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my mouse broke
Faroe Islands memento_F 
my left mouseclick literally split into half. before that the grip on both sides went off. deathadder elite best mouse :)
2019-03-20 22:39
buy logitech men razor sucks :CCCCCCCCCCCC
2019-03-20 22:40
yeah durability sucks but i cant find a mouse that feels better.
2019-03-20 22:44
mb it's not really that good, but u are just used to it
2019-03-20 22:45
before i bought that mouse i had all of them in my hand. da elite was by far the best for my large hands and palm grip. i'll just wait for a discount and buy 2-3
2019-03-20 22:46
i see
2019-03-20 22:49
I had Zowie EC2-A and Logitech G403, lightweight and feel very good in your hand. Question of getting used to it. There is no universe in which any Deathadder mouse can be considered a better pick than those two in terms of... everything, including ergonomics. Just get a different mouse.
2019-03-20 22:52
ec2-a feels like a 10 euro mouse in hand compared to da elite. garbage coating, garbage buttons, garbage cable
2019-03-20 22:53
And yet none of the things you listed have ever caused any issues. I have thrown that thing around without it breaking too.
2019-03-20 22:59
sometimes i rest my big dick on my mouse thats even worse than throwing it around
2019-03-20 23:01
I can imagine that your dick getting stuck inside one of the tiny grooves between your mouse buttons might be painful yes.
2019-03-20 23:06
zowie is great as well but i think logitech produces the most solid mice
2019-03-20 22:50
never tried, that why cannot recommend only tried razer, ss, roccat, logitech
2019-03-20 22:51
sensor's so bad
2019-03-24 10:25
i aint think so
2019-03-25 15:45
Razer is overpriced and shit /closed
2019-03-20 22:40
2019-03-20 22:40
Brazil Fallenzera 
Relationships are shaken by differences in needs. Respect them, and keep yourself safe and accessible for conversations, avoiding the drama
2019-03-20 22:41
hah geeeeeeeeey
2019-03-20 22:42
That is what happens with you have fat sausage fingers
2019-03-20 22:42
no, im just too stronk
2019-03-20 22:43
Too fat you mean them greasy sausage fingers spend most of their time on that mouse it couldn't take the force anymore
2019-03-20 22:51
the fuck... im 120kg, pure muscle 8% bodyfat
2019-03-20 22:52
Full of shit lol
2019-03-20 22:53
World ///fuck 
10 kg heavier than phil heath and about same weight as Arnold Schwarznegger's competitive off season weight
2019-03-20 23:47
arnold was skinny and phil heath is a midget
2019-03-20 23:48
World ///fuck 
And you're a nobody pretending to be a somebody? Or?
2019-03-20 23:49
And you're a nobody pretending to be a somebody? Or?
2019-03-20 23:49
World ///fuck 
I didn't claim I was 120kg@8%bf
2019-03-20 23:50
Don't buy Razer dude, even if it's just for that ugly ass logo that lights up on their gear.
2019-03-20 22:46
Logitech g403 is pretty much your mouse with better quality, i'v done the change when i found out that my deathadder had grip off + double click problem and no more problem
2019-03-20 22:46
its smaller and the height isnt good overall. on the da elite its smoother.
2019-03-20 22:47
Well, felt the same for me, there are other models tho, razer has a great model : deathadder but it breaks after few months, if you want to buy one other go for it
2019-03-20 22:50
well thats what you expect from razer, buy a real mouse next time
2019-03-20 22:52
can i plug a real mouse in the computer?
2019-03-20 22:56
usb tail dude
2019-03-20 22:56
I'm currently using A4tech A90, it's been 5 years and it's still good. The shape is the same as the deathadder and it has metal bottom so it moves like butter on mousepad. It's insanely good for the price.
2019-03-20 23:03
Buy IE 3.0 Pro, it's IE shape with a top sensor.
2019-03-20 23:08
TenZ | 
North America JC_123 
Large palm grip should try the EC1-b or a Rival 310.
2019-03-20 23:51
Buy ec1-a
2019-03-20 23:53
I recommend the rival 110 from steelseries.
2019-03-24 10:24
buy some wireless mouse, you won't regret it
2019-03-24 10:26
Minos x3 ?
2019-03-24 10:26
Had 3 deathadders, in every single one LMB died
2019-03-24 10:30
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