:31
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
you have to play a lot after like 1 year since you started you will be decent also you need to watch a lot of cs and learn some things but TBH don't waste your time
2019-03-20 22:32
2019-03-20 22:34
2.5k hours in cs 1.6 3.5k hours in csgo just like that
2019-03-20 22:56
EliGE | 
Turkey kuzani4 
Find ur best sens and resulotion then never change it, i was always changing my sens and res and then i stopped doing this shit to me so i play well rn
2019-03-20 23:05
autist | 
Qatar Holiwis 
1st talent 2nd don't waste time with an useless routine, make/look for a useful one 3rd watch a lot of cs matches
2019-03-20 23:09
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